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Top 10 Things for Fall 2012

I took several of the September issues with me on vacation. I knew I would have a lot of downtime and I could take my time and read through them slowly.  One of the magazines I took (besides the Vogue & InStyle) was the People Style Watch September 2012 issue.

Besides the fact that it had a lot of pictures, and I love the pretty pictures, this magazine had one of the best Top 10 Fall Must Have Lists...well actually Top 15.  

So I'm sharing the list with you...

Number One:
The color hunter green ~ This rich color makes a statement on clothing, shoes and bags!  Pair it with bold hues like purple and royal blue for an eye-catching look or neutrals for a more subtle take.
I love this color and plan to purchase some fabric (yes, I know you would think I would have some in my collection, but I don't!) greens yes but not a solid hunter or emerald green.

Number Two:
Ankle Strap heels ~ Updated with pointy toes, this leg-lengthening style is having a major moment! Skinny straps are easiest to pull off - wider ones feel edgier.
This one will not go on my list since ankle strap heels aren't flattering on me.

Number Three:
Military Details ~ Embossed buttons, epaulets and sharp tailoring are everywhere! Look or them in muted colors on classic sheaths, little jackets, skinnies and more
This one is definitely on my list.  I already have plans to make a jacket and adding a dress with some military details is high on my list also.

Number Four:
Trumpet Hems ~ The flouncy shape is a fun twist on spring's peplum trend!  On dresses and skirts in classic or standout styles, it's feminine and figure-flattering.
I may add a version of this to my wardrobe. The skirts pictured in the article remind me of Simplicity 5914. I've made this skirt 2 or 3 times and actually had plans to make another this fall.

Number Five:
Dome Bags ~ Rounded top-handle carryalls are sophisticated and functional! Suede, leather and other luxe textures add a special feel
I'm really into the hobo bag and structured bags this fall so I won't be adding one of these to my wardrobe.

Number Six:
Brocade ~ This ornate fabric is perfect for dressing up, but on more casual pieces or paired with jeans and flats, it's chic and unexpected.
Definitely want to add a brocade piece to my wardrobe this fall/winter...just have to figure out which one.

Number Seven:
Jeweled Necklaces ~ These dramatic styles punch up any outfit, day or night! Go for understated neutral stones or vibrant colored gems
I have a few statement necklaces like this already, just need to pull them out and wear them!

Number Eight:
Shift Dresses ~ In graphic patterns, bright colors and more, this loose silhouette is both stylish and easy to wear! For maximum flattery, choose above-the-knee styles and pair with heels.
I definitely have plans to make one or more of these! I even have my pattern and fabric picked out. Now I just have to make time to get to it! *smile*

Number Nine:
Voluminous Coats ~ The roomy look is so fashion forward! Wear these trendy styles anytime - opt for fitted clothes t create a cool contrast.
I already own a voluminous coat...bought last season and it wore so well last winter. My coat will definitely be in the rotation this year!

Number Ten:
Patent Leather ~ On clothing or accessories, this texture is striking - real or faux! Try just a hint on pumps or a shirt collar, or go all out in a head-turning piece of clothing.
I love patent leather shoes!  Love, love, love them! These are a staple in my shoe collection, and the shoe pictured below is joining the collection soon!

...and the additional five are Gold pieces, Faux Fur, Paisley printed garments, loafer pumps and animal motifs.

The descriptions in italic type are straight from the People Style Watch article and I would highly recommend that you pick one up. So, how about you? Which one of the trends will you be adding to your fall/winter wardrobe? Some, all, or none at all? Do the trends even matter to you? Talk back to me because this is the Question of the Day!


  1. I always love your trend posts! I don't usually follow the trends in the magazines, but I always enjoy seeing how other sewing bloggers incorporate them into the wardrobe and sewing plans.

    I would love to sew a military-inspired coat, but I don't know if I will have the time this year (so many other sewing plans...). I do have brocade and animal print coats I made previously, so I expect they will be seeing a bit more use this year. Not so sure about all the other trends - I will have to see what all I have time to sew!

  2. I never fancy myself a trendy girl, but I do like some of these (which could be said to be reruns of earlier years but I guess everything old is new again, right?).

    Anyway, I love the ankle straps (find it odd they are calling these leg lengthening), the voluminous coat (not that I find them particularly flattering, but I love the coziness), and perhaps a bit of brocade... in hunter green, lol!

  3. thanks for this post - I have been thinking about a voluminous coat for winter and I have the perfect vintage pattern for it!

  4. I usually don't care about trends, but I'm glad ankle strap shoes are coming back!

  5. You look great in green, it really suits you. I'm a sucker for patent leather, too. I think it stems from childhood when I had a favourite pair of black patent leather party shoes with beads on the vamp. I felt so grown up in those shoes! As always, I look forward to seeing what the new season inspires you to make.

  6. I think I am using the "big volume coat" for my attempt at being a trendsetter. I already have the pattern. A muslin will happen for sure as I don't want this thing to swallow up all of my five feet!

  7. I'm not a trendy person - far from it! Having said that, here's what I like from your list.

    I like the hunter green / emerald green - very striking on me. I think I have some raw silk fabric in a nice green with black undertones in my stash.

    I like the brocade as well - have a purple/black brocade fabric (I think it has paisley motif on it, have to double check) in cotton.

    I bought both of these fabrics to make Indian style tunics. They are still in flat fabric stage. So, the moral of the story is, even though I'm not trendy, apaprently my fabrics are. :o

  8. I've been following your -fabulous Darling!!- blog for some time. I sooo appreciate your insight to fashion as it helps me decide what to sew. It can take me for ever to pick out patterns, fabric, etc-so your blog is great! Thanks so much!

  9. Hmmm - ankle straps (skinny for me), patent leather, love the bag shape, working on a sheath dress, the trumpet skirt shape and paisley! g

  10. I so appreciate how you scope everything out, condense and report to all of us! I also like how you don't embrace what doesn't work for you. I remember telling my daughters, "just because it's in the stores, doesn't mean we should wear it."

    Thanks for all the inspiration

  11. Love the voluminous coat, so warm and cuddly. Like statement jewelry, I make my own and it can get a little involved. Hunter green is a nice color but not on me.

    The bag is a definite yes; already have several in that general shape (I'm a bag junkie). I like a little structure in a bag, and it has to be big enough to hold a notebook/tablet and all my other necessities :) Yes to the trumpet skirt; have two already.

    No to the ankle straps, not flattering and not my very casual style; I greatly dislike patent leather, so no there; brocade, not for my life style; I dislike the quasi-military look--military looks great on actual soldiers/servicemen /women but not civilians I think.

    As always, I love your blog and miss it when you are absent.

  12. I love autumn fashion too, it's my favourite time of year. Patent leather looks great, nice that you already have a component of this year's trend! I'm surprised that this year there's no tartan skirt thinkg, but I guess that's odd years and military regalia is even years (seems like that, doesn't it?) ;)

  13. Sept. 2012 InStyle has article on the Missonis at home showing the mountains nearby which surely must be an influence on their zigzag knits. Also another fashion influence may be the movie "Anna Karenina" due out later this fall/winter.


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