Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm soooo proud!

Every now and then, even when your children are so amazingly exasperating, you look up and they have done something that truly makes you proud!

My second DD is the only one to follow in my footsteps and sew. She looked up about two years ago and realized that I always had something new to wear. And then she realized that there was a treasure trove of patterns, fabrics and trims here to make anything her little heart desired. No more begging to go to the mall! No more begging for a top that I knew was overpriced because I could make it so much cheaper! But especially no more looking like all of her friends....and then she discovered my Burda WOF magazines. The girl was hooked.

I say all of this to share her latest project....the dress she wore to her yearbook signing dinner:

This is Simplicity 5112 and do you recognize the fabric? I had forgotten that I bought a piece for her also. It finally saw the light of day in this dress! Nice work, huh!

The back view...

And with a short jean jacket...the fashion pose!

I am just soooooo proud!!!!!


  1. She looks beautiful.She has cool style.Did she make the jacket also?

  2. What a darling girl! And what a talent, too. (Great dress too, of course!) You should be thrilled, and I'm excited for you, too. How wonderful to have a DD that builds on your success and abilities, and how lucky she is to have such a wonderful teacher and mentor!

  3. She looks great! My daughter starts high school this year and is interested in taking Family Living (use to be Home Economics back in the day) so that she can learn to sew. She has great taste.

  4. She looks like a model. Glad to see she is following in your footsteps.

  5. Cute, cute, cute!

    I hope my 9 yo dd will wake up and smell the fabric someday.

  6. Wow! That's awesome. She did a great job and looks gorgeous in it.

  7. Carolyn, you should be proud! Gorgeous daughter, gorgeous dress. And be proud of yourself for setting such a great examaple as a sewist--no wonder she's followed in your footsteps.

  8. Hi Carolyn, I enjoy reading your blog very much and have only 1 plea. Is it possible to make the pics 'clickable' so that we can view the enlarged version? I so wanted to see the dyed lace in your brown linen outfit. Thanks,

  9. Don't you just love daughters? You must be so proud! You had better keep a close watch on your stash!!!


  10. (yes, I'm a lurker on a board you frequent, and so a lurker on your blog, which I love)

    Your daughter is beautiful. Her dress is beautiful. Most beautiful of all is that proud smile of hers wearing the new dress she sewed herself.

    Did you cry? I cried and it's YOUR daughter. :)

  11. Yay, we welcome another sewing fanatic in our world! Your daughter is gorgeous and her dress is fabulous. She's obviously inherited her mother's talent! I envy the happy days the two of you will spend sewing together. And, of course, you'll have to buy fabric for two now. ;-)

  12. well, yes, mommy..she's the only one who you remember trying to teach me how to sew and how bad of a lesson that turned out to be?? i couldnt even sew a hem its best that i just bought/buy my

    but the middle child does look good..she amazes me with the stuff she sews..

    and to all the posters saying that my mom better watch her me, she has enough..MORE THAN ENOUGH!! lol..

    love you mommy!!

  13. oooh, how wonderful! i still hold out hope that someday i'll teach my boys to sew. at a minimum i want them to be able to stitch on buttons, hems, and do small repairs.

    she looks fantastic -- love the 'model' pose. :)


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