Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Get My Best Ideas...

Peoplewatching...Yes I do!

Now that coats are off and the sun is shining there are more women in the street, so there is great people watching. I also work near Central Park West and lately I have been making the effort at lunchtime to walk by the park, the fountain at Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Centre. There is really good people watching there!

However, I found an idea, that of course caused me to buy another piece of fabric, while riding the elevator to work one morning. She was wearing a simple button front shirtdress with short sleeves and a tie belt. There were two things that made this dress stand out in my, it was made in a navy blue eyelet and two, the back yoke was curved but the dress back wasn't gathered into it. A simple tie belt completed the look.

I can see the dress in my mind's eye and took a twirl around the internet to see if I could find a picture of it ~ but no luck...though I did find this amazing navy blue embroidered cotton from Fabric Mart:

So of course I bought three yards of it! It is a 100% Cotton light weight poplin with an embroidered pattern. It arrived last night and I LOVE it! I even have the perfect buttons to go with this fabric...but alas, I have to sew JCC items!

I'm telling you, I'm not sure about this planning thing for this summer! The "want to sew what I'm inspired to sew" urge is pulling me strongly! *LOL* And now that it has finally warmed up and feels like early summer, I want to wear nuthin' but dresses...NUTHIN' BUT!!!!

In my pattern collection, I have several shirtdress patterns...c'mon admit it, you probably do too! It is such a classic dress and looks good on everyone when made correctly!

Vogue 2939 is a very classic shirtdress with a hidden button placket and I think the fabric would look very "Corporate Chic" in this pattern!

Then I have two out of print (OOP) patterns that will also work...

Tamotsu 1916 (circa 1997) has a shirtdress with a cute little collar and short sleeves. Mine is a size 14-16-18 but I can alter the pattern to fit me since it has very simple lines.
McCalls 3254 (circa 2001) is a Palmer Pletsch Classit Fit shirtdress pattern. This one has a notched collar and three sleeve versions, it is a little longer but can always be shortened.

And I found these patterns for my plus size sisters:

D7107 is from Connie Crawford. The size range is to a 6x and it can be lengthened from the tunic look that is shown. The sweetheart neck also offers a different take on the look:

Fashion Patterns by Connie is Connie Crawford's webline and while it has some of the Butterick patterns on it...there are a lot more styles available. You should definitely surf around this wonderful resource.

And this from the Dana Marie Pattern Co. (formerly known as Purrfection Patterns):

Dana does a lot of art-to-wear garments and that's why I included the line drawings instead of the picture for this one. I have made a couple of her garments into very professional looking work gear. I can see a lot of potential for a great classic shirtdress in this pattern - 1013 Northern Lights.

Since I am "working" on JCC pieces ~ this new idea will go on my list! But I have fabric and notions in hand and the idea is gnawing on the edges of my brain so I don't think it will stay in fabric lengths long...especially since it works so well for my corporate work environment and my idea of "Sophisticated Summer Dressing."


  1. Love the idea of Sophisticated Summer Dressing. The N. Blue eyelet is 2df.

  2. Sigh. I too just want to make dresses. That's all I want to sew in the summer. But, I *must* work on my separates!

  3. I am really trying to get with the program and keep sewing my Ann Taylor inspired wardrobe but it feels too much like school. I don't know about this sticking to the plan. Sewing what you want right now seems like a good idea.

  4. I've been making dresses like crazy so I understand you so well! That fabric is TDF!!


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