Sunday, May 31, 2009

May's End of The Month Recap

It's that time again...time to take a short look back at what I have or have not accomplished this month...which frankly isn't much. And I can't figure out if this is going to be a trend for 2009 or if it's just a season I'm going through.

Anyway, I finished two garments, The Dreaming of Spring Dress and the Ralph Lauren Linen Dress. I purchased 22.5 yards of fabric this least that number is decreasing. When I looked at last year's totals, I realize that I only made 2 garments last May too...maybe this is a trend. Maybe this is just spring fever...before I settle in to really sew for summer. Who knows!

But I'm not sweating it...I'm enjoying the pieces I did create and will look forward to new challenges.

As always, more later!!!


  1. Last year you didn't have The Little Prince as an adorable distraction. You might be spending more time being Grandmom than Sewing Fanatic.

  2. Two dresses that you love in a month is good going I think. Quality not quantity is what counts!

  3. And maybe your giving yourself over to the fact that your wardrobe is becoming more and more what you want... and your not in a hurry remember! Two garments is good! Besides like Elaray said... your a grandma now... sometimes when you have an adoring little one around it can be distracting! A happy distraction though!

  4. It seems like everyone struggles with getting a lot of sewing done this time of year. Spring fever I guess. I'm almost finished with my daughters wedding dress and have to decide if I want to hand pick or try an invisable zipper. I've only ever put one in and I'm nervous of them. Oh well we'll see.

  5. Or, quality vs. quantity. Sometimes, people just cannot bang out 4 garments a week! Even if you haven't sewn quite as much as usual, you still produced something.

  6. Well, I sense a change. Not sure what it is. Maybe is the precious bundle of joy in your life or the fact that you now have an extensive wardrobe. It could be that your sewing may be heading into a new direction that may take your sewing skills up a notch.

    I am not sure, what I do now for sure is that it will be a good thing!

  7. Sewing in your hobby--not your job. You don't always have to be making something but I'll bet you still been thinking about it so that counts too!


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