Sunday, April 01, 2007

Button, Button who has a button?

I have a lot of buttons...I mean a lot of buttons. I use to work for a button manufacturer so I managed to accumulate quite a few buttons. So you would think that I would have a button that would work on my black wool crepe dress, but noooooo in my entire collection there isn't a button that works. The problem is that I want the button on the dress to work/coordinate with the button that is on the black wool crepe jacket. And I have nothing in my collection that fits the bill....

So I am at a standstill...I was making great progress, too. The red dress was altered to give me a slimmer appearance and then hemmed. Then I started the finishing detailing on the black dress - piping added to collar and the collar attached to the dress.

Satin trim added to the sleeves and several inches cut off the bottom of the dress.

Here is a headless shot of me in the dress without buttons:

Tomorrow I will hit up M&J Trims to see if I can find a coordinating button for the dress. And here is my SWAP so far:

Items completed:
  • 2 Dresses completed
  • 2 Pairs of lined pants completed
  • 2 Jackets completed
  • 1 Top completed and 1 top purchased
Left to finish:
  • the reversible dress
  • one more top
  • the buttons & buttonholes and hem on the Tamotsou dress
I will be finished by the 8th....I will be finished by the 8th....I will be finished by the 8th - she says softly as she heads off to bed....


  1. I thought I had a lot of button (3 Sterlite shoe boxes full), but your collection makes me look like an amateur!

    I love the satin piping on the dress, lovely detail. The dress looks like a winner. I hope you can find some that work with it. If not, how about covered buttons with the same satin?

  2. Following on from Nancy - how about the professional ones where you can have the wool fabric on the outside of the button and the satin in the middle?

  3. I am in awe of those who face the SWAP challenge! Your items look great!
    I love the satin details on your dress.
    Your button collection is amazing. I only have 3 dozens! ;) I have lots of inherited lace, but buttons is really what lacks in my stash. :)

  4. The dress really looks great on you!

  5. You are rocking that dress! Your collection of SWAP clothes is looking amazing - you must be the best dressed woman at work. Keep up the good work - we can finish this!!

  6. This dress looks fantabulous on you! Good luck with the button hunt. I never seem to have the right one(s) in my stash either.

  7. That dress is look fabulous on you! I really love the satin trim detail that you have done. Wish I could send you some of my buttons! I don't even have the excuse of having worked in the industry. I just love buttons....

  8. What a beautiful dress. You are absolutely stunning and so very professional. I looove your button collection. What a terrible shame that you can't find the perfect button (insert false pity here), because NOW you can go shop for some buttons and that must put a little flitter in your heart because it is so much fun to do! And I just know that with your keen eye for detail you will find the perfect button! I can't wait to see it done.

  9. Wow, your swap is really coming along. I'm a sucker for piping and trim of any kind, love the dresses.

  10. The dress looks really fabulous on you. Ooo La La they are going to be so jealous at work!

    Good luck finding the button. I too have an extensive button collection but am amazed at how often the perfect button for some project or another is just not to be found.

  11. Carolyn - I love the little details that you add to your garments. They are always so professional! good luck finding the elusive perfect button. g

  12. Carolyn, your details are beautiful - the satin is just the right touch. I hope you find the buttons that will complete such a lovely dress!

  13. I hear you, I just had to go buy buttons for my reversible top - not a one in my stash (less than 20% the size of your button stash I would guess) would work.
    Love the satin detail on the dress.

  14. Carolyn --

    Absolutely magnificent. The satin trim is perfect, the dress is gorgeous, and I am in awe of your button collection. That makes it all more upsetting that you can't find one that works. The right one must just be hiding! Good luck! I will be thinking of you as the 8th approaches -- Meg

  15. I just finished viewing your sewing room photos along with the photos of that incredible button stash. Wow! Can I come and play at your house???


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