Monday, September 01, 2008

Not a stitch sewn...

I have been in and out all weekend long...several trips to the big box stores (Wal-Mart, Target), another couple of trips to Sears and Lowes and also to the furniture store have ended up with three days dedicated to home improvement.

So first here is the couch I bought:

I have paint in two shades called - Barely Dawn and Plateau - I have walked around with these two paint chips for a couple of days now looking at them in sunlight and in the dusk, with the lights on and off in my apartment...finally broke down and bought them!

I have looked at drapes but still don't have a final decision because I have yet to find a pair of chairs and a coffee table for the living room...and I have spent most of this three day weekend with my mom, sister and middle DD in and out of all of these retail places. To say that I'm wiped out and in need of sewing a stitch is underestimating the desire that I have to bond with my sewing machine!!!!

But, I will have a new and improved living room bedroom is almost done, the other rooms just need minor touch-ups and then I will be ready to host the family Christmas celebrations this year...

One more pic of my new and improved sewing table, now cleaned and organized, which I am loving more and more by the to make use of it!

And can I just say, how in the world did I manage to purchase 68.5 yards of fabric this month! I must be out of my mind!!! *LOL* Especially since I managed to only make 3 garments last month from 5 yards of poor children are going to be Ebaying fabric/patterns/notions for months after I pass on!

And Jaime thanks for awarding me, "The Brillant Weblog Premio Award!"

I am really glad you enjoy my blog and thank you so much for recognizing my ramblings!

Now since I still have tomorrow and Wednesday off, I will retire to my sewing nook and try to come up with something inspiring...or maybe not! *LOL*

More later!


  1. I hear you about the paint - it takes me forever to decide what shade I want and them sometimes we end up repainting within in weeks. But I'm sure you're more decisive than I am, LOL. Actually I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who didn't have a chance to sew this weekend.

    Oh, love that sewing table!

  2. Love your sewing table and *love* that couch! Be sure to post a picture once the chairs find their way home :-)

    (Love your blog too :-)


  3. might also be your children's children wondering what to do with all your sewing stuff, but they would be so blessed to end up with your stash!

  4. Yay!! you got the leather sofa.
    I hope you love your new interior when it's done.
    I too love your new sewing table. The shelving/drawer units are the same that I have along my wall - good thing you were able to get it cut down. It never occurred to me to cut the legs down on those.
    I'm trying, really really hard, not to ask WHY you didn't avail yourself of the fabric-buying safety system that is currently in place. hmmm.... nevermind, you'll just tell me not to say anything. :)

  5. I went shopping today for patterns and notions. Found some fabric I liked but held back because it needed to be dry cleaned. I don't like to dry clean my clothes since I live a very casual lifestyle. Anything I buy or sew has to be machine washable and can go in the dryer plus no-ironing afterwards. Good luck on the home redecorating. Your couch is great. You can always sew another day but Labor Day is a great time to take advantage of sales.

  6. Your living room will be lovely. I managed to finish the skirt I started last weekend and get a dress cut out. Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday will see some quality face time with the machines. g

  7. Hey - found a pattern you might like:

  8. Carolyn, might you ask your DD to give me a call if they ever have need to rid themselves of their stash? I promise it a good home.

  9. Awesome sofa... and looking forward to the pieces you will pair with it. I luvvvvvv reading about home dec projects.

    Pssst your dds shouldn't worry about ebaying off your fabric... why not have a fabric bonanza after you've completed your home dec projects... just a

  10. I am usually like you with paint, but recently I picked a wall color inside of 10 minutes. A record1
    Your redecorating sounds great. Nice sofa. Good luck on getting some sewing done.

  11. I just finished painting my place last weekend and it was soooo worth it. Its funny, cause next on my list is a new sofa (although I have to save up for it first, which will require buying less fabric and accessories, so this could take a while too!). I've been thinking brown leather as well.


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