Friday, September 21, 2007

Questions, Answers, Comments

First Questions and Answers...

There were quite a few comments and questions on the braid application! I didn't realize that it would draw so much attention or I would have written about it in the skirt post.

~How did you sew the foldover braid to the hem?
~Any tricks to it?
~What type of foldover braid are you using?

Well, I buy foldover bias braid from Daytona Trimmings. They have several kinds...the bias braid that I used in "Jackie O Retro Suit" and the
last jacket, a knit foldover binding and a cotton foldover binding. All come cut on the bias and in a multitude of colors. As for application, this is simple. I just fold the longer half over the front of the garment with the shorter half of the braid on the back of the garment. Then I pin it down. I sew a single line of stitching (stitch length about 2.5) through the center of the braid. Finally press it down.

What makes the application so easy is that the braid is cut on the bias and wraps easily around the fabric. This is one of those construction techniques that is really simple but gives a lot of ooomph for the money...or is it just that I have a really good source for the trim?! *smile*

Cidell asked - "The Quilting technique does it add some stability structure to the fashion fabric?"
I copied my technique from one that Susan Khalije detailed in a Threads article. The information below is from an article by Claire Schaeffer called, "The Comfortable Side of Couture - Practical Techniques of Coco Chanel." This article is from the Threads magazine but I have it in the book, Great Sewn Clothes. Since copyright issues are I'm sure involved, I will only quote a pertinent piece of the article.

"Chanel suits are lightweight, which adds to their comfort, because they're assembled without traditional interfacings, underlinings, facings and heavy linings. The jacket has only two fabric layers: the shell or fashion fabric, and a blouse-weight lining. Shell fabrics are often soft, loose and textured
handwovens...linings are of silk gauze, china silk, silk foulard, silk satin...."

So judging from the article I think comfort was Chanel's primarily goal. Mine was to try a new technique. Now did it stabilize the fabric - sure it did. IMHO, there is no way you could stitch one piece of fabric to another and not add some stability. Was that my primary goal? No.


There was a comment made about Jackie Kennedy's jacket back being cut on the bias...
Now I have studied this picture nine ways into Sunday and in her Bugnand suit the back is cut into 4 pieces. There are two center back pieces joined together with a center back seam and there are two side back pieces that are joined to the main center back piece. All of this seaming gives the illusion of the back being cut on the bias but it is not actually. And the way that I determined this was by looking at the angle of the plaid. Now that is how I viewed the photo and I have been living with this book on my bed, sleeping with me every night for the last several months. But mainly, this is my interpretation of the jacket! This is what I wanted to make for me. So this is what I shared with you.

Which leads to my next comment...
I have not turned off the anonymous commenters ability to post...mainly because I don't get too many of them. However, I would truly appreciate it if you do comment under anonymous if you would kindly sign your name. Several people do. If you don't want to sign your name, I am going to come right out and say, don't comment. If you have an opinion but aren't man or woman enough to own up to your words ~ let me repeat ~ don't comment! I am not looking for people to agree with me in all instances but it is a little high schoolish to leave a snippy comment and no name...moving on.

Stacy & Cherie mentioned pearls. Can I just tell you that I loves me some pearls! It is my favorite piece of jewelry in the entire world. I didn't have an engagement ring for years because I don't particularly like diamonds (can you believe?) and I couldn't find an interesting emerald ring that I liked. I think it was on my 5th wedding anniversary that my ex-husband presented me with the most amazing antique style emerald ring that I wore above my wedding band. It took the man 5+ years to find an acceptable ring! *LOL* But I digress, back to pearls. I have pearls in all strand lengths, all colors and I am trying hard to get my hands on the new Honora pearl necklace that has multi-colored pearls in it. I want that bad! Bad enough not to buy fabric! *LOL*

As for the Jackie Kennedy 3 strand pearl necklace on QVC - I have tried to purchase it a couple of times. A few times I tuned in too late and it was already sold out ~ maybe I should go on their website and see if its available!!!! *LOL* But Cherie, I know about the Jackie Kennedy reproduction jewelry on QVC!

Finally my "whining" post of yesterday...
Please forgive. I was just a little overwhelmed with a situation in my life and I whined on my blog...which believe it or not made me feel better and last night I did cut out my first version of the dress in Simplicity 3631. I am working on it now and I did something I don't usually do, I read the instructions...which caused some head shaking but I will tell you more about that when I show you my finished dress.

I'm off to sew and I hope I answered all of your questions...and if I didn't just leave me another comment and I promise I will get back to you!


  1. Just one more question about the braid...what do you do with the cut end? Do you fold them both under and butt the folds? Do you fold one end over and overlap the under edge? Do you leave the seam open until it's bound, then enclose the binding in the seam and finish it on the backside? What's your favorite finish?

  2. Whine Away! It's your blog! We all get overwhelmed! I'm probably the millionth person to say I love your Jackie O suit. Have you thought of a pink top with it? I think pink would be really pretty on you, and a nice splash of color with a beautiful outfit.

    I never get pictures of my finished projects....I'm the family photographer, and just can't make myself turn loose of the camera. You made me smile when you said you can't get your 17 year old daughter to take pictures all the time, because I have a 17 year old daughter too, and I can't imagine getting her to take as many pictures of me as yours does of you! Looking forward to your next dress!

  3. A gown woman can whine if she wants to see Article 7, section 4, paragraph 13 of the Southern Woman's Handbook to dealing with life or crazy family. Yeah, I know you don't live in the the south but whatever :)

    I love you Jackie O suit but I don't think I have the patiences for quilting just yet.


  4. Aw, I shoulda known you knew Jackie O repros on QVC!! That 3-strand necklace is really lovely. Maybe if you look over the schedule to see when it is on next, then go in a couple of days prior, that necklace will be in stock! You see how awed we are of that braid embellishment!

  5. I have added your blog to my bookmarked list that I visit on a regular basis. Thanks for the information and the inspiration and the shopping tips.

  6. There's NO WAY that the back of that jacket is cut on the bias!!

  7. Hi Carolyn, I have my grandmother's 17" triple strand of pearls - they are creamy pearls - real, probably the same vintage as the Jackie originals.
    But you know I have no idea what to wear them with. Any suggestions?



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