Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I hate it when...

I hate it when I'm home sick and feel too terrible to sew!  Why is it during this time that I get some of my best ideas?  Or find something on a fashion site on the internet that I know I can reproduce without much effort?  And here I sit or lay as it may be with no ability to make it!  Can we say major frustration!

I hate it when I plan a garment from a piece of fabric that I've seen on the internet, purchase it, get all excited about it and then it doesn't feel the way I thought it would...or have the weight that I thought it would...or even be acceptable for the garment type I was dreaming of...*sigh*  Can we say major frustration!

I hate it when I pull a piece of fabric from the collection with an idea to make a garment only to find it mismarked.  I mean it's no one's fault but my own...shoulda updated the darn ticket...but I didn't and so I either have to come up with a new idea or put the piece back into the closet!  Can we say major frustration!

I hate it when my serger blades get dull!  Ummm, I still haven't learned to change them.  So the serger has to go to the shop.  Do you know what a major pain in the arse that is!!!  With my tight schedule, I can only do that on the weekends...okay say it along with me "Can we say major frustration!"  *LOL*

So the Question of the Day is "What do you hate it when" it happens to you during the sewing process!  Talk back to me people...I'm laying here with a fever...I've read all my sewing blogs...am following a few new ones...(Hey ~ if I'm following you now!) and am totally frustrated by the fact that I am home...sick and can't sew!

I'm looking forward to reading what frustrates you too!  *LOL*


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Get well soon!
    I hate it when I set a pair of scissors down, and the next time I look, "poof" they've disappeared into thin air. Grrrr...
    Vicky F

  2. I hate it when I know I have a particular piece of fabric or a notion but I can't find it!

    I hate it when I have planned uninterrupted sewing time and the phone rings!

    I hate it when I can't create what I see in my head.

    I could go on but that's enough.

    On the positive side, I do love it when what I create is fun to wear or is appreciated by the reciepient.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Like you, I hate this week when I have been at home and too sick to even want to touch a piece of fabric.

  4. I sympathize with the too sick to sew routine. I can tell you it will get better. I am loving every minute of sewing I had today, yippee!

    I hate it when I am at the end of a project, have the exact amount of buttons, and one rolls away somewhere into oblivion. Then it is of to JA's to get a whole new card. Oy,,,,

    I hate it even more when I rip the button off the card, sew it on, the nearly trip on the original lost button. Pisses me right off!!!

  5. First, I hate it that you are sick.
    ...I hated it when I tried to use my favorite pair of shears (not my best pair) yesterday and all of a sudden they don't cut at all. What in the world happened?
    ...I actually hate to thread my serger. I can always get the thread through one needle, but the knot always catches in the other.
    ...I hate it when I sneek and sew even though I have more pressing things I need to do...I know, I shouldn't do that.
    ...I hate it when I have something planned for a piece of fabric, and of course there is not enough yardage. This is just a few of my hates.

  6. Carolyn,
    Hope you feel better soon.

    I hate it when I go to use my iron and it has shut off...

    I hate it when I sew an absolute perfect seam and realize I that I ran out of bobbin thread with just an inch to go....

    I hate when I run out of fabric or interfacing or speciality thread and the fabric store is closed...

    But I LOVE the feel of fabric, saying "I didn't buy it, I made it," and talking with other sewing enthusiats!

  7. - I hate when I press the interfacing to the iron. :)
    - I hate when I'm on my last press and I burn the fabric.
    - I hate when I'm snipping my last thread and your scissors catch the fabric to put a nice hole in a place you can't fix.

    I love reading your blog!
    Feel better soon!

  8. Oh no... I hope you feel better soon!

    Let's see... I hate how I get home late, but I'm terrible at sewing late in the evening and make dumb mistakes. SO, really I can only sew on the weekends. Makes me so sad, I wish I had oodles of free sewing time!!

  9. I hate getting ready to start on a pattern I'm really excited about only to realize I bought the wrong size!

    I did that this weekend and on top of that I was sick so it was really no fun!

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  10. I hate it when I lose a seam ripper. How can I lose it in a one bedroom apartment?
    I hate it when I come home with a bunch of new patterns from a 99 cents sale and realized that I bought duplicates.
    Oh, and I've had my serger for 20 years and have never changed the blades, is that wrong? lol

  11. I hate it when I am in the middle of a project and I run out of thread. Usually it is 10 pm and I can't get more thread. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Oh I hope you feel better soon!

    I hate it when I get so many interruptions during the day that I can't finish tasks that need to get done!

