Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've Got An Idea!

This is what I see everytime I sit down to sew or cut something out....

It's my "Inspiration Corkboard" and as you can see it is quite full! But I am always managing to stick just one more thing (picture, fabric swatch, note, etc.) onto it. It may look disorganized and chaotic but to me it's magic! It holds pictures of items that are most pressing or really making my mind buzz with inspiration.

So today while I was folding laundry and wondering what to sew, my eyes fell on this picture from one of the Coldwater Creek catalogues which had been cut out and stuck to the corkboard:

And I realized that I had the perfect piece of tweed fabric (4 yds-60" wide from Ebad Fabrics in NYC) in the fabric closet to make the jacket:

Then I really started to get excited because this jacket would compliment the Simplicity 3631 dress I just made. The dress really needed a jacket to make it work in my job's corporate environment.

A little digging in the notion drawer and I do have the perfect ribbon for the trim!!! And that is how my Inspiration Corkboard can spawn an entirely new outfit! Now I know what I am working on this weekend so it's time to get off the computer and get it made!


  1. My Inspiration Corkboard has spilled over onto the walls around it! I have tried to put everything into a notebook to seem organized, but I feel better when I can see everything. Still, I never sew anything from it. I am glad to see someone who actually acts on their inspiration!

  2. This just made me smile! I don't have the corkboard, but I'm also guilty of clipping out photos from catalogs and magazines. Since I keep a sewing journal, all the clippings go there and are mixed in with my entries. In my current journal, the entries go to page 137, but the clippings go to page 167. So what does that tell you!?

  3. Pretty fabric. I love CWC clothing. What a way to be inspired. Happy Stitching!

  4. I think the jacket will be the perfect match for your new dress!! I can't wait to see the completed outfit!!

  5. Great Jacket and agree its a perfect pairing with the dress. I need to consider a cork board, I'm constantly running around looking for a magazine that had a garment that I like... now if I could find wall room for it.

  6. Great job Carolyn!! I love the idea of a corkboard, but Im sure mine would be out of hand way to soon lol. I have my ideas in a folder lol

  7. What a great combination? And the dress is already made! What pattern for the jacket?

  8. Perfect!

    I love it how inspiration pics subconsciously make their impressions. I've got mine in a binder that I don't look at very often - and get a shock when I do. "Wait a minute... I now have something just like that!". It wouldn't be unusual to find a piece of fabric in my stash just like a pic I found 6 months ago!


  9. I think I need one of those boards ;) I can't wait to see the jacket!


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