Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Pieces

Saturday morning is usually the time I take to scour the internet ~ read other blogs (sewing & non-sewing), really visit fabric sites (okay, the ones I don't stalk on a daily basis!) and look at internet catalogs for favored companies. Since I have the computer all to myself (which in itself is unbelievable in a house full of teenagers) I can take my time and look at all the details ~ enlarge the pictures, read the descriptions, basically snoop shop online.

Yesterday at Coldwater Creek I found this:

This jacket is described on Coldwater Creek's site as: "Lady-in-lace jacket" for $99.00. Irresistibly pretty mixed-yarn jacket, frosted in rows of crochet and Battenberg lace. Cotton, rayon and nylon. Unlined. Dry clean. Imported.

The reason it caught my eye was that a package of fabric had just arrived from Timmel Fabrics. I don't purchase often from Julie, not because she doesn't have great wares but more because I have an instant gratification thing - big time! I know it's not like every piece that I order arrives and gets made up right away. Some pieces go into the "Fabric Collection" and never see the light of day until years later but I think these pieces were bought for a purpose so I was anxiously awaiting them. That and the fact that you never know how that customs thing is going to work....

I immediately threw the fabric into the washer and dryer and went in search of a pattern to make this jacket work. Now, you would think that in the vast collection of patterns that I have that I would have found one right away ~ but nooooooo! And do you know why, because this is a little boxy jacket and everything the pattern companies have been showing lately is for little fitted jackets, longer fitted jackets, cardigans, etc. And of course, as a consumer who must support her industry, I have purchased several (like way more than one!!!) patterns of this design.

I really didn't want to have to go into the closet into "Ye Olde Pattern Stash" to find a pattern from the 80's that would make this jacket. I mean c'mon its suppose to be a cute, little easy pattern and I wasn't up for an "Adventure in Pattern Stashing." So what's a girl to do? Find a current one and adapt it! Well the one I found wasn't really current - Vogue issued it in 1999 and it is not currently in their online catalogue. So here is a peek at it.

It is a Vogue Wardrobe pattern, number 2285. I bought alot of patterns like this back in the day, because of the number of garment pieces that were included in the pattern. What attracted me to this pattern for this project is that it has the same neckline, an open front without closures and a back seam already in the pattern. Also, miracle upon miracles I bought this pattern then in a size 20, 22, 24 ~ big girl sizes!

Simple and I mean simple pattern changes followed. Fold the pattern up to the petiteable line and use that line as the hemline. Trace a copy of the front pattern piece and since I know longer own a french curve (the downside to a teenager who sews!) use a saucer to get the beautiful rounded curve on the jacket fronts top and bottom! Love that tip! Got it from watching an old Shirley Adams, Sewing Connection, sewing show. As an aside if Shirley is teaching at a Sewing Expo near you, do take her classes. You will so thoroughly enjoy it! Okay, informercial over back to our regularly scheduled sewing.....*smile*

I didn't add facings to the jacket. The one on CWC doesn't appear to have any ~ the one downside to viewing something online. Then I was on the hunt for a trim that would give my jacket the same appearance as the CWC one. I just want to put a plug in here for stashing sewing notions, trims and patterns! If I did not have a trim stash, this project would have stalled. I would have had to wait until Monday to go back into NYC and prowl around the garment district to find a trim ~ 'cause there ain't no finding no decent trim in the wilds of Central Jersey! However, I did find the perfect little crochet trim in a beigy color that works with my fabric. So as of last night, I have a cardigan (still trying to decide if I want just one loop and little clear button at the neckline), a tank top and the idea for the skirt to finish the outfit.

Preview of new pieces:

The skirt will be a simple, straight skirt from this amazing Anna Sui print recently purchased from Emmaonesock!

Well I am off to sew and finish up this latest outfit! Pics of me in all three pieces will be posted later! I need to finish this skirt and the matching tank for the black rayon/lycra cardigan I started last weekend! Whooeee! New clothes to wear to work this week!


  1. Carolyn, do you ever wear anything to work twice? Great outfit (as usual). I really wish I was more like you and able to churn out the goods so quickly. I blame my teenage daughters who insist I sit and watch TV with them or surf the net (sewing of course) along side them!

  2. oops, last post was me - vicki M

  3. Wow, are you fast or what? Great cardigan. I really like the look of it. Glad you posted that. I have not visited CC website in some time.

  4. Great skirt fabric, I love it! Love your finished outfit.


  5. Great skirt fabric, I love it! Love your finished outfit.


  6. my god woman, you are amazing! your wardrobe is fantastic.

  7. Well done, it looks amazing!


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