    I hate getting a call back for a test when I absolutely have no time for it, but I have to go.

    I hate it when I have all pattern pieces accounted for, then one inexplicably goes missing. It's usually a facing, and it invariably turns up right after I've spent hours tearing my sewing room apart, thrown up my arms and drafted a new piece.

  13. Having to unpick seams is my biggest pet peeve. Having to redo anything runs a close second.

    Get well soon!

  14. Not having enough time to sew..Feel better soon!

  15. I hope you feel better fast!

    I hate when the iron turns itself off. And I really hate when the pattern piece disappears into thin air. For me it is ALWAYS the sleeve. ALWAYS. No idea. Just gone.

    Oh, and OT I hate driving home at night tired and realizing I need gas. :) K

  16. Feel better soon. But, really, what good is taking off from work and you can't even sew!

  17. Feel better!!!
    I hate it when I have about 40 yards of new fabric and NO sewing mojo lol.

  18. Yes, get better very soon. The 'walking scissors' thing is a major frustration of mine, as is the 'who used my best dressmaker's shears to cut plastic milk jugs (or paper, or carpeting, or cardboard or goodness knows what other totally inappropriate item which basically makes the shears unusable until I can get them professionally sharpened again) - when I have filled every available junk drawer, pencil can and craft area with regular 'it's ok if they get ruined' scissors. I mean, someone has to go out of their way to look for my nice shears. And then ruin them. Sheesh.

  19. Get well soon Carolyn! Good time to do that sew planning.

    I hate it when:

    * the thread has pulled out of my sewing machine needle, and
    * I can't see as well to re-thread and sew because the frames of both pairs of my prescription reading glasses broke in exactly the same place and I'm wearing these funky reading glasses with tiny lenses (and they are out of warranty)

  20. I hate it when I sew too long -- way past when I should stop because I'm tired and start making silly mistakes. I always say I will never do it again, but.....

  21. Feel better!

    I hate it when the thing I've just put down - shears, seam ripper, whatever - has disappeared and there's no feline involvement.

    I hate it when I run out of bobbin thread and don't notice it until the end of the seam.

    I hate it when one sleeve eases in perfectly and I have to rip the other one out three times and it's never as good as the first one.

    That was too easy. I could go on, but you're sick.

  22. What everyone else said, plus...I hate it when I knock my box of pins off my sewing machine cabinet and they scatter all over the floor!

  23. I hate it when all 6 cats think they need to "help" with the cutting.

    I hate it when I cut out a pattern piece facing the wrong way because I was busy moving cats around during pinning.

    I hate it when I have fabric I love, a pattern I love, and wind up with a garment I hate.

    I hate it when I sew a perfect seam, press it perfectly, then discover that I stitched the wrong pieces together.

    I hate it when I produce something so craptastic that even my very supportive husband can't think of anything good to say about it.

    And this, my friends, is why I mostly knit these days. ;-)

    Feel better soon!

  24. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Get better soon!
    I hate it when I lay out a pattern 3X before I finally find a piece of fabric that actually is big enough

    I hate it when I spend a lot of time to make a muslin, and then there is no way to make it work for me

    I hate it when I really want to sew but have to do too many other things instead!

  25. I hate it when I have just changed the blade on my rotary cutter and I have enjoyed the blissful, clean first cut and then run over a pin. My blades get knicked far quicker than they get dull.
    Sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  26. Hope you feel better soon.

    I hate it when:
    ...I'm in the zone and have to stop sewing to go do something else
    ...someone comes in and touches anything or leaves something in my sewing room
    ...I'm too tired or stressed to sew
    ...a garment doesn't turn out the way I expected
    ...when I search the stash and the fabric that I need is not there.
    ...my computer crashes and I didn't back it up first

    Thank God that life is took short to be ticked off all the time.

  27. I get frustrated when I have to rip out seams or when the pattern instruction sheet isn't very clear.

  28. I hate it when I can't find my feet. I have my buttonhole foot and my edge stitch foot missing right now and it's driving me batty! They've got to be somewhere, right? Bernina feet are so expensive and I don't want to have to replace them. But these are very important feet.

  29. I hate it when I think of something clever to say after the opportunity to say it is over. Like, I could have said something about my feet walking away. OK, well I did crack myself up with that one.

