Saturday, September 15, 2012

Next Up ~ A Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Can you imagine I planned this wardrobe in the midst of the hot, hot weather that was here in August on the East Coast?!  The September issues were arriving in mailboxes and Fall 2012 clothing was being touted everywhere, so of course, my thoughts were on cooler temps.  Now that the temperatures are actually lower and more comfortable, I'm really getting excited about sewing this new wardrobe.

First of course, I need to share a little fabric p*rn....

The inspiration sweater knit 

A black/grey wool crepe & the muddy brown 
wool crepe for the bottom basics

a silk multi print purchased during 
my Chicago jaunt 

This wardrobe is a little more comprehensive than the other two wardrobes I've sewn this year and I plan on sewing this into next it will be a true fall/winter wardrobe.  Here are the patterns that I will be using....

Vogue 8208 - OOP

Finally a detailed list of the garments I want to sew:
  1. A cardigan using Burda 8869 from the brown abstract sweater knit
  2. Brown wool crepe Military Jacket from Vogue 8208 - OOP
  3. Brown wool crepe lined TNT pants
  4. Brown wool crepe lined Simplicity 5914 - TNT pattern last sewn 9/09
  5. Brown wool crepe Vogue 8828 dress - short sleeve version
  6. Gray wool crepe Simplicity 2958 jacket - last sewn 3/11
  7. Gray wool crepe lined TNT pants
  8. Gray wool crepe lined Vogue 1247 skirt - last sewn 5/11
  9. Gray wool crepe Vogue 8828 - sleeveless version
  10. Chocolate Ponte Knit Cardigan Butterick 5760
  11. Chocolate Ponte Knit TNT Skirt with a front flap
  12. Silk multi-print Chocolate for Simplicity 2154
  13. Scraps from brown & wool crepe for Vogue 8786 dress
This works out to 2 jackets, 2 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, 2 cardigans, 3 dresses, and a blouse.  The plan allows for the fact that I have loads of twinsets and turtlenecks in my closet so there is no need to make alot of tops.  Also please note, that most of my pieces will be made from actual patterns that you can buy or already own, that way you can make your own versions or sew along with me!

I'm sure that I will make a few different pieces in, around, and between this wardrobe because sewing a few things that catch my fancy means that I don't feel stifled by my list...tho' truly I can't wait to add these new pieces to my closet.  

Now here is my quandary, you know how I like to name my collections...well I just can't think of a name for this one.  So I'm appealing to you my readers ~ to "Name my Collection".  Leave your suggestions below by Monday at noon EST, and I will review them & pick one.  For your trouble, a small gift will be offered.  A new roll of Hug Snug rayon seam tape in brown (well of course!) will be sent to the person whose title I choose!

Okay, get to naming...and as always, more later!


  1. How about "The Autumnal Tones Collection" :) ?

  2. "Brown Isn't Boring" Collection?

    I love the sweater knit. Is that from your stash, or a recent purchase that might still be available somewhere?

  3. The Cool Earth Tones collection.

  4. Carolyn's Chocolate-grey Crayola Collection (4C for short).

    Beautiful fabrics and styles.

  5. I sure do enjoy your site ..I look
    forward every post. I did miss you when you were gone ..;)
    I'm inspired by your creativity, improvisation, persistence,
    skill and the amazing production while working a full-time job!

    Wishing I could fondle that
    gorgeous sweater knit .. it's just

    My collection title idea:

    Sensible Elegance

    I just wonder how and where in the
    world you closet your extensive
    (and fabulous) wardrobe! LOL..

    Sure looking forward to seeing this lovely collection take


  6. Wowee, love that sweater knit! My name would be "The city in winter" collection. The brown/grey tones remind of of city streets in the early morning light in winter.

    Good luck with all the sewing!

  7. Great inspiration fabric. Do I have a name, no.

  8. A brilliant wardrobe list - my admiration increases with every post, and I can't wait to watch it unfold. Maybe I will try to sew along with you as you suggest; I have never made lined pants so will watch closely.
    My suggestion is Manhattan Moods!

