Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seven Days of SWAP - Day Five

"Casual Fridays Wear..."

Even though there is a very corporate dress environment at my job - Fridays are casual. I wanted to incoporate this aspect into my SWAP also. To me this was the easiest part of planning the SWAP.

The Casual Friday garments all come from pieces that are part of other outfits except for the black and white jumper. Even though jumpers were trendy last fall, I included it in my plan as part of my Casual Friday gear. The other pieces just came together from there.

My Casual Friday pieces are:
*Black and white jumper
*Two pairs of black lined pants
*Sewing Workshop Mission Tank
*Dana Silhouettes Tank

*Black/white wool blend for jumper
*Cotton blend for Dana top
*Sandwashed silk for tank

Butterick 5932 - OOP - TNT
See how much I like this pattern. I have used it twice in this collection. This is just the dress minus the sleeves. The patterns for the tops will be discussed in a different post.

Construction Details:
I thought I would need to alter the armholes so that tops would fit comfortably through them, but there was enough space and it worked out fine. I did detail how I put the lining in the jumper in this post. And I added a slim black piping to the neckline and armholes to give the edges some distinction.

3 yards of black piping purchased at Daytona Trimmings

How I plan to wear the Casual Friday looks:
1. Jumper and shirt underneath the jumper
2. Jumper and shirt over the jumper
3. White shirt, Sewing Workshop Mission Tank & Pants
4. Dana Top & Pants
5. White shirt, Dana top & Pants
6. White shirt alone over the pants

And that's Day Five - Casual Fridays....


  1. wow, i've been keeping up with your progress for that swap, all your garments look wonderful I can't believe how fast you got everything done

  2. So nice! This is the way to do casual Friday - chic and pulled together, not sloppy.

  3. What a great wardrobe you've built! Are you on a letdown now? Usually when I've done a lot sewing like that, that's the way I feel. What are you going to work on now?

  4. Nice!

    Some trivia - in Australia, a jumper is a pullover/jersey. A jumper is never a dress. We would call the dress a smock or a pinafore.

    Also we don't really have casual Fridays here. Anyway, lucky me I don't work Fridays. But I always consider Monday as a little casual as in our office a lot of workers have Monday off. So no one there to see me!!!

  5. Boy, I wish the people in my office would adopt your interpretation of casual Friday! We have casual every day and I swear some of them com in straight from cleaning out their garages! I like all of these pieces but my favorite combination is that last one with the shirt, top and pants. Looks great!

  6. Carolyn - you could give lessons on casual! I think it looks great. I love all the combinations you have managed to put together - truly the meaning of a good SWAP. g

  7. Erica - Actually I did experience a letdown sometime last week...right after I took the pictures. You think, plan, sew and fret over SWAP so long that it becomes a part of you. I have actually moved on and started sewing spring/summer dresses. Have one almost completed that I will share soon. Thanks for asking!

  8. Your casual garments are great! I'm loving all your SWAP garments!

  9. You're new wardrobe is just fantastic. I'm sure all of the SWAP participants are loving their new wardrobes.

  10. Love the casual friday attire... such a crisp look... especially the White shirt/Tank/Pants.


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