Monday, April 06, 2009

Bits and Pieces

First thank you for the outpouring of messages on the fabric was emotionally stirring...and please understand that as a menopausal woman...too much kindness can cause me to melt into a puddle!

Seriously though, there were a few comments that I want to acknowledge...

SewJune ~ out of all the comments written...and there were quite a few...yours touched me the most! There are sooooo many people just like you right now in America...but the hope and the ability to withstand came through in your words! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and I will be true to them!

Claudine ~ I love your honesty. It is refreshing. Please feel free to continue to share your thoughts here because I know that they are shared with a generousity of spirit without a shred of ill will.

Julie Ann ~ Your comment brought a smile to my face as I remembered some of our shopping trips to Jomars with Lisa, Dawn, Colleen & you and I. Do you remember the time that Dawn kept sneaking her bags down to her car whilst the rest of us looked like little fabric piggies trying to buy everything in the store?! Good times! Times that make me miss you all the more now that you are living all the way over there on the West Coast!

Rose ~ I am going to extend to you the same offer that I made Lindsey T. You can come over anytime you want...okay I'm gonna need a little notice first *LOL*...and rummage through my fabric closet. You can even take a piece or two home with you! *smile*

Barb ~ I would hate to be the reason you spent money on that evil don't worry you can get your vicarious thrills through me! *LOL*

Neighborhood Gal ~ I stand corrected! However, I really do believe that sewing is an art or I wouldn't forever be comparing the process to painting!

MaryBeth ~ there's absolutely no reason to lose sleep over a blog post of mine! But and there's always one of those with me...when someone whom I truly respect writes something deep and thoughtful, I do tend to stop and take stock of the situation. Obviously there are some pearls of wisdom to be gleaned and I need to grasp hold of them!

Again thank you everyone who commented on the posts with such wonderful words of affirmation!


Can I have Michelle Obama's closet for just one week! I just want to take a few hundred pictures of the good stuff, get a good look at the interior construction, feel of the fabric in the garments...and touch and play with the combinations!

photo credit: The Huffington Post

It's been a loooooonnng time since I've coveted someone else's lifestyle but right now I'm drooling, simply drooling over the awesomeness of the clothing she has worn on this European trip as well as the historicalness (is that a word?) of it! Do you think she and the President go back to their hotel room every night and pinch themselves? C'mon being hugged by the Queen of England...visiting the synagogues and graveyards in Prague...visiting Germany with the Chancellor...cause I'm in awe of how momentous this is and that it happened in MY lifetime!

It gives me such HOPE for my grandchildren's generation...


Since Good Friday is a stock market holiday and my job is closed...Carolyn no has to worky! Yippee! I have plans on finishing up some pieces this weekend...The "Dreaming of Spring" dress is definitely included in those plans. I am also having Easter Dinner at my house this the h*ll did that happen? So my three day weekend will be cut a little short since I will have to clean as well as cook...*sigh*

As always...more later!


  1. But at least you have some time off! Enjoy!

  2. I know that you all love Mrs Obama - and she does ooze intellence and style - but the real First Lady of Fashion is Carla Sarkozy of France.

  3. Lucky girl! My office is open this Friday. Enjoy your three-day weekend, Carolyn.

  4. Yes Carolyn, Lucky girl!! I´ve been make redundant this week, so I´ve all time for sew. Now I´m a unemployed woman whit a lot of time but not much money for fabrics, *long sigh*
    I need yours posts for get out of the routine!

  5. It seems like people all have the same dilema--either time OR money. Never both at once!

    Enjoy the holiday with your family. They will be the days you remember.

    Love Ms. Obama's clothes also. Very chic. I like that she isn't extravagant like some of the first ladies have been.

  6. Ummm, what? No photo of her in the bow Moschino shirt? It's the only miss of the trip I think :)

  7. Respect is returning to us. There's still a whole lot of work to do and all of us together can make sure the work get's done. I am so very proud to see every world leader fall over themselves to meet our President. This is what respect feel's like!

    And you're a Huffington girl too.. I just read about the doctors who were involved with the CIA and torture..

    Then I come here. Carolyn...thank you! This is what's real and what life should be takes me away reading your blog and all the others.. Ms Faye :) after learning more about what has happened the past 8 years.

    We must stay engaged with our government but we also need to know the good things in life - sewing and family.

    Sorry, you talked about the Obama's and got me going :)

  8. Oh, I have loved looking at Michelle Obama's clothes, and I can't imagine the life. They must be pinching themselves. I thought she looked fabulous in everything. If you get time in that closet, please share the details, or can I squeeze into your camera bag?

    And I disagree with Gail somewhat, in that I think Carla Sarkohzy is very elegant and very French in the fairly narrow French mold of understated chic. She is the perfect example of one type of old-world French style. Michelle Obama's style is much more fresh, and dare I say it, American. I don't think they can be compared; they each represent a different aesthetic and view of the world.

  9. You know, I'm not much for Chanel jackets but I LOVE LOVE that long version. Wow. Gorgeous.

  10. I just like your blog and you and what you are doing!!!

    Elizabeth H

  11. The bow blouse was the only miss in my mind too. But, I love seeing her in everything because I love how she wears her clothing, with confidence and ease and comfort in her body, hips and booty and all. A woman for our daughters to emulate.

  12. Do you remember the time that Dawn kept sneaking her bags down to her car whilst the rest of us looked like little fabric piggies trying to buy everything in the store?! Good times! Times that make me miss you all the more now that you are living all the way over there on the West Coast!

    Okay, now it is MY to turn into a bucket of tears!

    You know, we DO have a fashion district here in Los guys need to come out here for SC Extravaganza!

  13. Oh, Carolyn, thank you for your kind offer! If I make it to NJ/NJ, I will take you up on it. :) and Yes, Ms. Michelle is very inspiring. sigh. I've been enjoying the news coverage of the Obama's Europe trip, and I've been enraptured by her wardrobe. sigh.

    Rose in SV

  14. You need to write Mrs. Obama a letter! I mean what could it hurt? She would (or her secretary) either say yes... (wouldn't that be amazing!) or no! Or wonder of wonders.... maybe just ask for some pictures!
    Like I said, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Just tell her how much you love her sense of style.
    Good Luck! Oh, and have a wonderful Easter.


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