Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You choose...

I was going to write this witty commentary about these two fabric sales...but I decided to let the pictures do the talking...

First this from

Tiered Coupon

Now this from Fabric Mart: tell me which one is the better bang for your buck!

If you are still unconvinced, you know all those discounts on the front of FM's first page...well they still apply.   And the pyramid discounts are applied on top of the first ones...ummm, I can only think the sale from the other online spot benefits people outside the United States because the first retailer does ship internationally...but if you are in the U.S. and Canada...all I gotta say is on over before the good stuff is gone! *LOL*


In personal sewing news, I've pulled all but two pieces of fabric from the closet for the sewcation...I know it's in there I've just got to find it!!!   I'm headed to the garment district tomorrow afternoon for notions and trims ONLY.  I'm not even hitting up a fabric store because ~ hey I have my own personal store right here at home!  *LOL*

There will be more updates from the sewing front soon!


  1. THanks for the tips - and good luck on your sewcation!! I'm halfway thru one of my own! I can't wait to see what you are making and excited that you are using up your stash - unbelievable - what a feeling!

  2. Yup fabricmart is more bang for your buck! 17 yards of fabric was about $1.78 a yard including shipping!

  3. Sigh, fabric mart does not ship outside the USA. I suppose this does save me a lot of money though!

  4. Yay FM! Red wool coating, here I come!

  5. Oh Lordie you are like a crack dealer! Drawing me in to evaluate which sale is better? What do you think I am stupid? Of course I am not going to search those sites to see which one has fabrics I need. And excuses to buy fabric? Just because I am sewing for others doesn't mean I need to increase the inventory so I can be like Carolyn who has her own fabric store at home.
    Good grief woman. Enjoy your sewcation. My life has me hopping these days and I will be lucky if I can clear the junk on the cutting table.

  6. Good Luck with your shopping trip! Yup... I tell my girls to come "shop" at my house b/4 they go to the local fabric store... my prices are better too!

  7. It is so so tempting... but I have too much fabric now that I'm determined to use. I have a stash of knits and rayon and berber and fleece... I have a plan I have plan I have a plan.. Well maybe if I just look

  8. Well Robin, Carolyn the crack dealer drew ME in, especially after I peeked at FM and saw all the brown ITY knits. Surely, one of the 4 solids I ordered will match prints I already have. And the shirtings? Well, they just hopped in the cart too.

    Ironic word verification? dedly (really!)

  9. I got both those emails, too, and am browsing fabric mart. I need retail therapy this week.

  10. Sigh. Such temptation! I'm trying not to add to my stash (which isn't that large, but is overwhelming to me right now). It sure would be fun to get a box of fabric in the mail though.

  11. I dipped into the fabric pool too. One fabric that I picked up was a hot pink linen/rayon from Julie's picks. Then, watching GMA this morning, Gerri Willis from the Willis Report was wearing a pink dress that resembled Vogue 1183. There is a video of her wearing the dress in the following video about buying bargain homes:

  12. Our mutual friend GMarie pointed out that you've made several versions of Vogue 1250. She's sending me that pattern, and I was wondering if you think a Lycra blend with a little bit of shine would work for that dress? I have a beautiful abstract washed out blue floral I think would be really pretty in that dress.

    marjie mcdonald gmail com

    Thank you for your help and inspiration.

  13. Thanks so much for the link to the Fabric Mart sale. I need more fabric like I need a hole in my head but I'm happy to say, I'm now a Premire Member at Fabric Mart! I wonder what my husband will say when the package gets here LOL!


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