Friday, April 17, 2009

TNT Dress Pattern - Part III

This is a wrap up post. I wanted to list the changes I made to my TNT dress pattern as a quick summary without all the verbiage. Here goes:

1. Adjusted the shoulder seams of the sleeveless dress so that short sleeves could be added to it.

2. Used the short sleeves from the jacket pattern ~ altered the sleeve cap to fit the newly adjusted shoulder seam.

3. Shortened the pattern from calf-length to knee length.

4. Changed the side vent openings to a center back vent.

5. Eliminated the bodice and skirt seam making a single front and back pattern pieces.

6. Added a little waist and hip definition by adding some flare to the skirt portion of the dress.

7. Added a lining to the dress.

Once more...I've used this pattern with the changes listed above for about 4-5 years. All of the changes that I've made to the pattern in the last three years has been documented here on my blog. There is quite a lot of them because you know I love a dress *smile*...and "The Dreaming of Spring Dress" is just the latest version.

As each version has been made - new pattern pieces have been traced and placed into the folder that contains my TNT dress pattern. There are now quite a few pattern pieces and "views" available for constructing this dress. So Sandra and Barb I hope I answered most of your questions...

Finally ~ a few questions and answers from the TNT posts...

Anonymous wrote:
"Where can I get a copy of this pattern?"
I honestly don't know. My first impulse would be to search eBay and if one is not available to save the search. It is amazing what turns up months later! I guess you could troll the vintage pattern sites also...again you just never know what will show up!

NancyK asked:
"Do you own any of the Cynthia Guffey DVDs?"
Nope. I took a weekend worth of classes and purchased two of her pamphlets...between them and the extensive notes I took during the classes...I've managed to make her theories work.

Thanks everyone who took the time to read the posts, click to the links and read some of the older posts as well as look at the pretty pictures. My life is finally settling down - no social obligations for a couple of weekends, so I plan on turning my sewing machine on this weekend and letting it work itself out! *LOL*

More later!


  1. Carolyn, can I ask a very silly question. Basicly, was your starting off point for your TNT dress pattern, the need for a basic pattern and 'lucky chance' that meant you had a pattern that was close to what you needed, and just needed refining? What I'm trying to ask is, how do you start at the veeerrrry beginning, decide what basic 'shape' you want, find a pattern that is approximately that shape, and work from there?

    Thanks so much for these posts, helpfull and inspirational!!

    Anon in Ire

  2. Carolyn, a quick yahoo search turned up two at Grandma's House Pattern site, for anyone who's interested. Now Out of the Ashes has lots of not-so-vintage as does Lanetz.

  3. You are so creative to be able to do all of these changes even with the training you've had. You look so good in all the different versions!

  4. This was a series of posts with a lot of helpful information. Also very enjoyable. Thanks.

  5. Carolyn, once again you have graciously provided us with so much inspiration and education! I absolutely love the idea of taking a well fitting pattern and changing it to meet your needs. I am on the hunt now for that TNT pattern to use as a base for all my design ideas! You absolutely rock.

  6. Using TNTs is a great way to sew. One can concentrate on the design elements of the garment, rather than fitting over and over.

  7. Thanks for this series. I've told you many times how much I admire the way you work a TNT. The insight into your thought process will be inspiring.

  8. Thank you for this series of posts. I have long admired (although silently) how you turn your inspirations into creations that are so lovely and flattering.

  9. Thanks Carolyn for your post on tnt. Like usuall the information you provided was very helpful.

  10. I actually remember seeing that pattern in the book.

  11. This was a fun journey to read. Thanks for sharing. Not only do you sew good but you write well and explain things in simple terms. This is why your followers grow. :)
    I think if people are looking for a TNT dress, each pattern company has a very simple one where to start from. You just need to find one that works for you. And that is part of the process - finding one from which to start.
    Thanks for giving of yourself in the past three post. I totally enjoyed it.

  12. Interesting series! I'm not a TNT person, and barely a repeat person, but I've found your perspective and information on this fascinating. Great writing and if I need to do a TNT some day, I'll know where to look for the info.

  13. As always a great informative and thought provoking post. I do admire your creative talents and how you apply them to TNT patterns. I have now established a few TNT's. I still keep going for the new thing and then when I start looking through my dozens, and dozens, dozens of patterns, I find some repeats. Thanks for sharing your talents with us all.

    Enjoy the weekend sewing.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to write these posts. They are very interesting.

  15. It's a great series. I have 2 tnt patterns that are simple enough to add to and change. But I don't do as much tnt sewing as you do. I think though for anyone who has a lot of fitting changes to make working up a tnt pattern for all the types of clothing they wear is a real time saver and an introduction to designing.

  16. Hi Carolyn,

    I've been following your blog for a few months now but this is my first time commenting. I found your "Would you TNT with me?" post a while ago totally inspirational, and this series has just added to my esteem. It great to see how you work; I especially loved the description of your "aha" moment with the channel dress, and reading your original post about trying to come up with the pattern from your TNT (could you post links to the follow ups too? I wanted to see how that dress turned out but couldn't find the later posts.) Thanks so much for sharing.

    (By the way, you are DEFINITELY an enabler. I've just gotten addicted to sewing and fabric recently and I blame your blog for a good part of that :) )


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