Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Morning Ramblings

It's Saturday morning and the possibilities for the next nine days loom bright and clear since my sewing vacay started yesterday! I have nothing really spectacular to share sewing-wise this morning just some odds & ends thoughts...

Storing Trim:
As anyone who reads my ramblings regularly knows, I love trim! I think a garment is only complete once a little embellishment has been added to it. I am sure that my addiction to trim is aided by the fact that I live and work near such wonderful trim resources: Daytona Trimmings, M&J Trimmings and Tinsel Trading. Each of whom have been feeding my addiction for years. So I have a pretty good stash of I should, since I purchased them in 5 & 10 yard lengths for years. As I was putting away the latest purchases, I thought I would share with you how I store them.

First, I love the cardboard inserts inside of the pantyhose packages...if you don't wear pantyhose I am sure you are lost here! *smile* But the pantyhose arrive wrapped around a lightweight cardboard insert. I cut this insert in half and wrap trim around it.

Then the trim is placed inside a ziplock bag...

And finally it is stuffed into this trim drawer in my "Sewing Armoire." I love this piece of furniture, that I got from my sister. She moved into her house several years ago and the previous residents left it and she didn't want it! Can you believe!?! So it has housed my sewing notions for the last several years.

More fabric:
Yeap, during that last stressful week of work, I succumbed to one of those fabric emails and bought these pieces from

I probably bought them because they reminded me of this outfit in the Barrie Pace catalogue:

Hopefully I will get an outfit made from them before Spring '08 - but you just never know because I could be inspired by something totally different by then! *LOL*

My next sewing project:
I am calling this one "Jackie O Retro." I have been on a quest to find some corporate gear that was unlike what everyone else wears at work...just a little to clone-like for this I took it back especially since retro is "very hot" this year. After checking out Jackie's outfits from the book, "Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years" I have chosen a few outfits that I would like to interpret and add to my wardrobe. This will be the first one.

One last thing ~ I love the internet! I really wanted to find a picture of the Pure DKNY dress that I saw in Macy's last weekend and sure enough it was on the DKNY site. So here is a picture of the dress:

I am sure that it won't look like this once I have "interpreted" it but it will have the same basic bones! *LOL* Donna Karan has nothing to fear - however, since it doesn't come in my size - it's not like I could have purchased it from her anyway! *LOL*

So after I read a few more sewing blogs and catch up on the happenings at my favorite internet sewing board ~ Stitchers Guild ~ I will head to my sewing area. I have plenty of Mountain Dew (the drink of Champions), lots of inspiration and time to sew!

Enjoy your sewing journeys today and every day!


  1. Ohmigosh. Who in their right mind would not want that piece of furniture? You lucky, lucky woman.

    I love that you drink Mt. Dew. I do too. Like water.

  2. That sewing armoire is beautiful! I just love interesting furniture. Your sister's loss (silly her!) is your fabulous gain!

    Have a great sewing vacay! Love the Jackie O inspiration!

  3. What a lovely piece of furniture! I don't think I'd leave it behind - the wood is too beautiful.

    Enjoy your sewing vacation!

  4. My trim, haphazardly squashed into plastic drawers, is very, very jealous. Yours is living in a palace and mine is living in a broken-down RV.

  5. That is lovely!!! I love barrie pace!I get a lot of inspiration from there!

  6. oh, I would love to see that jackie O book, I think the "look" you picked is just stunning. I'm about to do some sewing too

  7. Carolyn, I always get such great information from your blog. I think you should start a PODCAST!

  8. Arrrhhhh!!!-slightly envious of the sewing vacay-only minimised by the fact that I will myself have some dedicated sewing time at the end of October. I do very much admire those people who can do a little bit every day-its not a sewing mojo that works for me. I think the the 'Jackie O retro' in your very capable hands will be fantastic-looking forward to the results. Happy sewing

  9. What a great Armoire and perfect for sewing paraphernalia.

  10. Carolyn, you have a couple of great inspirations pieces there! And thanks for sharing how you store your trim. Better than my idea of just stuffing them into an overflowing draw!!

  11. That armoire is fantastic. I love Barrie Pace for inspiration. Can't wait to see the next sewing creations.

  12. Thanks for the storing tips!
    I love that Jackie outfit. You'll look smashing in it.

  13. Oh, I can't wait to see the results from your sewing vacation! Judging from the inspiration you are providing, it will be spectacular!

  14. Carolyn, your post is very timely as I have just bought some much sought after trims and wondered how I would store them.
    ... mmmmmm all I can find is a flatenned cardboard tube from the TP :)


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