Sunday, October 07, 2018

A Katie for Late Summer

Or as a subtext, "Its all about the fabric!"  Now I know...I know I'm running this pattern into the ground. Seriously though it is one of the most comfortable garments I've made this season. I love it's flexibility. How it can be a top, tunic or a dress. I LOVE how it wears. It's comfortable yet stylish. I can use a variety of fabrics to make it, as evidenced by the Telio pebble crepe for this version.

Here is the latest one...

...and there will be one more made from some denim I picked up at JoAnn's of all places. I will probably retire the pattern after the denim top. Though I'm sure I will bring it out next spring to make a few more!

So let's discuss this version...

Supply List ~
3 yards of pebble polyester crepe purchased earlier this summer from
10 1/2" white/beige buttons from the collection
Ltwt fusible interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

Pattern Alterations ~
I removed all of the additions I made to the pattern by folding them up and pinning them down. I wanted to keep them for future renditions of the pattern.

Construction Changes ~
1. The hemline:
For this version because the fabric is so lightweight, I didn't want the large hembands. So I sewed them onto the hemline and then cut them the facing in half. That was folded and machine stitched down. It did add to the weight of the hemline without overpowering it.

2. Long sleeves with cuffs:
I used the sleeves from this Katie and the cuffs from my TNT shirt pattern. However, when I finished the shirt and tried it on the cuffs were really large. So I put a pleat on the cuff and sewed a button on each one. This worked like a charm and my skinny wrists no longer float inside the cuffs.

Those are the only construction changes made to this version.

A few pictures ~

These were taken at my job because I broke my rule and wore it to work before photographing. But I wanted something new to wear to our company meetings! This was me talking when we had to introduce ourselves.

Conclusion ~
Making this from a drapier poly type fabric totally changed the look and hang of the tunic. I also added long sleeves making it a colorful piece for my fall wardrobe.

Next up on the blog is a new blouse pattern I'm trying out...well actually its a vintage pattern that I've had for awhile but I love the silhouette.

One More Thing ~
Since I haven't heard from CarlaF - I pulled another number for the winner of the $100 Smugglers Daughter gift card - #30 Whitney Luckenbill!  Please contact me by Wednesday, October 10th! always more later!


  1. This is so pretty, Carolyn! I need to get on this pattern; I've had it printed out since last year and haven't sat down to make the thing. Your versions are super inspiring, though!

    1. Yes Meg you do need to get on that cause I'm sure you will look amazing in this pattern!

  2. What a pretty top! I’m on the trail for pretty flowy statement jackets like this. It’s a stretch from my normal style but they just look so nice on people like you I see in them. I’d worry about looking overwhelmed as I’m smaller and shorter but I’m going to try some pared-down versions before going full on dramatic!

    Thanks for sharing all your makes,

  3. great use of that fabric for the top. very pretty.

  4. Lovely fabric choice, especially with color of the pants. Did you make those as well? Very nice outfit. And I am glad you are back to posting your makes! I missed them...

  5. You look so pretty in this one! I can see why you wore it the first chance you got! The Katie looks really good on you.

  6. Another lovely top! Also, yay that I won the giveaway! I'm so excited! What do I need to do?

  7. Man - I really dropped the ball on blog reading and commenting. I really like this version of Katie - maybe it's wearing it as a duster, or the fabric, or something, but this really stopped my scroll. I hope you still have and wear this one. g


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