Wednesday, April 29, 2009

True Confessions

When I got home last night there was a package waiting for order from Textile Studios. Usually I rip into a fabric box with joy and glee...but a feeling of sorrow overtook me because this is the very last time I will open anything from Marsha...

I had no idea what was inside since the amount charged to my credit card was vastly different from the amount on the order I submitted...and I held my breathe a little...because this was the last time that I would experience fabric euphoria from Textile Studios.

Here's what came:

Now to be honest there was a second box waiting alongside the Textile Studios package but I had to wait a few minutes before I could open it...because I hoped that this box would fill me with joy and I really wanted to give Textile Studios its moment...before I moved along...

The other box was from "Le Fabric Mart" and when I tell you that it filled me with joy, I would be underestimating its effect. At first when I placed that order, I felt a little guilty...I mean who am I kidding, I have lots of fabric joy right here, living with me...but once the realization hit me that Textile Studios would be no more...I was glad that I was still supporting my sweet addiction.

You wanna know what came don't you...I'm not sure I should show you! *LOL* I was a bit of a fabric piggy...but need to twist my arm!

An ITY Jersey (wants to make another version of V1091)

A silk/cotton blend...the hand is so silky soft! Lovely!

A printed black & white broadcloth

This piece is AWESOME! It is an embroidered cotton broadcloth with organza bits sewn to the flowers so they are three dimensional!

This linen is sooooo soft, I'm tempted not to wash it! But check out the border...ohlalala!

And have you noticed that I am partial to Vogue and Butterick patterns. I've made quite a few garments from both pattern lines. It hit me the other night when I was searching for something...I have a few Simplicity Patterns but I'm not really feeling the plus size patterns since Khaliah Ali lost weight. They both seemed more committed to the line before...not to say that she shouldn't have lost weight, just noting that the attention started to wane on the plus size line about that time...and I have hardly any New Look patterns! I think I sewed the only ones I own last year!

McCalls well you know they are on probation with that leaves the independents. Yeah, not much love happening between them and me either...except for the Sewing Workshop Mission Tank...I don't know if it's cause I'm plus size or because they don't think plus size women are fashionable? But that is a post for another day... and Vogue and Butterick...a match made in heaven! I know there have been some issues about pattern instructions and labelling on patterns but seriously, they have some awesome designers...Ralph Rucci, Donna Karan, Tom & Linda Platt...and then there is Sandra Betzina holding it down for the average woman. I think I've had my best successes with both pattern companies and that's why I always turn to them.

Well that was my True Confessions for the evening...I really want a few days off to sew the wonderful fiberly lovelies that just arrived but it ain't happening...

As always, more later!


  1. These are delicious fabrics! I'm sure you'll enjoy them to the fullest.

    Fabric mart has some really wonderful stuff, pity the shipping rate to Canada is extortion.

  2. You've chosen some nice fabric. Please use it and don't let it stay in the stash too long!!!

    Butterick used to be my favorite pattern company. They were just as stylish as Vogue but not nearly as expensive.

  3. Looks like great new fabric. I looked at the pink piece at fabric mart, can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Great fabrics! Lucky you! Lots of dreams there. Make some beautiful things.

  5. Beautiful fabric choices! I can see that black and white linen done up in a fashion that tucks out the white pleats doing a real optical illusion. Great stuff!

  6. Beautiful fabrics. After seeing all the beautiful fabrics you buy on line, I am reading to give it a try.

  7. Great fabrics, I'm interested in what will become of the stripe material.

  8. San Antonio SueApril 29, 2009 8:19 AM

    Carolyn, once again I think we are long-lost sisters! I love Vogue and Butterick; Simplicity just isn't cut for me and McCalls -- the sleeves are always too tight. Started subscribing to Burda Plus and may make some of them, but I keep returning to my TNT pattern: two linen suits coming up this weekend. Enjoy your fabric!

  9. Carolyn,
    I sent you a message to your yahoo email account but I wasn't sure if you received the message. I asked a question about your pants and the sport elastic waistband. Did you receive my message?
    Joyce in NC

  10. I've been a long time lover of Vogue patterns. I used to use them exclusively, I never even looked at the other pattern books at the store. I slowly migrated to Butterick, because they were a bit more affordable and the styles were similar. I then went to the independants and Burda, but I'm back to Vogue. I absolutely love the designer and wardrobe patterns, and the drafting fits me better, especially their pant draft. I have to make fewer changes to get garments to fit, and I always feel ultra stylish in my finished pieces.

  11. Gorgeous fabrics. It took me 2 tries to get something from Textile Studios that hadn't been sold out and I am feeling the same way. I am waiting for it to come, but sad that I won't be able to get anything else.
    You have mentioned I think that you get BWOF, but you don't sew from it. I wonder why as they have some of the best plus size patterns around, imop.

  12. Such lovely fabrics. If you compare your fabrics purchases with my recent ones from Fabric Mart and (please tell them to stop having such marvelous sales), you will see that you have acted with great restraint. I, on the other hand, need a separate house to store my new purchases, and you know what? I love each and every one. Unfortunately, I spent too much time thinking and by the time I was ready to buy some fabric from Textiles, it was sold out (pout). Guess I'll have to live vicariously through your purchases. I love the silk/cotton blend. I can't believe that I didn't see that one.

  13. Love that white from TS. It is sad that she's out of the fabric business.
    And I love all of the FM pieces. That Pink piece is just too much fun. Promise you'll make it up right away, to wear this summer. One, it'd be nice to have a fun and pretty piece in your closet that doesn't go to work. And two, that is right on for right now, but may be in danger of being dated already next year. Make it up - wear it for mothers day. The fabric speaks so much for itself that you don't need to make anything complex.
    LOvely stuff.
    And, I too am a Vogue girl first and foremost. Big surprise.

  14. Sew Beautiful Magazine has a skirt that the 3D fabric reminds me of. There's a little girl's dress that I'm going to have to make, but the lady's skirt is great, too. Love all your fabrics.

  15. Fun purchases! I'm looking forward to seeing what they become.

  16. I stumbled upon your blog this morning and I'm so excited!

    I am going to get my first, and probably only - upgrading is not my thing, serger. I'm thinking of the Viking Huskylock 936 - are you familiar with it?

    What do you have? What would you recommend? Your thoughts?

  17. Wow I've almost ordered about 4 of those cuts from FM several times now. Nice!

  18. Love that ITY print - it will make a great dress!

  19. I'm totally feeling the black. The patterns I have used thus far have been Butterick (I have a couple Vogues). I'm willing to try all of the major companies to see which I prefer. My grandmother told me that Vogue had a reputation for being hard when she was into sewing (over 30 years ago), I wonder how true that is now.

  20. I'm jealous. I ordered 4 pieces and she was sold out of all of hoo.


  21. I loved your new fabrics, they are so inspiring - make me want to go and order a whole lot of yardage too.
    I have used Vogue since the year dot, and sometimes migrate into Butterick. Like you I have a collection of Burda magazines, but have yet to make a single design up. All that tracing and seam allowance adding puts me off.

  22. I love the black and white and the colorful flowery one also. Would love to see your garment interpretation of them. Happy sewing!

  23. Ooh, you did very well! What are you planning with the 3-D pink? I looked at it for a loooong time, but I know you will do it justice, to say the least.

  24. I just got an invite to a 4th of July wedding, and that pink flowered number looks like a fine idea for a dress....


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