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#carriagecornersewcamp March 2019

This is gonna be a long post.  I have a lot of pictures and I'm being lazy so one post just tap out when you've had too much! LOL!

The March Sew Camp is 2.5 days starting on Friday going through Sunday afternoon.  However, some of us more experienced campers show up on Thursday. Yes, there's a charge for staying an extra night but Gaylen usually gives us a discounted rate.  And honestly, it's nice to come in on Thursday evening and get settled.

Thursday Night ~
This year most of us came in on Thursday evening. When I arrived, Cora Lee and Marji were already set up and sewing.

Marji found this border print on the fabric giveaway table
and had completed a long sleeve dress by the time I arrived!

Cora Lee was working on a Sapporo Coat

Karel came all the way from Austin, TX to sew with us!
She's using one of the machines Gaylen loans out.

Fabric on the giveaway table

After the new arrivals got ourselves together we went out to dinner. It was the only dinner we had away from the B&B.

When we came back to the B&B most of us set up and sewed. I will admit I was the last to go to bed and turned the lights out at 1ish am.

Friday and the trip to Fabric Mart ~
The last of the Sew Campers showed up at breakfast time and we left shortly after that.

The Sew Campers taking the traditional end of shopping spree picture with Julie.
Left to right: Bernice, Cora Lee, Melanie, Karel, Gaylen, Marji, Shenetha, me & Julie of Fabric Mart

Julie graciously allowed us to bring our treasures out to the cars
in the cart. Cause only Shenetha shipped her fabric home.

After fabric shopping was lunch at Crave the cafe up the road from Fabric Mart. Marji left us after lunch, she had a prior family commitment, but the rest of us headed back to the B&B for some afternoon and evening stitching.

The Dining Room table with all of our purchases laid out

Bernice started working on 1 of the 2 blouses she made that weekend

Shenetha is working on a bomber jacket using a McCalls pattern

Melanie fixing a UFO

Cora Lee and Gaylen talking sewing with the group

Again, I was the last one up and turned off the lights.

Saturday Morning ~
We're staying at a B&B so the breakfasts are always amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

With full tummys we descended to the sewing area and spent the day sewing. Helen, a Daytripper, joined us in the afternoon to sew along with us. 

Bernice, Helen & Cora Lee

Yes, if you live locally, Gaylen has rates for daytrippers.  Just contact her at to find out what they are.

More pics from the day...

The sewing table with the sewing machines
(Can you see the Mountain Dew at the far end - my spot! LOL!)

Melanie checking grainlines

Helen managed to get a picture of all of us sewing

I took this picture of the day's completed and items worked on hung up. So endeth Saturday...oh and I turned the lights out for the final time!

Sunday the Final Day of Stitching ~
After another great breakfast for the last day. The majority of sew campers were leaving that afternoon. I'd originally to head back to NYC on Monday morning on Amtrak but Melanie lives 20 minutes from me and offered to bring me and ALL of my fabric home.

Some final pictures...

Karel working on her dress

Karel's dress was so pretty I had to take a close up!

Cora "Hollywood" Lee working on a pair of Thurlow Pants

A weekend worth of stitching!

A final photo of the Sew Campers

Conclusion ~
It was another successful sewing weekend filled with fabric, laughter, conversation all about sewing and more sewing and meeting new sewists who brought some color and interest to my life.

I will be back in June for the 5 day Sew Camp. This one is sold out already but September is looming. I will tell you that when Gaylen opens registration for Sew Camp, using her mailing list, it sells out in 48 hours. So if I were you, I would send a note to Gaylen and get on the list. Cause really do you wanna miss out on the sewing fun?

Next up on the blog will be a few newly sewn pieces... always more later!


  1. Love this post, so much fun having a sew camp. I wish I could pop right on over from Australia to join you all next time :)

  2. Great post (and not too long)
    First reaction: OMG I have one of those fabrics on the giveaway table in my stash!
    Second: You sound so relaxed-
    Glad you had a wonderful time

  3. wow - what cute things you made. The sew camp looks like a great time. I'd love to be able to attend something like this. Thanks for it.

  4. FIESTA so much fun in one place ... LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! :)

  5. I'm so sad that I had to leave early! Thanks for taking that picture of me in my border print dress. I'm looking forward to the 5 day June camp. Everyone already knows not to schedule anything that week! Sew Camp is a wonderful time; I'm so glad Gaylen started it.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I felt so much joy seeing this recap! You ladies looked like you had a lot of fun, and accomplished some amazing garments as well.

  7. Thanks to Carolyn, I was introduced to Sew Camp, and attended this year. Lots of chatting and laughter all around. We even got some sewing done, too! Thanks for taking all these pictures, Carolyn.

    1. It was wonderful meeting you! I hope you made it safely home and thanks for sharing your incredible garments with us. g

  8. <3 Looks like an amazing time was had by all! I can't wait to get back. Fingers still crossed for June.

    1. Really looking forward to seeing you in June! g

  9. Thanks for the great write-up and photos. I was so happy to attend Sew Camp again - really such a pleasure!

    1. I'm sad I didn't get pictures of your beautiful and interesting tops! They were so neat! Gonna miss you in June. g

  10. I am so sad I missed it, but it looks like fun was had! What did I read, did I miss a fabric giveaway table of goodies??!!!

    1. Q - