Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Six Pack Wardrobe Plan

After much deliberation...okay not that much...but there was definitely some thought in this...I Have A Plan!

To recap - this is what I've decided to sew:

  • Three toppers ~ 2 jackets and a cardigan
  • Two dresses
  • Three bottoms ~ The Rachel Skirt, a straight skirt and a pair of pants
  • One top

Since I can add *LOL* I realize that I have more than six pieces listed but I pulled this fabric combo:

...and I needed a few more colors to make it work!  So it's a 6pak plus 3 wardrobe!

Here is a look at the patterns I want to use:

(pictures of me in garments made in 2008
the inspiration for the pantsuit in this collection)

Patterns from top to bottom:
Butterick 5618 -  the tank dress from the rayon batik fabric
Vogue 9358 - sleeveless, collarless dress from the white printed linen
Vogue 1247 - The Rachel Skirt in red linen
New Look 6788 - The u-neckline jacket in sand linen
Vogue 8209 - collarless jacket in red linen

The other four pieces will be made from my TNT patterns
TNT pants pattern - sand linen
TNT straight skirt pattern - honey linen
SW Mission Tank (?) - rayon batik fabric
Burda Cardigan - crinkled rose knit

All but one of the patterns I've chosen have been used before...several many times before...some only once.  Personally, I think this is what makes wardrobe sewing easy to do and complete.  If you are worried about fitting issues it seems to take some of the joy away from creating the wardrobe IMHO.

Now that my fabrics have been prewashed and ironed...and that was A-L-O-T of steam and pressing...the patterns have been chosen...I think I will be ready to start next weekend!

...as always, more later!


  1. Wardrobe planning is fun but certainly a task!

  2. THe plan is great! What is the estimated time for realization of the plan? I make plans some times - and never set time limits - and, as a result - no wardrobe, no fabric and nothing to wear! I will be your follower, if you don't mind

  3. WOW - I am totally in AWE that you are actually able to make a plan and stick to it!

    I continually swear to myself: My next piece will be something for myself. But then I bump into all kinds of fitting issues and gravitate to something easier, like a pair of linen pants og some tshirts for my husband, og dresses for my daughter or.. or.. or...

    You are SO my role model, to able to sew for myself something that actually fits, and comes together quickly....

  4. I will probably end up with more then a 6pac also Carolyn, I like your choices and I know everything will look so nice on you.

  5. I will also end up with more than a 6-pack! Plus I have quite a few pieces I've already sewn that will work with the 6-pack. This will be fun!

  6. Great plan - I love the fabrics - these pieces are going to really work well together!

  7. Very pretty -- I have some dark teal linen I wanted to use to make a "big shirt" kind of jacket and simple skirt but I was thinking linen was a little too summery... you reminded me that Jersey won't be that cold for a while and I can still wear some linen! :)

  8. I am always impressed with your Sewing With A Plan... I make plans but rarely stick to them. This capsule looks like it's going to be easy to wear.

  9. I'm not at this level of wardrobe planning yet. I'm still at the haphazard 'now how do I sew a zipper again'? stage, but next year I hope to sew most of what I really like wearing.

  10. Great plan and I like the fabrics chosen. These pieces will make a good base that can be added to in the future. I wish I was as organised as you.

  11. the fabrics are beautiful!

  12. I just stumbled on your blog after learning about the sewing six pack. I love the idea! You look so great, and wear clothes well--I wanna be like you! Now, if I can only overcome my perfectionist tendencies long enough to come up with a workable plan :D

  13. You count like I do. A little more or less - than 6 - who cares? Your plan is inspiring and I love the colors.
    Beth from Philly


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