  30. I hate it when you get to the last seam of a garment and run out of thread (and don't have anymore in even close to the right colour)

  31. Sorry you're sick. Hope you feel better soon. At least you can still think sewing and read blogs. I hate having to sew crappy costumes to fit my daughter the night before full dress rehearsal....@!#$

  32. Hrmz. (that was a frustrated sound ;-)) I hate it when I realize that the buttons I bought for the coat I am going to make are already used for my daughter's coat. How did that happen? And why? Now I have to look for new buttons and I really don't want that. I just want to stay in and sew a little :-)

    Get well soon. I love to follow your blog!

  33. I hate it when all day at work I dream of going home to work on my sewing project and then when I get home I am too tried from work to sew!

    I hate it when I know that size crochet hook is in my house but I just can't find it!

    I hate that I am truly scared of my serger! (LOL)

  34. I hate it when I have been trying to finish a simple knit top for a month and can't find the time and when I have the time I don't feel like doing it.

    I hate it when I try 3 different cuts of fabric to fit one pattern and then I give up and pick a different pattern.

    I hate it when I loose a facing piece, so I draft it only to find it later.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  35. I can think of lots of things that frustrate me but I think one of the most depressing is when I have spent quite a bit of time carefully making fitting alterations to a pattern, then I make up a muslin and it doesn't fit right and looks horrible! So what I really hate is that I'm not a 'standard size' - wouldn't it be great to be able to just make a pattern up straight out of the envelope?

  36. My biggest is being ready to sew in my head, because 4 kids, husband, dogs, house etc, get in the way. I also hate that football season is over, I loved home games for that reason, send Mike and the oldest to the game, put the other 3 to bed, ignore the house, and sew or cut out, or anything!!!

  37. I had to add one more because it has been frustrating me so much lately.

    I hate threading #9 milliner's needles for bullions. It is miserable trying to get two threads into that hole and takes way too many attempts. I literally have to force them thru. That is the most frustrating part of making bullions.

    Hope the bug leaves you real soon and the mojo comes back!

  38. Carolyn, you hit the right nerve there. I just finished reading all of the comments above and can identify with almost every one in some way. I hope you feel better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the bug passes over my house. Lots a fluids, but you know that. Get well soon.

  39. I hate it when I'm making a sample item for an ASG meeting and make a really stupid mistake (most recently, hammering a snap together wrong side out so it doesn't work). Sometimes I feel like I should announce "I really CAN sew, honest!"

  40. I hate it that every time I am ready to sew, I have to spend time cleaning my sewing area. I should clean-up after each project but I don’t.
    I hate that I spend too much time organizing and re-organizing my sewing room instead of sewing.
    I hate that I spend so much time working on a muslin (pants) because I am looking for perfection instead of accepting the fact the fit is good enough and that it will improve with each pants I sew.
    I hate that I every time I go to my sewing room, unexpected visitors show up at my home or the phone ring constantly.
    I hate it when I have the time to sew and I cannot because I don’t well. Today is one of those days, I am dizzy spells and my blood pressure is high.
    I hate it when I buy patterns that I already have in my collection.
    I hate it that I spend so much time surfing blog world instead of sewing.
    And I could go on forever, but I will end it here.
    I hope you feel better.

  41. Hi Carolyn,

    I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and drink tea and soup. Hopefully you'll be raring to go by the weekend.

    I pretty much agree with everything everyone else said. In addition, I hate:

    When I see a piece of fabric I like, and because I already purchased quite a bit of fabric or have a substantial amount in my cart I opt not to purchase it. Then when I get home I kick myself because I can't stop thinking about it and either waste the gas to drive back to the store and get it, or like this past weekend. I call Kashi from Metro Textiles on the phone, describe it and have him ship it to me since it's a 2 hour drive back to NY.

    I also hate when my thread is low and it gets caught on the spool while the machine is running causing the thread to break.

  42. Sorry you're sick!
    I hate it that I'm too tired in the head during the week to sew by the time I get home and supper has been made/cleaned up. Then on weekends, my stinkin' Iowa work-ethic background says "clean the house, do the laundry, get the groceries, do the yard work first", then I'm tired AND out of time.
    I hate it that mending is the only sewing I've gotten done for a few months now.
    I hate it that I keep buying stuff for still more projects (not just sewing projects either).

    I love reading sewing/needlework blogs, but hate the little voice in the back of my head saying "in the time you just used for that you could have been sewing/stitching/trying to knit/etc".

  43. Whenever I get frustrated, I know it's time to stop sewing. Fortunately, I have a dedicated sewing studio so I can drop it in its tracks and it waits for my return. What I REALLY hate is having to go to the fabric store when I'm in the middle of a project. I need a zipper, elastic, the right color thread, or something that I need to finish the project. AARGH!

