Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Seven Days of SWAP - "Day One"

Since I created a dress SWAP, I thought I would start the seven days with my favorite dress from the collection, "The black wool crepe Tamotsu dress - Vogue 2090 (OOP)." Gotcha didn't I? Bet you thought it would be the reversible dress - close but no cigar!

This piece is the keystone of my collection. It was the first piece that I put on my list when I was deciding what to make. This dress did go through a few variations before I settled on this one.

100% worsted wool crepe in black purchased from Fabric Mart's Sample Cut Club.

Vogue 2090 - View B. This pattern is OOP and a TNT favorite of mine. I know that someone recently purchased one from Ebay so the pattern is out there, if you are willing to look for it! This is a great shirt dress that has "the curve" already drawn into the pattern. It is easy to sew and the collar and stand apply quickly and neatly to the dress. The pattern cover describes the dress as semi-fitted, A-line dress, above ankle, has collar, collar band, shoulder pads, mock front bands and above elbow sleeves.

A dozen buttons from M&J Trims

Construction Details:
  • changed the sleeves from short elbow length to full length - I used the sleeves from the jacket pattern to do this because I figured the armhole dimensions would be drafted similarly for the jacket and the dress. This was a second use of the long sleeves - I used them in a jacket I drafted from the dress pattern last summer.

  • shortened dress from ankle length to just below knee length

  • added a lining to the dress

  • dyed some lace and added to the hem of the lining

  • embellishments: piping added to the collar, a satin foldover bias trim added to the sleeve hems.

How I plan on wearing it: I see this piece as not only a dress but also as a jacket. Here is a list of how I will wear this piece.

  1. Dress alone
  2. Dress with Sewing Workshop embellished tank
  3. Dress and felted wool crepe jacket
  4. Dress with Sewing Workshop tank and pants
  5. Dress with gray reversible dress
  6. Dress with lilac reversible dress
  7. Dress with Dana Top and pants

Conclusion: This is a TNT (tried 'n true) pattern that I will make again. In my closet I presently have two out of linen (the tea dyed dress is one of these) and one out of a coppery silk duppioni. This latest is probably the most versatile version that I have made. It will be a hard working piece in my SWAP and will be "a great out of the closet and onto my body dress" for important days at work!

And that's Day One!


  1. What a great looking ensemble! I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. What a great piece! I love the way you wear it as a dress by itself and with a jacket. But what I really love is how you're wearing the dress as a jacket/coat. Truly inspired!!

    I'm looking forward to see the rest of your SWAP collection.

  3. I love how you are working this dress/jacket. Fabulous I also really like the addition of died lace to hem of the lining, what a classic touch, that nobody knows about but you - well except when you wear it open. g

  4. Fabulous dress and inner details! Love it and you look wonderful in it!

  5. You look fabulous! I can't wait to see the rest of the Seven Days of SWAP.

  6. Day One is Fabu! What a great working dress into a jacket. You look very professional and polished!!!!!

  7. Day I - and you have given us 4+ days of wearing options. Very smart thinking (and SWAPing)!

  8. Well, Day 1 is a big success - can't wait to see the rest!

  9. Fantastic! I love that you can really work that piece as a dress or as a duster length coat!

  10. I am very impressed with your efforts. As a not-inside the beltway woman (I live in DC) I have been lurking and admire you spirit and dedication to being a woman who looks fabulous.....

  11. Lookin' good! Very classy (and expensive looking)...I can hardly wait to see the rest of the SWAP.

  12. Wow... talking about versatility.. the coat dress is definitely on the money... love the lace touch for the inside hem and to think that's just Day 1... can't wait to see Day 2. Thanks for posting on my Tanks.. As for the blue tank... I sewed it and will keep in mind the don't ask... don't tell

  13. Oh! I love it.I'm looking forward to everyday's preveiw.Great shots of color.
    You go,girl.

  14. I haven't commented before but I've been following along as you sew. It's so inspiring as I haven't had a lot of free time in the last six months to sew, so having other people to live vicariously through is lovely!

    I love the details and finishing you put into this one, particularly the lace hem to the lining. Definitely think I'll make use of that one!

    Thank you for posting the day-by-day pictures!

  15. I just love your black wool version of Tamotsu. You look divine in it as you did in the tea-dyed rose print version. It is really clever of you to use a dress pattern for a duster/dress combo. Really, looking at the pattern drawing in your photo album, I just cannot see it as a duster. Congrats for finishing your SWAP!!


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