Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am fascinated by the stats that people are putting on the bottom of their posts on the sewing boards. The stats like, fabric in, fabric out, yards sewn, etc. I have written about this before but obviously I am still amazed by this phenomena!

I guess the thing that I wonder about the most is how many garments do these stats actually represent? Does anyone else think this when they see them or am I alone in the sewing universe on this point?! Or do the stats just represent the fact that we are a consumer driven creative sect? I mean I know that I do my part to help keep the economy going by purchasing piece after piece that touches some part of me and trips my creative gene. But really is there a physical, touchable thing that these statistics measure?

So I guess I will continue to be fascinated and wonder about those statistics....


  1. LOL! Tangible...well, fabric is tangible! I don't have the stats on my signature line on the boards, but I do have them posted on my blog. It kind of keeps me somewhat accountable to myself for trying to keep what's coming in from totally overwhelming what's going out.

    'Course, if you looked at the stats now, you'd wonder if it was working. I have to keep reminding myself that that huge 'fabric in' total includes fabric for two sets of king size waterbed sheets, which will hopefully only take a few days to crank out, once I get going on them...

    It's just that it's so doggone easy to order, in just a few clicks, more fabric than I could possibly sew in a year's time... ;)

  2. I wound up keeping track of how much yardage that I've sewn up this year - but now that you've pointed it out, I should have kept track of garments\projects too! Oh well, I'll keep that in mind for next year.

    I have no desire to know how much yardage that I currently own or am accumulating this year. I just like the sound of how much I've used since January!

  3. I must not be reading enough blogs and boards...I haven't noticed these stats!

  4. Carolyn I too wonder about those stats. So, I started in January keeping track of how much money I spent on crafts, then decided I never wanted Hubbo to EVER see that list! So I continued with how many finished projects. To date this year I have completed 15 garments, 5 craft projects, and have 7 handknit garments. That sounds much better to me :)

  5. Gaylen ~ see your list I understand! I know that there is something to the statistic!

    Stacy ~ 50 yards is impressive! I have noticed it lately on your posts at Patternreview and I have seen your pattern reviews so I can pretty much figure out where your fabric is going.

    But I guess there are just soooo many statistics floating around out there and I wonder if the person who puts them at the bottom of their posts, updates them regularly and maintains them or if it's a follow the leader kinda thing!

  6. I thought it might be a good idea to keep track of fabric since I too had seen others tracking this.I have to say I got off to a good start and then have yet to finish cataloging and recording.

    I decided I really don't have time to do this and that it is just not that important at this time to do.

    Perhaps a better reconcilation would be just tracking the number of projects completed.

  7. Maybe it's part of the competitive urge. "The one who dies with the most fabric, wins" comes to mind.

    I just keep track of what I've done. No one needs to know how much fabric I buy! I might feel overwhelmed myself, and that wouldn't be good. ;)

  8. I think people do this who are competing in *stash contests.* There's a group at yahoo that does a contest every month. I have never been organized enough to keep track, and honestly, I don't want to know how much I spend on fabric.

    These same people have their stashes organized into swatches on keychains, or listed in their palm pilots, etc. I could never do that, but I envy those who can.


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