Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Fabric Purchase of Twenty Twelve

Mixed in with all of the Christmas presents I've ordered online this last week, (can we just say that Amazon is my friend for life! *LOL*) was a box of deliciousness from Mood.  My last fabric purchase of Twenty Twelve was precipitated by this email, I received earlier this week:

Of course I clicked onto both of the fabrics, but it was the Marc Jacobs one that really caught my eye.  See I've been wanting a red power suit - jacket & dress for the fall/winter season and the texture of this fabric really excited me.  Y'know I can't just go for the norm, no I've gotta have something a little extra! *LOL*

Anyway, the fabric was 50% off for one day. Late and I mean late, about 11:00 pm EST Wednesday evening, I bought five yards of the fabric and a coordinating rayon bemberg lining, that arrived today!  Can you say fantastic customer service! That kind of cutting and shipping warms my instant gratification soul.

The red is a light/mid-weight pucker silk/wool blend.  It is a little softer than I thought but it will work well for the pieces I want to make. So there you have last fabric purchase of Twenty Twelve...

...but can I just take this moment to encourage you to one, get on the Mood mailing list so that these amazing deals will fall into your email box and two, don't hesitate to add these awesome fabrics to your cart and push the buy button.  As Evelyn testified, "I received my order from MOOD Fabrics yesterday. I ordered the yummy wool you posted a pic of in this post and a light gray knit to compliment for a pair of pants. The fabric is STUNNING!" The post Evelyn is referring to is, "Shades of Gray Cardigan" and as you can see she was thrilled with her purchase.

Even though this is a great fabric, it won't be included on my Winter Sewcation Sewing List...which has been composed by the way.  I have other goodies and ideas that I can't wait to work on instead.  This will probably show up either late January or early February.  Wouldn't this be stunning for Valentine's Day?! always more later!


  1. Ooh, a red suit will be perfect for Valentine's Day! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Dear Carolyn - I am fascinated to follow your ideas for altering your basic blocks to follow designer ideas - my goal is to do the same myself ! And these fabrics are luscious :D I've nominated you for the 'very inspiring blogger' award. If you're interested, please see :

    Best Wishes of the season

  3. Kicking myself that I wasn't on Mood's email list and therefore aware of the one-day sale, but then again with Christmas expenses, probably a good thing. However, I have now rectified the situation and signed up. Thanks for the (kick) reminder. And Merry Christmas/New Year sewing.

  4. How am I not already on their mailing list? I stalk their site constantly! Great fabric find!

  5. You are an inspiration as always! That fabric is beautiful! I can't wait to see your power suit.

    I love your blog, Carolyn, and feel as if I know you! Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy yourself in the sewing cave!!

  6. I'm jealous! I opened this mail too late and missed out! Perfect Valentine's Day fabric!

  7. Wow! I really should get on their email list. Lovely fabric and to get it for 50% off makes me green with envy...Happy Sewcation. PS Yes this would be a great Valentines Day outfit.

  8. You are so right. It will be perfect for Valentines Day.That was smart shopping.

  9. I agree, beautiful Valentines Day fabric! and it is truly gorgeous too! Can't wait to see your completed project! Merry Christmas!


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