Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Follow-up

There were a lot of great responses to the post, "I wish I did it better!" It is encouraging to know that I'm not the only one that struggles with invisible zippers and I hope it is encouraging to you to know that others struggle with and share some of the same challenges that you have.

Those issues range from cutting out to fitting...and then there were specific techniques mentioned like bound buttonholes, rolled hems and welt pockets. Buttonholes appeared frequently too. As well as working with fusible interfacings, hemming garments and working with knits. Then there were mentions about pattern alterations, eyelets and linings.

However, I did notice one thing in all of the items mentioned...despite the lack of knowledge or skill...there was still a deep and abiding love of sewing. Not once did anyone say, because of such and such a technique, I'm just not sewing any more! There were helpful suggestions given and even questions asking for suggestions on how to perform a task better.

So what I did I learn? I learned that sewing is a journey that we are all taking...and that we are all at different stages of the journey...but our mutual love and passion for sewing is what keeps us on the path. It keeps us searching, learning and trying to do better. It causes us to exult in our truimphs and somehow muster past our failures. It keeps us striving to come up a little higher...and really is there any goal greater than that?!

I want to thank everyone who shared something...for allowing us to realize that we as a sewing community want the same things...and hopefully we will pull each other up and help each other along!

As always...more later!


  1. We all have our obstacles, we either work to master them or find a way around them!

  2. As I said on my award winning friends post I think people that sew are very special people. Not always do we sew for ourselves but most of the time our labor of love are for others. We are people who share. We are also people with tons of patience because we really need it to get over our humps. Not everyone can sew. When I'm teaching someone to use the sewing machine and they make heavy sighs every few minutes I think to myself sewing is not for this person. I would never tell anyone they really don't have what it takes. I let them figure that out for themselves.

  3. One of the things that has made sewing more enjoyable for me is being able to share it with this online community. There are experienced sewists like you from whom I glean encouragement and enthusiasm from reading your blog and watching what you do. There are also newer sewists whose newfound love reinspires me every time. I've often tried a technique or tip after seeing it on a blog and found that my sewing is improved because of it. Without sewing friends in my area (or indeed at all), blogs like this are a vital part of my sewing life and the love of sewing that is evident in the responses you mention is why I keep reading! Thanks for always inspiring interesting discussion as well as sewing!

  4. Carolyn what is the purpose of the machine photo. Is it yours? Is it on your wish list? Just wondering. I have an old treadle machine. I think it's a White. I'll have to check and see.

  5. Carolyn, your posts are so thoughtful. Besides your wonderful projects that inspire us to get going on our sewing, your insight into so many aspects of our avocation is thought provoking. You've got to wonder what separates us from the ones that tried sewing any quit after a single project. Whatever keeps us going is what we all share and you bring it to light in so many ways.
    Thanks for sharing such meaningful thoughts.

  6. Carolyn, You have an uncanny sense of finding the exact theme or universal message in such an asute manner with your postings- that read like prose. I would suggest printing out your blog entries with a pretty font and binding them as your sewing journal. Your girls would really treasure your writings someday. My sisters and I have my Mother's journals (6 of them) written during the last 15 yrs. (of her life.) We had them bound and copied for each of us. What a treat!


  7. You are so very correct. It oddly reminds me of something a salesperson at The Piece Goods Shop (now absorbed into an unnamed national chain) said to me. I wrote her a check, and asked if she needed ID. She said "oh, no. People who sew are honest." They are also, I find, thoughtful, creative, forthright, conservative (with resources) and genuinely "good people." K

  8. If it was not for the sharing and support of this great internet sewing community, I don't know if I would still be sewing. My stash would much, much smaller and my sewing skills a bit further behind.

  9. Here! Here! Isn't it great to know that no matter what... there is bound to be someone on some blog or site that will have the answer to a question we may have. When someone came to me about altering a wedding dress (my first!) I was scared to death! Then I spoke to my MIL (who had done tons of sewing) and even though I wasn't as experienced as she was... she made feel comfortable in being able to tackle the job!
    Would you by chance share where you have found answers to questions you may of had besides going to maybe your blog readers?


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