Sunday, September 14, 2008

Out of the Ashes - COUPON CODE!!!

Hey everyone, I received this message from Sheila today:

"Hi Carolyn - thank you once again for your order! I also have noticed a number of your visitors have visited my site and purchased patterns and I thank you for the referrals. Would love to offer you and your readers a 10% discount on all purchases. Just use the coupon code SEWFAN during checkout. Feel free to let them all know!"

First ~ ignore the part about another order...ummm, I wasn't going to share that with y'all - LOL!

Second ~ thank you all for going to Out of the Ashes and purchasing from Sheila! I love her site and her goods, well I guess so since I just bought three more patterns!

Third ~ please use the coupon she is so wonderful of her to do so! And share with me what you bought from her...I love knowing what other vintage patterns you guys are purchasing!!!

That's it for now! I'm still working on the dress...hopefully photos soon!


  1. Carolyn,
    I have purchased so many patterns from Out of the Ashes, you'll have a hard time beating me! I am a sucker for all vintage patterns and get on kicks-50's, 60's mod, 60's Jackie-you get the idea. I'm loving seeing what you are up to each day. Thanks for bringing me such pleasure and sewing company.

  2. Thank you so much for posting that website. I had not heard of it. It has some really great stuff.

  3. I'm waiting for my latest order to arrive. Missed the coupon, but still ordered enough for free shipping. I had seriously not ordered anything for months because I had everything I needed (really I did!). Then I saw this 70's pattern that looked like it would work great in a knit, then a jacket, and well, I can't remember what the other pattern is but that'll make getting the package even more fun!

  4. Out of the Ashes is one of my daily visits, I'm afraid. The coupon is great, but as an addict, heh, I'd go anyway;)

  5. Smart woman! You have a faithful fan base. Thanks for the coupon.

  6. Hi Carolyn, a short note to let you know I passed awards to you on my blog.
    Thanks for your inspirational posts, Sigrid

  7. That was a fun trip down memory lane!

  8. first order was a few weeks ago, when I found too many things I simply had to have. Great site, great prices, nice communication and quick shipping. In other words, seriously bad temptation. Tempt me some more!

  9. ooh thanks for posting a new link to go shopping! You have been inspiring me lately with your fabulous vintage finds.

  10. Curses! Another fabulous website! I've probably ordered ten patterns already! Don't know whether I should thank you or curse you for the link!!!

  11. Awesome! Your shopping is benefitting us all! :)


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