Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's Black & White All Over

I saw this piece of black & white cotton knit toile on www.fabric.com and I thought it looked interesting.

I actually watched it for a few weeks before pouncing on it. But as the numbers of remaining yardage on the piece started to get smaller and smaller, I thought maybe I should really own some of this! So for $4.35 per yard ~ I bought 2 yards. It arrived really quickly and then it started to invade my brain! I couldn't just wash and dry it and put it away. It demanded to be something and to be something NOW!

The fabric finally decided that it wanted to be a t-shirt but I didn't want to use the same old Burda t-shirt pattern that I have been using over and over again. I had Butterick 6084 which has a v and u-neckline something totally different from my other t-shirt...and I was in the mood for a little patternwork so I went with that pattern. But somewhere in waiting for the opportunity to sew and using sewing daydreaming as a way to get through the more boring aspects of my life, I came up with the idea that I should make the top, a straight elastic waist skirt from the toile knit and a cardigan from the black rayon/lycra knit (pictured above) that I just happened to pick up from Paron's Half-Price Annex Store. *wink, wink* On the cardigan I would add pieces of the toile as the front/neck band and around the hem on the sleeves. So what had originally been a simple t-shirt had morphed into a little project.

Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful and I was set to sew. However, somewhere in the cutting process I realized that I would have to choose. A matching t-shirt and skirt or a t-shirt and coordinating cardigan. Mmmmmmmm....well I have several black linen bottom pieces and more black linen in the fabric collection so I went for the coordinating cardigan and top.

Here is what I actually ended up with....

I have to admit that this look is a departure for me. I always wear a sweater or a jacket over my top. I just think it makes me look slimmer. But I am trying something new....or maybe not?! *smile* No seriously, I am trying to get away from the baggy look is slimmer on a plus size figure. I am trying to embrace my beautiful bodacious body and flow with it! So this is the look I wore to work today with some cute little kitten heel black sandals and a big bow on the back of my ponytail. I even got a compliment or two! *smile*

As for the other piece it has become the Burda TNT cardigan and it does have some of the toile print for the neckline and sleeve hems. But since there was enough black fabric leftover I think I am going to make a cami out of it and wear those two pieces together. Especially since the t-shirt seems to be working okay on its own.

So let me know what you think...is the t-shirt working okay on its own? Or do I need to add a sweater over it? And none of you plus size, bodacious body haters need comment! *snicker, snicker* I love my fat cells!!!!


  1. I think this looks great, Carolyn! No reason to cover up completely, especially in the summer, and you look quite lovely. I can understand why you got compliments. The best thing is to have well-fitting garments no matter what your size, and you have done that beautifully.

  2. Carolyn -

    Hi, it's Stacy (I had to use my husband's old blogger account to post since the other comment options were gone!). Anyway, I had to tell you that this looks FANTASTIC. You look great in it and I just love the fabric you used for the top. I wish I would have seen that at fabric.com (like I needed more fabric). I really dont' think that you want a sweater over it - it would ruin the great look you have now. Wonderful job!

  3. Sorry about the change in regarding anonymous comments but I was getting some really weird stuff and people's links to sites that I am not advertising. Putting this setting on was the only way to change that!

  4. You look lovely.That print is so romantic.I don't feel we should hide under drab,droopy,poorly made clothing.
    I totally agree with you.I embrace my "fab-full" body.
    You continue to inspire me and I thank you.

  5. Carolyn - I think it looks great. I wish I would have found that piece of fabric. Can't wait to see the matching twin set. Of course, I'm still holding my breath to see the "One Hit Wonder."

  6. Carolyn,
    I LOVE this look on you! It looks city chic, too!

    I think it is so easy for us to want to hide under layers to try to look slimmer, but I think we are only fooling ourselves (maybe I'm just speaking for me) when we do that.

    Run with this look. It is a good one for you.

  7. Oh, I just love this outfit on you! I saw that fabric, but I am trying really really hard to make a dent in my stash before I buy any more. You're a very naughty lady for putting this temptation back in my head! I think I'll wander over to fabric.com and see if there's any left!

  8. Hi,

    I want to sew like you when I grow up.


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