Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Update...

This is a picture of my sewing table...

The flannel fabric has been piled upon it and the patterns for pajama making have been pulled out.  That is what I'll be working on for the rest of today.  I am making three pairs of pajama bottoms for the boys and two nightgowns for the girls.  The boys will get Hanes t-shirts to go with the pajama bottoms and I'll be done.

I haven't decided if I'm making any gifts for my co-workers this year.  I think not.  I think I'm only going to concentrate on the kids.  So that's today.  I still haven't sewn a thing for my grandbaby.  However, I do have three days next weekend and since almost all of my other Christmas Shopping will be done by Friday, I think I will enjoy taking my time next weekend to finish off her pieces.

Anyway that's my plan.  Sewing for myself will resume when I head out of work on Friday, December 28th. I don't go back to work until Monday, January 7th and my only plans for my days off besides church on New Year's Eve are to sew!  And sew alot! *LOL*  

I have one more Mood garment that will show up later this week and of course, the year end round-up post.  I haven't been thinking much about sewing this week, it's been so crazy at work with year-end stuff and the annual Christmas Party so I feel a little discombobulated.  Hopefully I can shake off this otherworldy stuff and get back to what really matters - sewing.

Of course, I will share update photos of the finished pjs because this is auto thought involved, just put the pattern down on the fabric, cut out and sew up...but the pieces will be appreciated so off to sew I go! always, more later!


  1. I know exactly how you feel - hope you have a good Christmas.

  2. I'm with you on the PJ front, love to make, give - and make for myself as well. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Christmas rode up fast and hard this year- I feel like Im hanging on by the tail. My co-workers might get cookies, heck I might even make them! I cant wait to see your next Mood piece.

  4. Yay for end of year sewing! That is something I really look forward to. So nice of you to sew up pjs and nightgowns!

  5. Discombobulated! I love that word Carolyn. And strangely, I think I know what it means.Lol. Merry Christmas and I know the Pj's will be appreciated!

  6. As I am always inspired by what you do, I nominated you for the Inspirational/Lovely Blog Award. You deserve it!

  7. I love making pjs. It's fun and the kids really love them - I mean mine still expect them (in their late 20s). Enjoy the process, the holiday and those sweet, sweet grandbabies! g


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