Sunday, November 17, 2013

This and That Weekend Edition

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the last post.  I'm actually leaning towards the oak tag solution and can pick up the supplies in the garment district, I just wanted to know what others thought and did.  So thanks for your thoughtful answers to the question.

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Second, I'm going with the houndstooth inserts for the Vogue 1370 dress. One because those insert pieces are bigger than you guys realize...remember I'm working with larger pieces than the size 8 pictured in the pattern art and two, because the outfit will work with these shoes...

Yes, I do sew based upon my accessories...

*Autumn - you are soooooo right!  I know that this is a houndstooth print but for some reason I keep typing herringbone!  I'm fixing the posts and thanks again for leaving the comment!

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A confession ~ the USPS boxes are still riding around in the trunk of the car.  I thought they had been dropped off but alas they are still in the car. I sincerely apologize to all who are waiting for things for has been a little hectic lately and that's why the boxes haven't been shipped.  So I'm suspending this month's fabric giveaway.  I've got to get the other boxes out first before I can do another giveaway.

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I'm not in the mood to sew...and my current sewing list is not appealing to me. Right now I feel like just sewing separates ~ a skirt here, a pair of pants, a simple dress, a top or a cardigan.  Things that will work with my other garments but don't require a lot of involved sewing.  Things like this:

A top from my TNT dress made from a silk border print

This Ann Taylor dress using B5147

Rachel Roy multi-print pencil skirt

Jacket and skirt with pleather accents

None of this will get sewn anytime's just things I've been lusting after while I haven't been sewing. Will do a little work on the Vogue dress today... always more later!


  1. I'll be interested to see how the oak tag works. Think it would be much easier for doing your new pattern sandwiches.

    Love those shoes and the herringbone will be a fabulous and classic accent to a black wool dress.

    Love your inspiration pieces. And honestly - sometimes you just need to do a little something - but not a huge involved project.


  2. Well of course you need to match those fabulous shoes. I actually cleaned our my wardrobe on the weekend and found shoes I had forgot I had….does that mean I perhaps have too many? no never!

  3. Gah! You have the best shoes!!! Those are amazing. They deserve a dress.

  4. Well there you go - if I had houndstooth shoes, I'd use the houndstooth fabric as well! Course, I'd use it anyway, it's such a classic...

  5. YEAH so glad you decided to go with the herringbone and OMG I just adore those shoes. Can't wait to see the complete outfit when you get around to making it.

  6. Love the shoes. I really like the Rachel Roy mixed print skirt!

  7. I'm glad you went with the herringbone and look forward to seeing the finished product!

  8. Pretty inspiration garments. Burda 7079 makes a great pattern for the white top with the split neckline.

  9. I gotta tell you I have a dress (not yet blogged)I made specifically for a set of ruby heart jewelry I inherited after my Mom passed away. Its perfect.

  10. Carolyn,
    I can't take it anymore! Too many people read your blog and would benifit from you using the correct pattern terminology. You have a houndstooth pattern. Herringbone is more of fishbone pattern.

    With affection,

  11. Autumn, no offense taken. I know the difference but for some reason type it out wrong! Thanks I will correct that!

  12. Love that Rachel Roy skirt! I'm gonna have to pin that one :-)


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