Monday, September 15, 2008

Vogue 7994 Update

First let me say that I love this dress...and I love the princess seaming and how it shapes the dress and how it makes me look slim...not skinny...not unlike just slims my bodaciousness!

So as of last night I had the dress all put hems on the sleeves or the bottom of the dress...and the back facing wasn't in. Tried it on and WTH was up with the shoulder seams and the sleeves? Now, I tried the dress on prior to putting in the sleeves and didn't see any issues then...but there are issues I will need to unpick some seams and fix the shoulder seams and the sleeves...

Now, I know that I've confessed that I don't do great invisible zippers...but I've made it a goal to put one in every item I'm making lately so that I will become more proficient. This is the best one I've done so far...

Not 100% perfect but enough to encourage me to keep on keepin' on! *LOL* And the person who looked at my zipper and told me what to do with daughter! Yeap...the child told me I was missing a step...told me what to do and then proofed my work! *LOL* I felt so proud!!!

I also changed the sleeve a bit...I needed more room in the bicep so I added a seam to the sleeve and space to my biceps which affects the v-opening in the hem...still working on how to finish those edges cleanly...

Finally the neckline on this dress was really in a great date dress but not a great work I raised the neckline seam another inch...

As I said before, I really like this dress and have already pulled out some black wool crepe and a cadet blue wool crepe to make two more for work. I will change the sleeves up a little, add a lining to the wool crepe versions and add another inch to the body of the dress so that I will have a more substantial hem...because on this version I am only going to be able to turn up a 1/2".

I will have final pictures to share of the dress this weekend! All in all though it's a wonderful dress and if you have this pattern, I encourage you to take it out and use it! And if you don't have it and you're looking for a great dress to make that will make you look slim, feminine and well put together...this is your dress!


  1. I love it! I can't wait to see you wearing it. How was The Closer? g

  2. I like the direction you are taking, although I cannot wait to see the finished project in full view! I imagine your cracking away on the sewing machine now. hehe

  3. That dress is so cute! Of course, when I went to Vogue... it's out of print so that makes it a lot more than I want to spend on it! Woe is me!
    So, are you going to leave a v in the sleeve to finish? It looks great! Oh, and I'm so motivated!

  4. Can you send your daughter over here to help me with my invisible zipper? I'm not far from a train station! LOL

    And thanks for the reminder about Marie Osmond. I'm flashing back on her patterns right now...

  5. Hi! You may notice me as someone new who drank the Kool-Aid! I've been following your blog for a while, but have never "spoken." I started sewing about a year it...but don't have the confidence to make clothes that I really like yet. I've been doing a lot of bags and that's fun, especially to give away. I really enjoy you...your writing, wit and the fabulous clothes you make for yourself. And I'm learning about this rage that is vintage patterns. Thanks!

  6. It looks gorgeous so far. I cannot wait to see it on you.

  7. Anyone who can complete a zipper with some measure of success has my admiration. I just attempted my first one. I'll never think about patterns the same way again.

  8. Ok, I have a confession to make. I am still a newbie to sewing, although I do think I'm coming along. Anyways, I thought for the longest time that an invisible zipper was just a way to put in a regular zipper that nobody was telling me about! Man, I tried and tried the tutorials on that one and was so disappointed every time. Then I looked closer at the zipper rack one day and had that "A-ha!" moment. I embarrass myself when I think of how long it took me to "get it".

    I also love that you use bodaciousness. Can I steal that?! I have some bodaciousness too that I have to alter patterns for, bicep included!

  9. HA! One thing I do better than you! Invisible zippers. Mine are FANtastic. Seriously. Now the pattern altering you do and the rest of your finishes? I can only dream about. I love your detailing and how clean your finishing always is. Your color selections are always great. Maybe we can strike a deal? You send me your zippers and I'll send you everyting else?
    You just let me know. LOL

  10. Oh that zipper is looking good. And how great to have your daughter helping you now! That is successful parenting. The dress is looking mighty fine. Can't wait to see the finished result.

  11. I just love that color. You did a marvelous job with the zipper. And the sleeve looks fantastic. I too can't wait to see it on you.

  12. wow that is stunning. Yummy fabric and the neckline is done so well. Can you tell what adjustment you do for adding to bicep measurement. That is an alteration I do poorly.

    Enjoy your blog and wow would love to share your wardrobe. LOL

  13. I must admit, I favor invisible, it's the lapped ones I don't like, but most of us hate those darn zippers. I've had that same problem and found that on some pieces my upper back and shoulders need more room and I will add a 1/2 inch to the width vertically at the shoulders and then ease the front and back shoulders in at the top before attaching the sleeves. So glad the dress worked out, I love the color.

  14. This is looking really good. Can not wait to see the finished product!


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