Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Just like that it's the end of the month!

I don't know about you but October just flew by!  Flew! However, it was a good sewing month for me.

I posted six garments. Two were made in September and four in October.  I still have another one to share with you...rolling it over into November. October was a good sewing month!

My fabric in and out totals for October are ~
Fabric in:
26.5 yards (15 yds from Fabric Mart, 6 yds from Blackbird Fabrics, 5.5 yds from Mood)

Fabric out:
17.5 yards out for 3 shirts, 1 top and 1 jkt.

Year to Date totals:  
I ended up with 9 more yards in than out this month.  Which makes my YTD out total:  194.25 yds

Again, while it seems impressive it wouldn't be if I hadn't given away so much fabric. I still need to sew more from what I have than of dreaming of garments with new fabric.  That will be a challenge for 2019.

Love to Sew Podcast ~
Another wonderful thing that happened this month was my interview on the Love to Sew podcast.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, it's available here or you can download it on iTunes.

Some Random Sewing Thoughts ~
I'm always wondering lately how much to post to both my blog and Instagram about the state of the affairs in the world. I don't want to be have one of those pretty Instagram accounts that just reflect my sewing. I'm much more interested in having an IG account that reflects me - that's authentically me!

I've been thinking about my style some more...definitely brought about by the questions asked of me on the Love to Sew podcast. I think I have a better description. I'm Stylishly Comfortable.  I use to be "Corporate Chic with a Designer Flare" but these days I've traded heels for sneakers. Dresses for shirts and jeans and I rarely wear my collection of pearl jewelry sets anymore. Though my co-worker did say I'm rather well accessorized.

I'm never going to stop buying fabric. I have a problem and it's not gonna change. If I'm honest, I really like buying and having a lot of fabric around just need to set some boundaries...okay I might have said that twice in this post. 

I was looking for how to insert an invisible zipper on my blog cause I've been sewing buttonholes and buttons so much lately, I got lost! Seriously!  Anyway, one of the posts I checked out was from June 2010 and it featured this dress:

The post was called Museum Inspired. Its made from two knit panels that I purchased from Fabric Mart. I'm thinking I'm going to share pieces from older posts once a month. Things that everyone can remember I've sewn. Especially since I have a treasure trove of garments on the blog that many newer readers have never seen and no longer live in my wardrobe.

Well only two more months and its twenty nineteen. I have a few things I want to sew for November.  Trying to decide if I'm going to do any Christmas sewing this year.  However, I will be off work from Saturday, December 22nd through Sunday, January 6th, 2019 for some serious sewing time. I have a few personal things to do but I will be sewing. always more later!


  1. You had a very productive and very floral month! This whole year seems to have whizzed past and I'm sure the last two months won't be any different. I'm quite new to the world of podcasts, but have found they are great to listen to while sewing, really enjoyed your episode!

  2. Very productive month. Those garments aren't easy makes. Well done. Love the dress throw back too. That was a lovely dress.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing you on the Love to Sew podcast. Not that my opinion is worth much, but i think you should be you and not feel like you are censoring yourself on your own platform. I found it interesting hearing about women in the corporate wolrd and women of color in that world during the podcast. I would love to hear more from you on what's happening in the world. I'm not active on IG so I would hope that it would be on the blog.

    1. Lisa - all that’s going on in the world is pretty daunting and while my IG account is a little more reflective of my views, I’ve chosen to have my blog be a 99% Sewing space. This wasn’t always the case because there is a tag called politics and I’ve written about it before. I’ve just found that at the present time, people who disagree don’t seem to discuss things politely anymore. Honestly, I just don’t want to think badly of another sewist. Maybe a little head In the sand, I will admit. But when someone is ranting and raving about how wrong immigration, civil rights and abortion is without any compassion for their fellow man...I just don’t want that negativity on the blog or directed at me. These are perilous it has to be something that’s really important to me to bring it to the blog....I.e. the children being separated from their parents at the border. Hope that gives you some more understanding.

  4. I rarely post anything anywhere but I had to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you on the Love to Sew podcast. As a fellow "old" person (I prefer "seasoned"and I've actually got a few years on you so I'm REALLY old), I could totally relate to some of your stories about your early years in the working world. I also enjoyed hearing about your perspective on the art of sewing and your pride in your fabric collection. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

  5. I really enjoyed your Love to Sew podcast - it’s always fun to hear someone’s “voice” . You are always an inspiration.

  6. I am with you on the slight head in the sand. Some people have revealed things about themselves that is pretty disappointing. I am very active politically but have decided to keep it off the blog/IG because I don't care/mind if someone disagrees - we learn by being open minded and hearing opinions/ideals that differ from your own can mean a lot. But the current climate is a little too eerily similar to a time in the not-too-distant past and people are beyond 'disagreement'. HOWEVER, you should not allow anyone to censor you and if someone does not like what they are reading they have the choice to "walk away".

    Ah! I forgot to listen the podcast. Reminding myself now. I would listen now but I left my headphones at home. Boooo.

    I am digging your October sewing. So many nice shirts and that jacket turned out really nicely.


    1. See I don't think of it as censorship. When I have something to say I will. I just don't want to know how ugly some sewists souls are. Just.don'! So I'm choosing not to lay my personal feelings at their doorsteps so they can shat all over them...that's not censorship, that's choice!

  7. Ah, you have a problem do you? Well it's a lovely addiction isn't it? Your blouses are beautiful and considering the detail, 6 is a very nice number for the the month. I love the floral border the best I think. You really have a knack for choosing and using border prints. I enjoy your political posts on Instagram quite a bit. It's a good compromise, keeping the blog strictly for sewing.

  8. Its always a good day when you post. I am of the same age and could totally relate to your comments on the podcast. So please keep doing what you are doing as long as it is good for you. Its certainly good for the sewing world in my opinion. Jean

  9. Your October output looks amazing! I just listened to your podcast interview and it was so good! Fascinating to hear about your history of sewing, and so inspiring to keep working on improving my own skills (and loving my own far too large fabric collection!). And I 100% understand your perspective on posting personal/political views to the blog/IG. I find myself not posting those sorts of things either, because my blog is my little escapist part of the internet and I don't want to invite the serious conflict of the current political climate there. I honestly feel inundated and overwhelmed by things from other media outlets, and it is exhausting. I grapple with the guilt of being silent vs. the exhaustion of dwelling on it all. I'd like to think exhaustion would be preferable, but I just don't think I have it in me to deal with it on my personal blog space at this point. So, I stick to sewing related things. I agree with prior comments about the approach being a bit head-in-the-sand, but the only energy I really have left is to hope my vote actually counted for something in this election.

  10. I always enjoy your posts, and like the idea of seeing some of your past sews. That black/white dress is very stylish. You have had a terrific October sew, and all the shirts are great. The purple floral is a winner for me!

  11. How great to hear your voice and your sewing story - thanks Carolyn.

  12. RIGHT??!?! September lasted 40 years, October was a long weekend!

  13. You are most definitely 'stylish comfortable' and all because you can sew your own clothes.
    Inspirational and motivational - thank you.
    Although my measly fabric stash cannot possibly compare but I do understand the strange and fast passing of time.


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