Friday, June 22, 2018

The Embellished Shirtdress Series - Printed Linen Vogue 2090

Halfway through my Sewcation I got overwhelmed.  The Sewcation started with two garments that were less than thrilling and nothing was working the way I planned. When Butterick 6333 was a sewing fail it kinda blew up my sewcation plan. I had to figure out what to do I literally slept most of Wednesday. It didn't hurt that I had to deal with a plumbing problem that will require redoing my second bathroom faster than I wanted to...yeah, glad I have fabric to sew from in the meantime!

I've found when I'm having sewing challenges, pivot towards a TNT pattern. It helps me move past the blockage because it's easy sewing (all those fit issues have been worked out) and it allows me to just dream and sew.  Since Vogue 2090 was out, I decided to move in that direction.

After I decided what pattern to use, the hunt was on for fabric...and when I say hunt I mean hunt. Since I was operating off plan, I had to go through the fabric shelves to find new pieces. I knew I wanted linen and a floral. After going through a few shelves of printed fabrics, I decided on this blue/purple floral.

Supply List ~ 
The linen was purchased last summer during one of Fabric Mart's end of summer sales. I added a large white rick rack from the notions stash. I've had it so long I have no idea where I purchased it. The white mother of pearl buttons are also from the button stash. The interfacing is the last of the Fashion Supply Interfacing stash.

Since this is a TNT sew there are no pattern alterations or new construction information. I added the white rick rack on the collar and on the hem of the sleeve for embellishment.

A few pictures ~

Conclusion ~
This is just the first of the shirtdresses that I made using this pattern. I wanted to add a bunch of these to my wardrobe this summer because they are loose-fitting and perfect for the hot, humid days that are to come. This pattern along with M7470 will fulfill my shirtdress needs.  

I'm calling this "The Embellished Shirtdress" series.  Each dress has a different type of trim or embroidery on it and why I've named it The Embellished Shirtdress Series.

Next up is a denim version of Vogue 2090. always more later!


  1. It's good you didn't let one fail derail your whole sewcation that you had been looking forward to so much. You're exactly right that a TNT pattern is a great way to move forward!

  2. A fun post, and a great make. Looks really good on you.

  3. TNT stands for tried and true, a pattern you have made up before and done any fitting adjustments that were needed. You know it fits you properly and you can just sew it up.

  4. Love this make on you - and you're right, things often work out for the best. Thank goodness for that stash (and your TNT)!

  5. Carolyn, Cute dress and I'm glad this one is a win for you. I can totally relate to your approach to sewing challenges. I usually try to do the fitting/adjusts early on so I won't have to deal with that when I ready to start "designing" my project. I, too, recently had so major plumbing work done. I'm sure your glad that all over. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your shirt dress series. I may be starting up one myself. ;-) Thanks for the inspiration. C

  6. Glad you found success that put that motivation back in gear. You look great in print and it's such a fresh look for summer.

  7. Genius! The rick rack is great! I'd never have thought of that! Isn't it great when you find your style! I'm a few years (61) older than you and finally found mine. I love this fabric! I wear/sew a lot of skirts and pants with big florals.

    Those fails are hard to get over. I've had 2 with makes for my 27 yr old daughter. It made me give up. We just need to push through don't we. :o)

  8. Your dress looks cool and refreshing. You'll enjoy wearing it, I'm sure.

  9. While it's cool right now, I am sure that heat is on the way and you'll be ready for it. Pretty fabric and you can't beat linen for those hot days.

  10. Love the florals! Your dress looks so beautiful with the rick rack.

  11. I'm rubbing my hands with glee that you are starting a new series! I love seeing your riffs on a type of pattern, and this is a great start!!

  12. I love this, and wish I had caught this linen last year. You used it well, and I am glad this TNT came through!!


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