Monday, May 14, 2012

The 10 Yard Adventure Wardrobe - Pt. 1

My latest sewing adventure started with a purchase of 10 yards of ivory polyester crepe from Fabric Mart.  I've got wardrobe basics for summer in black, gray, brown and navy so this season I wanted some ivory ones.  That's how I started the 10 yard adventure...the fabric was exactly what I was looking for to make these basics.

My wardrobe basics usually consist of a dress, a pair of pants, a skirt and a jacket or cardigan. Since I bought 10 yards of this fabric for a very good price, these are the garments that I want to make:
  • A shift dress from my TNT pattern
  • A wide legged pair of pants
  • A flare lined skirt
  • A short unlined collarless jacket from Butterick 6002
  • A cardigan jacket from Burda 8869 out-of-print pattern

I've finished the flared skirt and one of the jackets and I've got a great idea for my TNT dress.  These pieces will be the centerpiece for all of my work sewing for the rest of the spring/summer makes.  Because EVERYTHING I sew this summer will go with the ivory color.  There are also a few silk tops that I want to make from some J.Crew fabrics I purchased from Fabric Mart last year, to add a burst of color and pattern to the wardrobe.  

Then of course I have a few dress ideas, when don't I? *LOL*  Seriously, this year's dress ideas are fabric based...either because the fabric is special or because it can be manipulated to make a wow dress.  Even though I've purchased quite a few of the new spring/summer patterns from the Big 4, most of them will be used for my vacation wardrobe rather than my work one. My spring/summer dresses will be made from my TNT dress pattern and a few from new patterns.

So let's start with the first completed garment from the series, the lined flare skirt. I made this skirt at the end of last month but just got a photographer to get some pics of me wearing it.

Some statistics:

TNT flare skirt pattern

1" non roll elastic 
rayon bemberg lining
1" polyester lace
rayon seam binding

A few photos of me wearing it with a RTW twinset because this is the first of the wardrobe pieces completed...

Lilac Twinset from The Avenue
Pearl Necklace from a gift shop
AK Ann Klein slingbacks

The next completed piece is the first jacket of the more on that later!  And Schmoomon, thanks for the kind comment about my face and weight but really I think the fat is just migrating south!  *LOL* always, more later!


  1. Love the blue with the ivory color.
    Also the shape of the skirt. I have a similar hip shape like you. And I did not think that, that kind of skirt would look so good on us.

    One suggestion; could you put your camera lower? That angle right now is to high. It does not show you in your clothes right.
    (english is not my lang. I hope you know what I mean)
    I learn so much from your blog. Thank you so much.

  2. Very nice skirt! It looks like it will go with a lot of different tops - I look forward to the rest of your summer ivory wardrobe.

  3. That's a neat idea. Have the same pieces in the same basic colors. I'm looking forward to seeing the other pieces.


  5. I love the skirt and the fabric. Please let us know about the comfort level of your ivory fabric. It surely is beautiful. Also love your sweater set, it looks like cashmere.

  6. Great look. I think I might have to break down and buy a couple of twin sets! TFS

  7. Great piece to start with, looks like you could wear it with anything. I love the flare on this pattern of yours. I've been experimenting with different skirt shapes and found that I definitely prefer the flared skirt to the straight.

  8. Ivory is such a pretty color. I love, love the blue twinset and the necklace take the ensemble up a notch.

  9. So cute. You look great in that lilac.

  10. Very pretty and the skirt looks comfortable too.

  11. Ooooooo, I like this skirt on you a lot! Very flattering and with that lilac...outstanding! Too funny regarding your "migrating south" response! I can definitely relate to that! Can't wait to see the rest of you collection! Good Luck!

  12. Great idea to get this basics made. You will wear them and wear them. Love the skirt and have been thinking of branching out from my usual straight skirts for a while now, thanks for the inspiration.

  13. These are lovely colours. The ivory colour will be a great asset to your wardrobe.

  14. Ivory is a wonderful center piece for a spring/summer wardrobe. It will be easy to mix and match with pieces already in your wardrobe.

    The skirt is a great staple and look very flatter on you.

  15. Great choice for summer. The skirt has a lovely swing to it.

  16. Is the butterick 6002 out of print?

  17. I can't remember seeing you in this colour before. It looks terrific on you! I wish I was brave enough to wear ivory - I would spill something on it in a heartbeat. I'm sure the rest of this collection will be amazing as well.

  18. LOL-well I'm glad at least that it came across in the good spirit in which it was intended! I too feel some of mine has migrated, my behind seems to have moved to the backs of my thighs!


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