Saturday, April 28, 2007

The next to the last day of the end of the month

This year I have taken to tallying things up at the end of the month. I started doing it because I liked reviewing the month and seeing how my sewing progressed. It is a truer picture to look at the last 30 days and examine my goals than to do it at longer intervals. This keeps me on track and helps me progress. So with that in mind, here is what April was all about:

~April was about SWAP! *smile* My SWAP collection dominated this month - from the rush at the beginning of the month to meet the deadline, to the week afterwards sharing my garments with you and explaining why I did, what I did. That "Corporate Chic" collection took all of my available sewing time and most of my sewing thought processes. I think the most encouraging part of SWAP, besides finishing it, was the praise that everyone bestowed upon my pieces. It made the unveiling of them special...the time and labor spent designing and sewing them even more pleasurable...and the end result simply thrilling. So right now I need to say thank you to everyone who visited this blog last week and read about the pieces whether you left a comment or not...and finally to anyone who cast a vote for me in the SWAP competition thank you. Thank you for thinking my collection of garments worthy of your vote. Even though I won't ever know who you are and at this moment have no idea who will win, your vote for me means so much and even more to me if I don't win! *LOL*

~Fabric - I held to my fabric vow and purchased no additional yardage for at least two fortnights! But I did manage to use 20 yards of fabric from my collection! Yes!

~I have worked on two unrelated SWAP pieces - first a dress made from a brown stretchy lace from Lucy's Fabrics with a green swirly print silk from Fabric Mart that I used as a lining. The dress was made from my TNT dress pattern. I am also working on those American Girl doll clothes that I wrote about earlier. Pictures of both will be forthcoming since one of my daughters managed to drop my digital camera and now I need another one. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

~As for my garment totals - I have only managed to make 15 garments for myself year-to-date. At this point in the year, I can realistically say that I am not going to meet the goal of 100 pieces by year end. So I am rethinking this quantity goal when I'm really all about the quality of a garment. I truly believe that the processes you put into your garment, even if unseen by the world, definitely determines how your garment ultimately looks. It is all of those little extra steps that help with the way the fabric hangs or the garment fits and this is achieved by using the best sewing techniques you know. So this goal is evolving especially since I care more about producing quality garments than quantity.

~NEXT! Spring sewing and I can't wait! I have decided that I am concentrating on dresses this season...didn't I say that last year too! *smile* Seriously though, my wardrobe needs have changed and the right dress will give me the polished professional look I am striving for with the smallest amount of effort in the mornings. So I have a list of patterns (that I have been collecting for years) , quite a bit of fabric (the understatement of the year!) and motivation. I also want to make the eyelet trench, use my Hot Patterns Sugar Babe pattern and I don't want to be a Marfy virgin anymore!

Finally the winners of the SWAP contest will be announced on Monday. If you haven't voted yet there is still time to get your vote into Julie at Timmel Fabrics!

Enjoy your sewing journeys...


  1. Carolyn; I have been trying to comment on your blog for a long time but couldn't seem to get connected. I discovered your blog back in February and have been so intrigued with it that I usually check it a couple times a week. Anyway I have followed your swap adventure for several months now and it has really inspired me. Your Swap collection is amazing! I voted last night and Julie confirmed it today. You got a 3 from me and you more than deserved it. I really hope you win, but I know you already have! Your corporate wardrobe is fantastic! What new things will you do for spring/summer. I'm thinking about doing a spring/summer swap for myself and have learned so much for you here. Again, I love your work!

  2. Carolyn, are you going to use the brown eyelet fabric from Metro to make the trench?? I so coveted that fabric that I bought the last he had at the time. I am thinking about making a blouse similar to a Ralph Lauren I saw recently in a local store in my area. Cannot wait to see your trench. Good luck on the SWAP contest.

  3. Did I hear you right? 100 pieces by year's end? That's 2 pieces a week, isn't it? WOW! I hear there is a SWAP going on a Pattern Review. Are you in?

  4. Elaray - I don't do Patternreview and with my job and lifestyle this will be my last SWAP. It takes alot of time and I would rather sew individual items now instead of a collection.

  5. Thank you Carolyn for your sharing and entertaining and encouraging us! Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your planned projects :)

  6. Carolyn,

    All of your SWAP garments are beautiful and a great accomplishment even if you don't do 100 garments this year (how did you arrive at that number?).

    Camera advice: a few years back, my son washed our expensive (justified because it was meant to last 10 years) camera because it was "dirty." So I feel your pain. We got a decent (less sadness if it's destroyed by a child) Fuji that takes good enough pictures for us.

    Finally, I also am into sewing up a bunch of dresses for this summer. Just for fun, you know? I haven't done dresses in a long time.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  7. You've ONLY managed to sew fifteen garments so far....? Girl, please. I'll be ECSTATIC if I ONLY sew fifteen garments this year. I'm very impressed with you and your sewing, Carolyn. You go, girl.


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