Saturday, June 21, 2008

At the week's end...

Well it's Saturday morning and I've made it through another grueling week...

Since it was such a trying week, I haven't thought much about sewing...geeze that statement is scary!!! However, I did work out the sleeve for my JCC Dress, so I will finish the dress up this weekend...and I've also decided to make the pants from the JCC Wardrobe as my third piece too...keeping me on track to finish up with my final piece - the jacket next weekend.

On another front, I really have become fanatical about vintage patterns. I found some new sites (thanks Marji!) that have really inspired me and of course some more patterns have followed me home...

Of the new ones, this one is really "talking" loudly:

It arrived this week from Lanetz Living, it's envelope is a little tattered, the pieces very yellowed with age...but the most priceless part of this pattern to me is the instruction sheet:

I now have fabric in the wash waiting to make a "wearable" muslin of this dress, using the "idea" from the vintage pattern and my TNT dress pattern, hopefully I will end up with a new dress to add to my Summer of Sophisticated Dressing garments.

This also showed up this week:

Just the white/black paisley silk charmeuse portion of the is matched with the black linen purchased several months ago because I want to make a summer/early fall version of my Easter Suit. I have been diligently searching for a black/white silk print that would work for the inserts, the lining and another SW Mission Tank. I think this one fits the bill and says me at the same time! This is just a peek at a future sewing project.

So my weekend sewing plans are:

*complete the JCC dress

*make the JCC pants

*work on the vintage Vogue pleated dress

Updates tomorrow!!!!


  1. I highly recommend Lantez Living and Mom's Patterns. That is where I buy 99% of mine. Janet and Jen are great ladies (neither of them sew - do you believe that?)

    Great pattern, great fabric, looking forward to your creations.

  2. Cute vintage pattern. For some reason, the sleeveless is much more appealing to me than the short sleeved version. I wonder why that is?

    Have fun sewing!

  3. Don't you just love those vintage patterns. I still own quite a few even after the give away. They have the best instruction sheets. And it feels good owning a little nostalgia.

    Great sewing plans. The black and white paisley is very pretty. I could use a piece of it. lol

  4. Yep, when you get the vintage pattern bug, you kinda go out of control - I know, I'm a recovering addict!

    Hey, that charmeuse looks familiar - I just bought 3 yards! As usual, great taste in fabric!

  5. Carolyn, I totally understand the love affair with vintage; I am working on two more right now and almost won a jacket pattern with embroidery transfers for "mexican" scenes but regained my senses when outbid at $26. I already have transfers so I may revitalize an existing black jacket instead. I have a bunch of 18's I am working on posting to my ebay store, check my blogsite for the link. Hopefully, I will get them posted this week.

  6. Love that fabric. Should be gorgeous.
    Where did you find it?

  7. I can see your version of the vintage dress already. (In my head I'm making the pattern changes for you. That's where I do some of my best work! lol) Have a fun sewing weekend!

  8. Hope you are having success with the sewing this weekend! The linen and the print will make a great outfit.

  9. The vintage pattern dresses are pretty and again you have scored some beautiful fabric.

  10. I love that pattern. The drop waisted version could be almost 1920's, in the right fabric. I love the paisley. I'm having a bit of a paisley obsession at the moment, something I only just realised when I noticed that all but one of my recent purchases has been paisley! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  11. Carolyn, what exactly is your TNT dress pattern? I made a dress today that gives me hope that I can have a TNT dress pattern too. I'll be watching your dress choices more carefully from now on.

  12. Vintage patterns (and styles) are getting to me too! That dress is beautiful!


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