Monday, May 07, 2012

Another one off the list...

Saturday, I finally got the chance to visit Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL.  Long has visiting Vogue Fabrics been on my Fabric Store Tour list...and even though I've been to Chicago several times for work, I'd never had time to get to Evanston.  I'd been to the Vogue Fabrics store downtown.  I'd even been to Fishman's but the ability to visit Vogue Fabrics Evanston eluded me on both occasions.

So Saturday, May 5th is a red letter day for me...because another one came off the list...and I have photographic proof:

We came in the back way

The trims and pattern area

The main room - the main one I shopped in!

Loved this display!
The vase is felted.

My haul is only 9 pieces and it consists of a little silk, 
a little linen, a little boucle and some rayons.

My guides were Cennetta, who authors the blog, The Mahogany Stylist, and Patti F., who is the President-Elect of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago.


Patti F.

My box of fabric goodies will be winging it's way to me later this week and I can't wait to get them!  Not only was Vogue Fabrics a fabulous experience but having Cennetta and Patti along made it even more so.  I even met Pearl who travels to the expos and had cut some fabric for me from the Vogue Fabric booth at the Worcester Expo several years ago.

I was in town for the Haute Couture Fashion Show which I will post about later.  I just got home and I'm tired. Flying into and out of O'Hare this weekend was a trip itself and reinforced why I hate to fly.  Late flights, rude passengers and hours wasted waiting in airports is not my idea of how to vacation.  Thank goodness I flew JetBlue with Even More Legroom and faster security checks since some carriers at O'Hare were still trying to get people out from last night's thunderstorms today... always, more later!


  1. I'm jealous of anyone and everyone who gets to take fabric shopping vacations! Even with the travel hassles your trip looked like fun. My fabric shopping time while traveling is always reduced to a ridiculously short period of time where I rush through the store purchasing fabric off the cuff.
    I know you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing more details of your haul later on. You always get such pretty stuff!

  3. That store looks fabulous! And your fabric selection looks amazing as well...

    Fabric shopping has become one of my new "must do" things while traveling. The best vacation fabric spot I have been to so far is Yoder's in Shipshewana, Indiana. A bit off the beaten path (in the middle of Amish country), but such lovely selection of wool, silk, cotton, and other fibers. Not inexpensive, but not overpriced either. San Francisco is my other favorite fabric vacation spot.

    Do you have a blog post somewhere of your vacation fabric spots (places you have been or want to go to)? I would love to see your list and perhaps inspire the creation of a list of my own.

  4. I'm so drooling. Vogue Fabrics Evanston is on my bucket list, too. You got a nice haul! It had to be fun to hang out with those lovely sewing ladies, too.

  5. How exciting. Glad you had a great time!

  6. Yay. You got there and had a great time fabric shopping too.

  7. Fun! I'm planning to visit Vogue in June when I'm in Chicago, so it's good to see what to expect!

  8. It was so much fun to have you here for the weekend! You got some beautiful fabrics, Carolyn, and I can't wait to see what they become!

  9. What a wonderful weekend!!! It was so great to see you and meet your mom. The big question is - how did you get Patti to let you take her picture!??

  10. Hello there, my favorite enabler. Wink, wink. It was a great time, and I was so glad to finally meet you in person. We must do it again.

    Last night I looked at my haul and felt good about it. Lauren (DD) decided she wanted a dress out of the yellow, lime, black and white fabric. So you know what that means; I have to go back to Vogue to get more yardage for my dress. Tee Hee.

  11. Sounds like a great time had by all and looking forward to your post on the fashion show.

  12. Ann, she snapped the picture and said, "No, I won't post it online" I looked at it and decided it was an okay shot of an old lady!

    Cennetta--if you're coming up to Vogue/Evanston let me know if you have time to meet.

  13. I loved Vogue when we went there for PR Weekend! It was on my bucket list, too. I've been to G-Street, Mood and Vogue. Now, all I have to do is get to Britex in San Francisco and I will be in Fabric Store Heaven.

  14. Not Cennetta of the awesome Palmer Pletsch stripy jacket fame?

  15. Thanks for sharing. What Fun! Can't wait to see what you sew up.

  16. How wonderful for you. So glad you enjoyed yourself! Cencetta is wonderful. I'm a regular visitor to her blog.

  17. This looks like such a great time! I am so envious! I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to "meet up" with a fellow blogger too!

  18. I was in the Vogue fabric store in downtown Chicago. It was great! I want to go back so congrats on your trip. The store is like being in a candy shop with all these delicious flavors, isn't it?!

  19. I am jealous of anyone who has more than a JoAnn's to shop from for fabric!

    I do have a question. Have you ever been tempted to use the wrong side of a fabric as the right side? I have two fabrics that I like the wrong side better than the right side. Is there anything I need to think about when sewing the wrong side out?

    Thanks for the help.

  20. Wow, thanks for taking photos and sharing. Like you, I have been to Chicago for business but never ever made it to Evanston or any fabric store in the Chicago area.


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