  44. My new hate it is when I realize I should have used organza in a garment.

    Feel better!

  45. I hate it when the next project I have planned is more exciting than the one I'm in the middle of.

    I hate it when the family come home early on a Saturday and interrupt my only perky sewing time of the week. And then I sew at night when the light isn't as great and I'm really too tired to be in control of an ordinary sewing machine, let alone one that has two needles and a very sharp blade! Of course I love my family really, I just get to see more of them than I do of my sewing machine....

    I hate it when I have to choose between readomg Couture Sewing Techniques (awesome book!) and knitting a christmas cardie for my daughter. Why isn't there more time? (Of course, there's always time for reading blogs....)

  46. You are clearly working too hard... feel better soon.

    I hate when the thread in the upper looper finishes before the others in the middle of a project.

  47. I hate when I am on a week long business trip and I have a gorgeous pile of fabric waiting to be sewn at home. So frustrating!

    Feel better!

  48. I hate it when I have an idea, and no energy to execute it. I hate it when I put things down and they walk away on me. I swear that scissors and pincushions have feet. I hate it when the sewing machines need a tune up. That's why I have 3 of my own (plus my 3 daughters'). And I hate rethreading the serger. Most of all, I hate being sick. Get well soon.

  49. I hate it when the needles think I'm the pincushion;
    I hate it when I make a stupid mistake in cutting;
    I hate it when my serger keeps having hickups;
    I hate it that my sewingroom is upstairs and I have no central heating there (winter is coming!!);
    But most of the time I love it.
    I hope you get well soon!!

  50. I hate having to rip out anything!

    I also hate it when you have 2" left to sew of a project and the bobbin runs out!

  51. oh no, What came that isn't what you expected? And what is it that you can't use cause it was mismarked?
    And what are you doing getting sick NOW?
    I hate it that I just don't have enough hours in the day and I do have mojo enough for two.

  52. I hate to read that you are ill. You are my inspiration when I hate not wanting to sew because the mojo got up and went. Your garments help me get motivated again.

    I hate it when I buy fabric and it is not at all like I thought it would be because the color on my monitor and the fabric I acquired do not match.

    I hate it when I lose things in my sewing room; I hate it that my sewing room always seems cluttered and there is not much I can do about it, but grin and bear it.

    I really hate it when I buy the same pattern twice!!!!

  53. I also hate to hear that you are sick.

    I hate it when I do something really stupid when sewing like cut right through a button hole into the garment after it is all complete!

    I hate it when my thread jumps off the take up lever, for whatever reason, and makes a mess on the underneath side of my seam.

    I hate it when I sew over a pin or thick seam and break a needle, because i've been careless.

    I hate it when my sewing room gets messy, which it does with every project.

  54. I hate it when I have grand plans for a project (lately involving corduroy), cut it out, interface the pieces, start to sew, and then despise the project! This just happened with a corduroy skirt. I only sewed the center back seam and am already thinking of switching to something else.

    In general, I hate it when one project completely tanks my sewjo.

  55. I hate it when -
    I "squeak" a garment out of a favotite fabric and then when sewing I realize two pieces say "cut 4 of" and there are only slivers of fabric left!

  56. I hate it when they cut the electricity in the middle of delicate sewing/ironing

    I hate it when I just can't find *that* fabric/lining/notion

    I hate it when the !@#$% pattern piece goes MIA

  57. I hated it when my 8 yo DD used my serger whe(n I was working late one evening. I had trained her to use it under my supervision and she got impatient.)

    When I got home, I asked why the light was on in the sewing room and on the serger. She said the sewing machine didn't work (not plugged in), so she used the serger. But then it made a big sound and stopped working.

  58. Hope your feel better.

    I hate it when I start a SWAP or mini SWAP and the focus pieces does not turn out. This causes me to have to re think the whole plan.

    I also hate it when the sewing mojo is a sleep and nothing can wake it up. Haven't looked at a burda or on PR regularly since Beginning of Oct.

  59. I hate it when I can't find the time to sew. I also hate cutting out!

  60. Hope you're feeling better!

    Amy, I'm with you on the cutting. Hate it! This summer, I actually picked up pre-cut pieces of a skirt, EIGHT sizes too small...thinking I'd rather diet that much than to cut another. Sad.

    I hate it when time seems to disappear in a flash while I'm sewing, but the time in between projects drags on.


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