Friday, August 05, 2011

My mailbag and an alteration

I love mail!  At the end of a workday, I love walking up to my mailbox inserting the key and wondering what will come tumbling out.  Today was a particularly good mail day...

Two new issues of Stitches, the Vogue Fabrics by Mail Swatch Club listing (Transition 2011) and the fabric was waiting by the front door...two more of the trendy rayons from Fabric Mart.

I also received three new patterns from BMV.  McCalls 6329 and Vogue 9771 were purchased because I saw them made up and thought that they could look cool in my wardrobe!

Stitches Magazine:
The two magazines are special dedicated issues - the first one is on Shirts & Blouses and the other is called Stitches Annual.  I know I was complaining about this magazine when it first arrived and truth be told it's still not a really "deep" sewing magazine...but I've learned to enjoy the inspiration it provides.  And when one shows up now, I find that I am a little thrilled to receive it.

Vogue Fabrics by Mail Swatches:
I use to subscribe to this years ago and last week while cruising their site, I decided that I needed to subscribe to it again.  I'm sure that I will regret this before the year is over *LOL* because I know it will feed my fabric addiction...but I am excited to see it!

As for the alterations...

My boss brought this dress to work a couple of weeks ago to ask me if I could alter it.  Ummmm, no!  She was gifted it from someone in her building and it is a designer dress from the 60s.  She took it to her local tailor who definitely got it down from a size 10 to a size 6 but the buttons on the front were toast.

After a trip to Botani Buttons on a Friday afternoon, she picked out these buttons and asked if I would please sew the buttons on...

Here is the dress with the buttons she chose sewn on....

and at the neckline...

I can't believe it but she wore this polyester heavy as heck and made like 'a steel tank" dress in 90 degree farenheit weather...but she did look amazing in it...and it only took about an hour to sew the buttons on.

I will probably work on the pea green linen dress this is the last thing lingering before I start my 6pac sewing.  I'm still working through pattern selections but I'm sure I will pick something out and at the very least cut it out this weekend. always more later!


  1. Now, some people have trouble saying no to sewing requests, but I would have done exactly as you! No to major alterations. You were very nice to sew on the buttons!

    I dare not subscribe to Vogue by Mail. Seriously, too dangerous. Thanks, as always, for your insightful reviews!

    (Oh, my Sawyer Brooks fabrics came this week and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. ;) )

  2. I will be interested to see what you create with the two rayons from Fabric Mart. I just received the same two fabrics. I echo Shams -- it's your "fault." This is my third order from Fabric Mart this summer. :)

    Good decision on how much to help with the garment alteration.

    Keep up the great blog. I'll be reading.

  3. It's like Christmas everyday when there is something in the mail! I got my lovely piece of challis from today!

  4. I'm glad you didn't get stuck with the "real" alterartions!

  5. Yes, you had a very good day at the mailbox! I recently said no to a co-worker's request to alter her wedding dress. But then I turned around and offered to sew something for another co-worker. Reading your post and the comments made me realize I might be getting myself into hot water with co-worker#1!

  6. If that's a dress your boss wears, then not everyone in your office is wearing black, ultra-conservative clothes. ;-)

    Have fun with your great mail haul!

  7. Carolyn - After your post the other day, I hit the Fabric Mart sale website for the first time. Boy did I score - did two orders so far - and bought the same fabrics you did. They're terrific - and get beautifully soft and drapey after preshrinking. I'm working on my third order. Love your blog and thanks so much for the tip.


  8. Hard to say no to your boss, no? Are you friends in real life? If not, it seems horribly boundary-crossing to ask you to do alternations/sew buttons - isn't that what the dry cleaner is for? (I know my HR department would be having serious words with me if I ever asked someone who reports to me to do a personal errand for me.)

  9. I love those rayons. I ordered one and it is very nice. I've been trying to be good, but it's so hard!

  10. I have been a long term subscriber to Stitches (am an Aussie) but have decided to not renew my subscription as I am not getting much out of it. There is much better, more up to date sewing information on the web and I find blogs, such as yours more enjoyable and informative.

  11. Congratulations! Your mailbox is great!And your ideas are better than the box :)

  12. Got to love the mailman, UPS and Fed Ex guys/gals who deliver such great stuff!

  13. Hi Carolyn,
    I see your last two fabrics from Fabric Mart look just like mine. I ordered some because in the post you mentioned we'd be missing out if we let the sale go by. So yes, it's your fault, hahahaha
    But your 6pac choices are nice. I look forward to seeing it.


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