  9. Since the fabrics and patterns all suggest some movement, I suggest: Cool Moves

  10. Has to be Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend collection. Love, love, love the sweater knit!

  11. Lovely fabrics and pattern choices.

    Carolyn's Agglomeration
    Carolyn's Collation
    Moon Over Manhattan (reminds me of the skyline at night)

    The "A Woman with a Plan" Collection

  12. Love,love your new fall/winter ideas.. Can't wait to see them made.. The sweater knit fabric is beautiful..But actually I love ALL of your choices..So happy your doing patterns we can buy too.yea.
    Now..what about ?
    1-Chocolate & Gray Cozy Collection
    2- Warm & Toasty Fall Collection

    Can't wait to see what you name fun.
    Happy sewing..

  13. W to the 4th: wise woman's winter wardrobe

  14. I love the fabrics you've chosen. I can't think of a clever name but I am partial to Susan's 'CHocolate is a Girls' Best Friend' suggesstion.

  15. Given that they are all clothes to keep you warm, and that most of them are chocolate...

    Hot Chocolate :)

  16. Warm browns ,exotic prints equals a delicious collection. May I suggest "Cafe Exotique".
    I'm working on that Vogue safari jacket. Great minds...right.

  17. It's the Autumn Sherbet Collection, because I see lemon sherbet, cranberry sherbet and raspberry sherbet in the silk print. It's going to be a beautiful collection.

    And I have that Simplicity 5914, too. I use the tarnation out of it (3 different views), and have even made a couple for my lawyer daughter.

  18. Carolyn's Flirty Fall Wardrobe. You inspire me to get moving with my sewing for Spring/Summer.

  19. Your collection looks like Autumn Delights to me. I really like the tan and brown swirl fabric at the top! Can't wait to see your finished collection.

  20. Carolyn's Flirty Fall Wardrobe. You inspire me to get moving with my sewing for Spring/Summer.

  21. So pretty, the will look amazing on you.

    For a name how about Carolyn's Fall Fantasy Dreams

  22. Oh, I've got that sixties retro Simplicity pattern. I love that one. The color combination you have planned is really pretty!

  23. The Muddy Waters collection. :-)

  24. Caramel swirl chocolate brownies. Mmm, now I'm hungry...

  25. 'Warm Spice Winter'...I want 8828 now- I can't wait to see that one especially. Great plans.

  26. I love your ideas and can't wait to see the finished garments. My choices for collection names are "Brown Sugar" or "The Nameless Collection."

  27. I know you get up early, early to go to work. How about "Chocolates at Dawn"?

  28. Muddy River Blues came to my mind looking at that collection of fabric.
    Great choices.

  29. Classy Chic by Carolyn

    Can't wait to view.

  30. "Warm Earth Pallette"
    I like the military jacket in brown, I did something similar to wear with a black dress and gold jewelry.

  31. I cant help but think "New York State of Mind" when I see the patterns and fabrics. I always imagined that I would step out of the airport in New York on a perfect fall day. And this collection reminds me of that dream.

  32. Looks like some fabulous pieces for fall/winter. How about "Chocolate Truffles"?

  33. How about "The Brown Snug Hug Collection"?


  34. It reminds me of my favorite Autumn drink at Starbucks: Cinnamon Dolce Latte or the year round favorite: Mexi-Mocha. Your fabric stash is amazing!

  35. Your fabric stash is comforting! It's well organized and smaller than mine! Isn't that terrible? I've been having horrid thoughts about my stash lately, and seeing yours all nicely organized was just encouraging - thought I'd let you know! I love your sewing plans for the fall. I really need to think about SWAP, because sewing as inspiration hits me is not getting me very far. I love the names that others have suggested, and will leave you to choose. But if it were left to me, I'd choose something along the lines of a hot drink!

  36. "Classical Elements"


    I love this palette! and the color combo in the silk is to die for!


  37. Gosh, you have a lot to choose from.
    I was thinking the grays/browns are like stones. The piece with some colors are gems or quartz crystals.
    My suggested name would be
    "Gems and Granite Collection"

  38. Delurking to say, "Chocolate and Smoke".

    Thanks for your continual inspiration; Today you make me want to plan a SWAP of my own, rather than just sewing the hodgepodge of garments I manage to do each season.
    Either that, or organize my fabric collection.



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