Monday, April 02, 2007

M&J Comes Through

So this is what I bought....

Do they work for you? I found a great one that looked similar to this one but it had a ropey kinda gold circle...they were perfect...but they only had 5! So I went with the second choice... I think these should work well with the jacket button which is my primary concern. I don't want the buttons from the jacket and the dress to clash then you couldn't wear them together! BTW, the jacket button is in the center of the dress buttons.

Now here is the $24,000 question...did I work on the dress - Nooooo! I watched Dancing with the Stars instead...repeat after me...procrastation! I mean I really do still have time! *LOL*

I bought the buttons so quickly that when I got back uptown I still had 20 minutes left on my lunch break and since the subway station is right next to the Universal Magazine Store, I stopped in. Hoping against hope that the April Burda would be in the racks, but it wasn't. So I had to settle for the next best thing...another magazine. I found this one ~ "Q Magazine":

It is only published 4x a year but it had some kewl articles (a great one on Arnold Scassi), some beautiful advertisements and lots of eye candy (fashions). I love this magazine store. It seems like every magazine printed in the whole wide world is in here...that may not be true but it sure seems that way!

And finally on the way home when I should have been dreaming about finishing up my SWAP, I was dreaming about this:

Yeap, the patterns I want to use for my spring sewing! And I was mentally shopping my fabric collection and making a list of combinations...I am so ready to be done with SWAP and sew spring! *smile* Gonna go mess with the hem on my dress....


  1. Great score on the buttons - they'll look great!

    That coat is awesome!

    Good luck on finishing the SWAP!

  2. Wonderful buttons, and terrific to have them coordinate around a central button that's a real stunner! Funny to think how annoying the button business makes it to buy buttons in the right quantities so that you have enough for matching outfits AND you have replacement spares in case of loss.

  3. Nice buttons... I am a button collector... I will buy a suit although hating the buttons, then go home and replace all of them with something from my collection...(my daughter thinks I'm insane) I actually picked up Q while looking at some other mags. and skimmed it quickly and agree lovely eye candy fashion. Will stay tuned for your Spring collection.

  4. Carolyn, you must finish the dress!! I am waiting for your post of you in the finished dress. The gold rings on the buttons are perfect match.

  5. the buttons are fab!
    And I laughed a big loud laugh, right out loud in my kitchen, reading your procrastination - sounds soo familiar - that my dsd looked at me like I was nuts!


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