Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Night Snippets

I know that I haven't posted here this week, but believe it or not I haven't had much to say! *lol*

My vintage pattern fabric obsession is still in full swing.

These arrived this week:

McCalls 3145
"A Pounds Thinner" Pattern
copyright 1972

Advance (Sew Easy) 3289

Simplicity 6276
copyright 1965

And I just won this one on an Ebay auction:

Simplicity 4889

I know that I said that I would stay away from there (Ebay) but I just keep getting sucked back least now though I am only buying one or two patterns at a time instead of 15!!!

I also got this amazing gray linen blend border print from FashionFabricsClub:

My fabric closet holds quite a few pieces of gray and navy fabrics but mostly in wools for fall and winter. I managed to put together this collection of fabrics to make several more pieces for work...I just have to figure out when to sew it!

Solid gray linen (FFC); gray linen/blend border print (FFC); cotton/linen blend (Rag Shop); ltwt. cotton sateen (Metro Textile)

And I took a picture of this tag:

Since so many people seemed "curious" about the fact that I knew exactly where and when I bought the fabric for the Vintage Vogue Dress. This is just something I do...every piece of fabric that comes into the house gets tagged. The little white tag tells me yardage, fiber content, where I bought it, if it was pre-treated, and in the early years I put the year on it or if it was a store tag (i.e. Fabric Mart/Rag Shop) the year appears on it. It helps with knowing how much fabric is available when I'm thinking about a project and if it was pre-treated!

I also want to clear something up from the last post about the Vintage Vogue dress ~ the back yoke DOES NOT have bound buttonholes on it. I made machine stitched buttonholes and added an extra buttonhole and button to cover the yoke fully. When I re-read what I wrote it sounded like I made bound buttonholes and I didn't...making the pleats was bad enough! *LOL*

So this weekend will be dedicated to finishing off my JCC pieces. There are already some amazing entries up for this contest and I need to get mine finished and photographed so that I can move on! I have quite a few ideas running through my mind for more summer dresses and I need to get them made into garments!

Last update - I am in awe of all of those who have made their coat muslins! I don't even own the muslin fabric yet and realized that I am going to be sewing mine in late August/early September. I just can't sew that far ahead of the season! Issues...I know! *LOL*

Have a great weekend and hopefully finished JCC pieces soon!


  1. Good luck with the JCC. I have finished one skirt, have another almost done, a top cut out and one more to even start..Oh well. And my coat muslin is no where in sight either!!

    So what am I gonna do this arvo? - go accessory shopping! lol

  2. Carolyn, I love that "pounds thinner" pattern. I'm thinking my new TNT dress might have to become an asymmetrical dress now.

  3. Good luck Carolyn with the JCC! I can't wait to see your pieces!

  4. love your new vintage patterns, can't wait to see your JCC, I've been reading that thread religiously on ASG

  5. Carolyn: I love love love the grey and red fabrics. The new piece rounds it out perfectly. Wish I had tagged my fabrics too.

    Good luck with the JCC sewing!

  6. Great patterns - I'm loving Simplicity 4889. Of course, you know I love that red/grey combo, too!

  7. Carolyn, that is so organized to write the info on each piece of your stash. I love the grey and red combo. I know you love grey and brown. Vogue patterns magazine did a great layout (fall/winter) years ago using those two colors. I cut it out and drool over it yearly. Things like a grey flannel dress with chocolate brown accents..gorgeous.

  8. Hi there! I found you through Bonnie's blog. Your vintage pattern collection is sooo making me green with envy. And that you can take those patterns and turn them into actual clothing...fabulous! I've only been sewing for about a year now, so I find your blog very inspiring! OH, and I may have to start tagging my fabrics!

  9. I didn't join the great coat sew along because I knew I wouldn't be sewing a coat until at least September. Even with air conditioning, wool is too hot for me to sew in the summer.

  10. I understand you well: my sewing mojo is so "summer" right now that I'm finding it difficult to pause my summer sewing in order to dedicate some time to my coat...


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