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The Honorable Mention Sewing Blog Listing

This list is extensive and by executive decision I'm only adding the sewing and sewing related blogs.  Maybe at a future time I will blog some of the additional fashion/vintage/other blogs that were listed.  I've separated this listing out into two parts. The first part features blogs that received more than a mention by one person. Each of these blogs received anywhere from 2-4 votes, placing them just short of the Top Ten.  

These the Honorable Mention blogs:

Additional Sewing Blogs ~
All of the sewing blogs that received a mention in the comments have been listed below in alphabetical order:

Allison C. Sewing Gallery
Beaute J'adore
Blooms Endless Summer
Bobbin and Baste
Boo Dog & Me
Camp Runamuck
Cut Cut Sew
Dress A Day
Fit for a Queen
Handmade by Heather B
Idle Fancy
Ikat Bag
Interrupted Sutures
Jilly be Joyful
Jkaori Sews
Kathy Sews
La Sartora
Maiden Jane
My Happy Sewing Place
Notes from a Mad Housewife
Petite & Sewing
Pretty Grievances
Raindrops & Belly Flops
Rusty Bobbin
Sew Intriguing
Sew Me Love
Sew much to do, Sew little time
Sew Tawdry
Sewing Artistry
Tanitisis Sews
The Lost Art of Fine Tailoring
The Sew Convert
Under the Wisteria
Velosewer - How Good is That
Wearable Muslin
Yes, I like that

Conclusions ~
I know this is an extremely long post but I wanted to add just a few thoughts I garnered from this exercise.
  • I understand better now how Madalynne ended up with her list...because to come up with these lists I expended a lot of precious sewing time and searched a lot of blogs on the internet.  
  • These lists expand greatly on her start and are much more inclusive and extensive and I think show a greater reflection of the sewing community as a whole. 
  • There is also a global feel to this list that I like. Blogs from Australia, England and Europe are all included in these lists.  It pretty much means that wherever you are, there is a sewing sista near you blogging.
  • I think it's important to note that these lists will change with time. Sewists come and go in the blogosphere.  This definitely affects "the go to" blogs at any given time. So these are hot now but may not be in the future or they may gain even more prominence. 
  • Also, even though I think I have a pretty wide ranging audience and gave a decent amount of time for people to respond, I think the actual amount of comments were small for the number of views of this blog post.  
  • There were over 4200 views to that post.  There were over 44 likes on bloglovin' - the most likes I've seen since I claimed my blog on bloglovin'. However, I'm not sure every blog was evenly voted this I mean MimiG just posted that she has over 100,000 followers on her sewing Facebook page but her blog only made the Honorable Mention list.  To me that means quite a few of her followers don't follow my blog.  So these lists are definitely subjective.

So thus ends this experiment...all of these posts, including a link to Madalynne's lists will be placed in a page on the top of the blog.  However, I'm going to need a minute...hope you understand! always more later!!!


  1. I feel very honored to be part of the Honorable Mention blogs, thank you.

  2. ooh - seeing these made me realise there were others I read all the time that I could have mentioned - TwoOnTwoOff and FashionIncubator, for a start.
    Thank you SO much for posting these. I think Mainly Dad is actually Mainely Dad: . Happy sewing, now you've finished blog-reading!

  3. What fantastic lists you have compiled. I must admit that I feel quite honored to be honorably mentioned!

  4. A great list. I didn't reply and send in my favourites as I have way too many favourites to narrow them down. Thanks for the list

  5. Thank you Carolyn. It's a big universe!

  6. What an honour to be placed in the same group as some of the other blogs listed therein in the honourable mentions! Wow! Thank you Carolyn for all your effort and hard work.

  7. I mean what an honour to be mentioned at all :-)

  8. I am most appreciative of all your work. Linking each of those blogs must have taken a very long time.

    Now to settle in with a cuppa and start clicking through..

  9. Lovely to see so many of my favourite bloggers honoured, as well as quite a few Aussies. A lot of work Carolyn, but appreciated and I've found a few new-to-me bloggers as well :) Many thanks and big congrats to all those listed.

  10. I believe this is the one you need:

  11. HI Carolyn, this has been such an interesting feature. I am getting a lot of pleasure from exploring these other blogs too. Yet again you have enriched my sewing journey. Thank you so much for spending your precious sewing time on this process. I think I am only one of many followers and/or bloggers who will benefit from your initiative here. You definitely make a great and positive contribution to the sewing community.

