Sunday, March 10, 2013

MSN Lace Challenge - The Construction

It took me a while to get started on this even though I know there's a ton of work involved in making the dress and I do have a deadline.  Lately I've noticed that when I have a time frame to complete something that I drag my feet getting started.  *sigh*  You would think that I would have been working on this first thing Saturday morning...yeah, right.  Let's try it was closer to midnight when I finally got into working on this dress.

Let's start with the pieces...
I decided to underline the wool tweed with silk organza since the wool tweed is a loosely woven fabric. So there are four layers to this dress...

* wool tweed base fabric
* silk organza underlining
* silk charmeuse lining 
* guipure lace

After I cut everything but the lining out, I machine basted the silk organza to the dress pieces.  I went back and forth over whether I should hand baste the silk organza to the wool tweed but finally realized that I would never be finished with the dress in time if I hand basted the two pieces together. Especially since I'm going to serge finish the pieces because the tweed is starting to ravel like the dickens. I've decided that I'm going for well constructed not couture sewn.

Then I sewed the dress together.  The challenging part now is getting the lace stitched to the front of the dress so that it's flat...which involves a lot of hand stitching...and a lot of concern.  Gawd, why do I do this to myself? So I'm watching television and hand stitching and praying.  Well at least Jesus will be happy that I'm staying in constant contact while I attempt to make this dress work...

A few photos of the dress in progress...

Back piece with silk organza underlining basted together

Back piece with seaming and invisible zipper installed

Tweed dress base on Lulu

Pinning the lace to the dress

Dress on the hanger

Basting the lace onto the front of the dress always more later!


  1. Ah, you are a funny writer Carolyn. What is it about a deadline that causes us to procrastinate so? Did you say that you are also making a matching coat? Talk about a lot to do by Easter Sunday! It's looking good.

  2. I'm curious, why machine baste if you are going to serge the 2 layers together to finish the edges and stop the raveling? It's looking good so far. And I know what you mean about a deadline and procrastinating - I didn't start sewing until 9 last night. Meh. g

  3. It's going to be so pretty! We all know that you'll meet the deadline, Carolyn!

  4. Carolyn, let's not go there about procrastination. Love the lace/tweed and looking forward to another great creation of yours.

  5. Carolyn, big projects stop me in my tracks. Your outfit will be gorgeous and I can't wait to see it.

  6. I think a lot of us need the adrenaline that comes with leaving things to the last minute to get motivated - I know I do! It's looking lovely, so you know all the work involved is worth it

  7. This is going to be a seriously beautiful dress Carolyn. I am another procrastinator, especially with the dress I need to make for grandson's Christening. I had a laugh about the praying - I pray about many things but never about sewing. Maybe it is time to start?

  8. Oh, Carolyn..Your dress is going to be absolutely beautiful! I can hardly wait to see the final photos.

  9. Don't think of it as procrastination - think of it as giving your subconscious time to think about the project. Sometimes it will find problems or great ideas before you even lay out the pattern. Which is way better than when you have the garment almost done.

  10. Oh, gosh, I'm the same way with deadlines! I get really inspired to clean the bathroom or clean out my sock drawer every time I've got a sewing deadline to meet. :) Good luck with your lace project-- I'm beyond excited to see the finished product!

  11. This is going to be one ravishing dress! It is exciting to see it take shape.

  12. So lovely! The color is amazing.

  13. It's going to be gorgeous! I love the soft, blushing colour of the lace.
    Deadlines do sometime seem like a signal to start procrastinating, lol!

  14. Very pretty, I look forward to the finished product.

  15. This dress is looking gorgeous. I love the colors of the lace and tweed together.

  16. The dress is so cool and very attractive and you presented it detailed by detail.

  17. I love that you share your details in a way that unravels a mystery! Can't wait for the next step!


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