Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Shout Out to Stitchers Guild

This is my own personal acknowledgement or shout out to Stitchers Guild or Artisan's Square (which is how I refer to it!) There are several sewing boards out there and I am sure that everyone has a favorite but Artisans Square is mine!

It evolved from the now defunct Sewing World which I also adored. Maybe because I found a group of women who sewed with the same intensity and curiosity that I had or maybe it was because I felt so welcomed when I nervously made my first post there but whatever, I felt welcomed into that community. In Sewing World's last days a group of women wanted to perserve that sewing community and formed Stitchers Guild/Artisan's Square. They are Kathryn (known as Fzxdoc), Liana author of the Sew Intriguing Blog, Liana's sister Lisa and computer genius extraordinare, Dragonlady.

I believe it is a well moderated board with a gentle, welcoming community that encourages everyone to sew or knit. I never worry that it will self-destruct or that animosity will be allowed to run amok there. I am secure that positivity will reign! And I am always welcome there, sorta like Norm when he bellied up to the bar at Cheers! *smile*

But what I love even more than that is the sharing that happens there. This site contains so much sewing knowledge that is willingly shared even if you happen to sew it in a different manner or use a different technique. Courtesy, encouragement, sharing, knowledge those are words that come to mind when when I think of that site. Now in the manner of full disclosure, I am friends with Kathryn and Liana but this friendship developed from posting to Sewing World. I have made several other friends from this site and fabric shopped with a few them! *LOL* But if you are looking for an encouraging community where you can learn to take your sewing to the next level, stop on by! Visit awhile, introduce yourself and find yourself welcomed into a community of amazing women and men who LOVE to sew!


  1. I agree. Stitches Guild is my favourite too! I do also post over at PR on the Down Under thread with all my Aussie friends.

    I found SW via Kathryn who I PM'd on PR. She sent me over to SW and I have been welcomed ever since. And everyone does make you feel like their friend.

    But I didn't know Lisa was Liana's there you go!

  2. Yeah, me too!
    There is so much talent on Stitchers Guild and I always feel good about reading and posting there. I think there is an over-riding sense of promoting sewing just for the love of it.

  3. I'm on the same bandwagon! Although I haven't been sewing much this year due to various other things going on in my life, I feel that I can keep in touch with my "sewing side" by dropping in on Stitcher's Guild and blogs like yours. It's a gentle reminder that someday I will stop buying fabric and start sewing it!

  4. Carolyn, What a lovely post! We hope everyone feels as you do about Stitcher's Guild. We want it to be as welcoming and friendly as it can be, and it's so nice to hear that it has that feeling to others. Thank you!

  5. I am not that familiar with Stitcher's Guild, I've only been there during the TimmelFabrics Swap contest... I came back and posted a few times, don't know why I didn't get more involved because I do agree with you! It's the friendliest, more supportive community I know, better than other communities that I visited.

  6. I couldn't agree more. SG/AS is a wonderful board. I really like the interface of SC: it's not cluttered and doesn't assault the eyes. None of my real-life friends sew, so it's great to have a place where I can comfortably take about my passion for sewing.

  7. I like SG too - but haven't quite figured out how to navigate the site. Do you know if there is a way to receive an RSS feed or notices when new messages are added to a board?

  8. me too me too...
    and I had no idea that Liana is sisters with Lisa.

    NancyWin, at the bottom of each topic you are interested in (when you post) there is a button to click on asking if you want to be notified when there are responses to that topic.
    any questions you have, if you post to the sandbox board over there, or chatter, they'll get answered pretty quickly.

  9. Thank you for mentioning that board Carolyn! I didn't really know it. Thanks to your post, I joined and hopefully will enjoy it as much as you do :) Thank you!

  10. Thank-you. Your lovely shout out made my day. :)


    1. January 2017 Stitcher's Guild is alive again!!!

      I would like to post something about an old Dietrich machine which I came across but:

      My registration name "Sandro" is no more aknowledged: likely it was lost in the forum crash.

      I tried to register anew but I can't correctly answer the verification question "Spell this word: s3w1ng".
      I tried: "es three doubleu one en gi" and a few variations of it, I tried "swing" but neither is accepted.

      I am no English mother language; I can spell a word (as far as I know it) by voice speaking, but what do one mean by spelling in writing?
      I would be grateful of a spelling suggestion or of a way of contacting the forum moderators on the purpose of submit my problem.
      Many thanks to those that will kindly spend a few minutes helping me.


  11. Amen sister! Add another voice to the "SG is da bomb of sewing sites" chorus. And Lisa and Liana are sisters? I never would have guessed! though now that I look at their pictures, I can see it.

    A big ol' Mmmmwah! to Dragon Lady and the other moderators!


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