Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man Down...

So next...of course it is always something right? My desktop computer's hard drive has bitten the dust...and even though I have a camera software was on the desktop. So I will be posting but the posts will be pictureless for the moment...

One of my IT friends will download my camera software to a flashdrive and install it on the netbook but that won't happen until next week and they will also pull the info from my downed hard drive to reinstall on the new hard drive I will have to buy...but I'm putting that purchase off until next month...hoping there will be some good computer sales due to Father's Day.

Has anyone else noticed how necessary PC's are becoming? They are like the telephone to me now! I have GOT to have internet connection! So even though I am becoming the electronics queen...iTouch, blackberry, cell phone with internet connectivity, netbook...I am going to replace the hard drive on the PC...

Okay moving onto fabric matters...

My Fabric Mart box arrived last night which had serious competition with the Lost Finale! OMG - wasn't that amazing how they tied up so many of the loose ends and hit you with an awesome ending! But the part that scared me was the words "Final Season" followed by 2010! Geez, you mean I have to wait to January 2010 and not September to see more Lost! Killin' me...they are killin' me! Oops that wasn't about fabric was it?! *LOL*

Yeah, the box contained some basics - a spring green linen:

a lemon yellow linen (I have a real yellow thing going on this year!):

and this awesome cotton print which coordinates so well with the spring green linen:

It was fun to open the box and see how they all worked together! Fabric dreams, I've got fabric dreams...

Hopefully I will get an opportunity to sew this weekend...if not, Memorial Day weekend is coming soon so there will be three days of sewing possibilities!

As always, more later!


  1. I resisted the sale. But, my finger was poised, I just refused to get up to get my card. I really wanted that yellow, and that pewter silk was calling to me too. Ah well there will always be more fabric.
    I bought a new computer because my old one was on its last legs and I didn't want what happened to you to do me in too. Good luck on getting all the info off your old hard drive.

  2. I see you are a lost fan also... I love that show.. too bad we have to wait so long for the season to start again.... They cleared up a lot of questions that I had about the characters in the first hour last night. I love your chose of fabrics... I can't wait to see what you make with them.....

  3. PCs are so necessary for me too. I just purchased the G1 so that I could have better blogging capabilities while on the road... ah... the world of techonology.

    Pretty fabric and the spring green is definitely the color for spring/summer 2009 its everywhere.

  4. I hear you! I LOVE being connected! My blackberry STAYS in my hand. Don't even talk about my laptop or my desktop! LOL

    LOST WAS A-FREAKING-MAZING!! I'm going to HAVE to watch it again with my brother today!!! LOL

  5. My pc died not long ago too. The cost of what needed to be fixed.... let's just say that I was better off buying a new one.

    And so I have..... but I jumped to the other side and now I'm a Mac user. I luv my mac. So far I've had it for three weeks and I haven't had any problems at all.

    The only problem was getting used to the switch from Pc to Mac for the first few days, but now I'm fine.

    Oh yeah, pretty fabrics too!

  6. The fabric is BEAUTIFUL!! Two of my most favorite colors! And the print is great. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  7. I hear you on having to have computer! I had to purchase a new one in August 07. Then hard drive crashed a year later and had to reinstall the entire operating system, which now works better than when brand new.

    Can live with them sometimes nor without.

    Love your new fabric purchases.

  8. Lost was incredible. I finally saw Jacob. Locke is the Man! Now that the hydrogen bomb went off, what happens next? OMG... I can't wait until 2010!

    We are electronics junkies over here too. I have a Tmobile G1 because I have to have full internet, email, twitter and facebook with me at all times!

    Love your new fabric buys!

  9. I think phones are more expendable than internet to me, these days! Bag the phone as long as I'm wired.

    Love the fabric. I am seriously into green, and that linen, well, wonder if they have any left? Must go look.. K

  10. My name is very, and I'm a PC-addict...
    and a sewing machine addict too,
    and a thread addict,
    and, and, and... :-)
    I hope you can soon change your hard drive.
    The fabrics are beautiful. They'll get you occuped until the hard drive arrives :-)

  11. We had a family "Lost"-fest last night; I'm so sad that they'll be ending this show!

    Your new fabrics are beautiful; it must have been hard to not play with them in favor of Lost!

  12. Yes, there should be some wonderful hard drive sales around Father's day. Hope you are not down too long without pictures. Your fabrics are beautiful. :)

  13. I agree with you about the computers. We are very dependent on them these days. I really love the green linen. It's such a gorgeous shade. Any idea what you plan to make with it yet? I made a few yellow garments last summer and I actually wear yellow a bit in winter, too, to perk things up. These colours will really suit you.

  14. I wonder if there's a 9 step program for techie addicts? Not to mention fabri-holics! Ahhh, but they are good addictions aren't they?

    Love the new fabrics. Make beautiful things.

  15. Love the green and yellow fabric buys. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

  16. It does not get any better than fabric boxes I think.
    Over the weekend I attended a wedding and had a teeny laptop along so every possible spare minute I was enjoying my room which was not shared and the laptop. Being on dial up still at home I was in internet/blog heaven. I would give up everything like phone,tv just don't take the internet. mssewcrazy

  17. Grrr...LOST! So, I was never into the show when it first started. But a discussion on PR got me going and I watched the first four seasons all online. I'm grr-ing because only the four most recent episodes of season 5 are available to view, legally (I don't deal with the illegal sites). So, I am left with the vision of Locke in a casket, Jack and um...hmm...somebody else saying they have to go back to the Island. Darn you, ABC! I'm glad everyone else enjoyed the season finale. I hope to do so soon.

  18. I never got into Lost, but I know a lot of people who love it.

    Looking forward to the Star Trek movie, what did you think of it, or was it this weekend??

    I showed your fabric to my 3yo, cute and beautiful was the verdict! I completely agree! I like green and yellow, but they make me look like death so I don't buy them, I'm very fond of that cotton print you showed, but as I'm in Europe, I can't be tempted (not when you add in shipping, I think it's something like $40 from fabric dot com).

    anon in ire

  19. I totally hear you on the internet connection thing, hang onto those IT friends! Gee I haven't even seen season 2 of Lost yet, I have some catching up to do (next time the internet and sewing machine break down...!)

  20. I love the green linen - so bright and Springy!

  21. Love the new fabrics ... so much so that I clicked right on over to Fabric Mart and did some damage of my own. Thank you, I think. LOL! I hope you get a nice relaxing weekend of sewing or doing whatever you want.

  22. Having computer problems here, too. I'm on DH's laptop while I'd much prefer to be on the desktop - just what I'm used to. Can't wait for the desktop to be back up and running on Monday (so we've been promised). It's about killed me with it being intermittent the last couple of weeks!

    Love that print!

  23. Beautiful spring/summer fabrics. I am also a FM fan!


  24. Carolyn....

    Love those green fabrics (the print and the solid)....I'll let you know how to send them to me in a private email, LOL !


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