Sunday, June 08, 2008

The first piece is done!

Last week I looked at the calendar and realized that I had four full weekends in June...which meant that if I made just one piece per weekend, I would fulfill the requirements of the June Capsule Contest. It would also allow me the opportunity to work on other things, if I dedicated one day of the weekend to the JCC piece.

I chose to go with the easiest piece first...probably because there were several other pieces that I really wanted to sew this weekend. Sewing the easiest piece ~ the Sewing Workshop Mission Tank in the silk charmeuse print ~ at the beginning releases me of the "obligated" sew item and leaves me free to complete the "whatever I want" items!

So, here is the SW Mission Tank. I am showing all of these in flat garments during the construction phase and will submit final pictures of me wearing them for the contest requirement.

There is nothing new or revolutionary about this tank...same old construction techniques...easy peasy, one, two three, sewing. But these pieces are absolutely necessary to my work wardrobe and will not only work well with the JCC pieces but also with two other brown suits currently in my closet. Like I said, "Brown is the new Black!"

Piece one is done and next weekend I will begin working on the next one...have no idea which one that will be...but as soon as it's done I will share it with you!!!!


  1. Now you've got me interested in silk. But didn't think about it while making curtains with silk dupioni for a

  2. It may be a simple TNT silk tank, but it is a lovely print and shows great potential for brightening up other pieces. It looks like a great top.

  3. It looks fabulous with the fabric you used! Very chic!!!

  4. Carolyn, I love the dress and tank. I've been searching for a good tank (as you did and found this one!)with the self bindings and a higher back. I may have to get myself the Mission one like yours. What a great way to spend a hot Sunday!!!!

  5. What a lovely fabric! It is colorful enough to mix well with many other garments, and yet the print is not loud. Great fabric + TNT pattern = winning combination.


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