Monday, September 03, 2012

Choosing a lining color

I don't know about you but I stash linings.  When the online fabric sites have one of their 20 or 25% off sales, I always throw some bemberg lining into the cart so that the basic colors are continuously stocked in my collection. I consider basic colors to be white, black, brown, red, navy and tan.  I even try to keep some gray stocked too. Excessive, maybe but definitely handy in times of need and one less thing I have to worry about when I get an idea for a dress.

The third dress I made during my sewcation (haven't mentioned it yet here) was from a magenta linen from using Butterick 5147.  I've made this dress twice before...underlined one and didn't line the second one at all.  So choosing to line this dress was something new and presented a different challenge.  I did not have magenta lining on hand and in choosing a lining to go under the dress, I noticed subtle changes in the fashion let's start with the original fabric swatch with no lining fabric underneath it...

Here is a swatch of the fabric with a red lining...

Here is a swatch with a black lining fabric...

Here is the swatch with a white lining fabric...

All swatches were shot in the same lot and basically the same place on the cutting table. That way you can see that the changes mentioned above are subtle.  However, by using a darker lining you darkened the fabric and using a lighter lining left it closer to the original color.  Finally the red made the fashion fabric a little more robust.  So which lining do you think I chose?  Well I'll let you know when I reveal the dress...

...which brings me to today's photo didn't happen.  To be perfectly honest, I just didn't feel like it. I don't even think I will be wearing the finished garments to work this week. But as soon as the photographer is available and I'm up to changing and smiling, I will have photos of the finished pieces, as well as sewing details up on the blog.  And believe me the Erdem is fantastic (if I say so myself!) just hanging on the hanger and the project I'm happiest with this week. always, more later!


  1. I wish I had the space for that! It's a pain to have to wait until you can get the lining before starting a project. I'm liking the fabric with the red lining underneath; looking forward to seeing what you picked.

  2. I stash linings too. Last time I bought some I purchased so much black that sent it still on the roll all the way to Australia. I also buy funky charmeuse to use as lining.

    Love the colour for your dress.

  3. I just wanted to say thankyou for being so generous with your skills, and the amount of information you share on how you go about your craft.
    I hope you are feeling more up to photography soon - I can't wait to see your undoubtedly beautiful version of the Erdem.

  4. Caroline, I want to thank you (belatedly)for a June post in which you turned me on to the Michael Levine fabric website. It's fantastic! Everything you said about the low prices, the ease of shopping and the vast selection was true! You are a great resource for all of us!

  5. Oh such a tease Carolyn. Can't wait to see that dress. And Thank you for the lining tip.

  6. I stash linings as well. I like the red underneath. Looking forward to that Erdem dress.

  7. I love the "I just didn't feel like it" comment! So refreshingly honest! I love that! I have a no apology philosophy, and I just adore it when people know they don't owe you a picture, they just tell it like it is!

  8. Carolyn,

    Maybe it's because I've not done MUCH with linings yet, but I'd never thought much about the color effect of the lining (unless we're talking something really obvious). I learned something from your post and photos. Thanks!!



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