  12. I'm glad you are going to have a tab for them all. Far too many to visit in one sitting. And you are right, so many great blogs from so many places in the world.

  13. First, you ROCK for taking the time to do this. I think I said that already but honestly; thank you. This is quite an undertaking.

    Second, I am amazed that I find a new sewing blog almost daily. It's so exciting!!

    Third, I feel like I just won prom queen by making the honorable mention list! :-D

    Off to look at the blog roll!

  14. Great job Carolyn.It must have been an enormous amount of work!! It will be amazing to explore all these blogs. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that my blog didn't make it on any list!

    1. Diana - I don't understand. You made my Top Ten List so you weren't counted on any of the other lists. Just like anyone who made Madalynne's list wasn't counted on any of these lists. I explained that in one of the earlier posts. So your blog definitely made the lists.

  15. Thanks for getting these together! There are a few on here that I didn't even know, and I am an avid reader of sewing blogs. Now to add them to reading list! And what a neat surprise to be mentioned.

  16. Carolyn, you will never know how much we appreciate you and your efforts to inspire us! These lists will keep us going for a long time to come. And just the fact that you care about other bloggers shows what a class act you are. I bought the Vogue Patterns magazine just to see you in print!!!

    1. Patricia - that was so sweet of you! I hope you like the magazine's other articles too! *smile*

  17. Thank you so much for including me on the mention list. I went to your original post and read through the comments twice and couldn't find who mentioned me! But I am grateful nonetheless.

    It is fun to see so many inspiring blogs. It is funny how we run in certain "blogging" circles, isn't it? I love to sew and I love to be inspired by others! I have a huge list of blogs I follow, but I admit my blog reading habits have changed in recent years. I used to go through my entire blog roll daily. I don't have the time for that anymore, so I get the daily digests from Bloglovin. But I also follow my favorite blogs on Facebook so that I see when they post something new (or follow by email.)

    I really wish we had a forum for sharing and one that had a gallery, like Ravelry. I am on Pattern Review, but find it hard to use. But the beauty of Ravelry is seeing knitted fashions on real bodies. That's also the beauty of seeing blog posts by others. I know a lot of folks come to my blog after searching for a specific pattern I have reviewed. One of my goals this year is to combine my blog and website so that I can have a gallery of my products, my tutorials, and my fashion projects.

    Well, this was a long-winded comment on my part. Thanks again for your inspiration!

  18. You claimed your blog? How did you do that?

    1. Amy - you go to bloglovin and enter your blog's name. Then hit the button that says "Claim my Blog"

  19. I agree with all of your points, but especially this one:

    "There is also a global feel to this list that I like. Blogs from Australia, England and Europe are all included in these lists. It pretty much means that wherever you are, there is a sewing sista near you blogging."

    Thanks for expanding my list!

  20. Carolyn...I want to thank you and all the other sewing bloggers for taking the time to blog and share your knowledge and creativity with us!!! All of you are inspirational and ever soooo appreciated!!!

  21. Carolyn, what an Awesome post and Appreciate the time it took you to do it. As well as a Big Thank You and to all the Lovely People that take the time to read my blog. The Honorable Mention List includes many blogs that I enjoy reading & that inspire me. Also, there a few new to me too. Thanks.

  22. I am one of the people who read your original post and did not respond with some of my favorites. I like many blogs and to single out a few didn't feel right to me. Some people would be left out - even though they take time and contribute just as much as others. Anyone who sews and shares their adventures with the world are my favorites.

  23. That is a staggering amount of work that you have done Thanks so much for promoting sewing blogging!! (Not to mention setting a high standard for us all as well!)

  24. A big thank you from Mrs Mole for including my blog from the sewing studio! Such a treat to follow you and see all the gorgeous clothes I will never have time to make while cranking out wedding gowns for frantic brides.

  25. Thanks for compiling such an extensive resource.

  26. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Thank you whoever thought I was worthy of making that list for taking the time to comment and thank you for this honorable mention which makes me feel like I just got an Oscar!

  27. Wonderful work as always. I just printedy list and will put it in my resource binder. Thank you much!

  28. This is a fabulous post and represents and incredible amount of work on your part. Your contribution is greatly appreciated by all of the sewing community. thank you, thank you, Caroline, for your hard work.

  29. Great list. I now have many more sewing blogs to read.


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