Friday, October 05, 2018

Final Gift Card Winner & Some Thank Yous

Even though it's October and National Sewing Month is over, I would like to thank all of the online fabric stores for supplying the gift cards this month! I'm  truly grateful that you were willing to participate in the giveaways. 

I'd also like to thank everyone who left a comment for each of the giveaways. Every comment was read and noted and I'm appreciative that you took the time to leave them.

One more note before announcing the last winner...CarlaF from Atlanta I still haven't heard from you.  If you don't contact me by tomorrow, I will pick a new winner for the Smugglers Daughter $100 gift card.

Now for the winner of the Fabric Mart gift card...

#42 - MaryEllen

Please contact me at my email address in the about me section and I will forward your information to Fabric Mart.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated.  Regular blog posts will resume on Sunday. always more later!


  1. Wow - I’m not sure if. Was the MaryEllen who commented but I thank you sooooo much if it is indeed me .

    1. I sent you an email let me know if you got it - thank you soooooo much I’m thrilled - thanks also to Fabric Mart .
      I’m sooooo excited - thank you , thank you , thank you

  2. Congratulations Mary Ellen!

  3. Congrats to Mary Ellen and thanks again Carolyn for making sewing month more exciting.

  4. Carolyn thank you for conducting this giveaway. Congrats to all the winners.

  5. thank you Carolyn for a great series of giveaways and for introducing me to some new and exciting sources! I've been reading your blog since I restarted seeing in about 2010 and have learnt so much. thank you!


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