Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fabric, New Friends and more Fabric

It's been a long week...

So last Sunday I cut out the dress and the coat from the wool tweed and realized that I was a yard short of the wool tweed...not enough to make the sleeves. Then I got anxious about how much lace I had and decided more was better than less...

Monday after work I headed back to Mood to pick up additional fabric and the peach silk charmeuse for the lining...

Guipure lace, peach silk charmeuse, peach wool tweed (left to right)

That was the first fabric run.  Then fabric showed up in the mail during the week...yeah I know I have a problem but I think I started the post with it's been a long week and fabric makes me feel better. It's way better than a couple of drinks, at least in my world.

poly/lycra panel print knits

ponte herringbone 

The weather started to turn midweek.  I hate rainy days because it makes commuting a total pain in the arse!  But I hate snow even more...well Thursday it did both it rained and snowed but I still ventured out to meet the MSN bloggers after work for dinner in NYC...

Peter and Meg (Instagram Pics)

Lladybird, Oona and Ginger (more Instagram photos)

It was great getting to meet Lauren (Lladybird), Sonja (Gingermakes) and Peter (Male Pattern Boldness) for the first time!  Dinner was fun and all about sewing because what else would we talk about?

Then Friday morning I woke up to this...

6am from my bedroom window

6:40am on my way to the street to the bus stop

Yeah...snow...and not enough snow to stay home...just enough to make commuting annoying!  But not so annoying that I didn't leave work a little early (just as the snow was stopping) to meet up with the Mood bloggers at Mood...and this followed me home...

Silk printed panels, ivory Marc Jacobs boucle, lime wool crepe
and printed ponte knit

I really need to stay off the third floor at Mood because I always find the best pieces there...and not the cheapest ones but the most amazing pieces that always beg to be brought home with me.  I really tried hard to convince Lauren that she needed some of this piece too...especially since it was backed with a lightweight fusible interfacing.  

You know how much I love owning these pieces of fabric and how well they sew up!  I originally bought it thinking a dress but now that it's home, I know it will make a great spring we shall see!

Lauren and I also spent some quality time in the wool crepe aisle bonding over a fabric type that we both adore!  I had a great time with the ladies and gentleman both at dinner Thursday night and again on Friday afternoon at Mood.  It was a wonderful way to throw off the concerns of a very long week.  

Now that I've got all the materials I need for the outfit home in the sewing cave, I will work on the dress this weekend.  However, if you're in NYC today and see a bunch of people roaming around Mood, it's other sewists joining up with Lauren and Sonja to fabric shop.  Sure hope you all have a wonderful time!

Me...I gotta get this dress and jacket done! always more later!


  1. That group of peach-color fabrics is SO pretty! I'm sure you will make an outstanding outfit from them.

  2. Awww! How fun! I wish I were close enough to join you guys... Have fun with all that fabric!

  3. I waa living getting the previews on intagram... What a fun meeting

  4. Loving. Sorry autocorrect is so annoying

  5. Great fabric! That peach lace is divine. Can't wait to see your finished garments.

  6. Absolutely lovely! I really need to send you some money and have you pick out a fabric for me to make Anise from. Plus a matching pencil skirt. I know you'd get a fabric (fiber) that scares me and (color) that flatters me. Hmmmm....g

  7. so where is the herringbone ponte from? Love that and have seen it in cute dresses and tunic lately. I think I need some.

  8. It was so, so, so fun meeting you! Let's hang out again soon!

  9. I've been looking for wide houndstooth ponte knit since September. Where did you buy it?

  10. let's see....Your lace is so gorgeous, fun new fabrics you have added to your collection and I can only imagine how fun the dinner was.

  11. I do not envy you your weather! But I do envy all those gorgeous fabrics - the tweedy apricots and the gorgeous houndstooth especially. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  12. How lovely it all sounds. We sewers all love getting together with others to talk about our passion, but to do so in New York City and at Moods... that must be the ultimate!

  13. It was SO awesome getting to meet you and bond over the wool crepe! I can hardly wait to cut into my delicious yellow and start sewing that up STAT. And thank you for talking me into the pieces I did end up getting... I have a feeling I'll be contacting you to talk me into more stuff when I'm on the fence about something :) So glad you ventured out twice to join us - I had such a blast! Now I'm dying to see the finished lace, because all these sneak peeks are driving me crazy!


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