Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vogue 2090

ETA: Just checked the site and all three patterns are now sold! So if I find it again while trolling Ebay, I will let you know! Ladies you are quick! *smile*

I know that several of you have tried to locate this pattern after seeing a couple of dresses that I made from the pattern. Well, since I have become an Ebay hound, I located 3 at Pins-Needles Sewing Emporium Store on Ebay. The sizes are 8-10-12; 14-16-18; 20-22-24! They are all present and accounted for and are selling for $10 a pattern.

Just to remind you what the dress looks like - this is the last version I made for last year's Timmel SWAP:

Happy hunting!


  1. I have loved that patterns since seeing the tea died toile patterned version. So I rushed right over and bought one. I think it's exactly the lines I've been longing for, should be perfect for the Navy Eyelett! Thanks so much :0 g

  2. Carolyn, This is so flattering on you. I love the lines of the Tamotsu patterns and especially the shirtdress style.

  3. Nicely done fits you very well. Great job.:)

  4. oh, I see where everyone wants this pattern it is a classic silhouette and looks great in black, wow

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  6. That blue eyelet is hot, great pick!! I just picked up a V8028. Shirtdress here I come!!


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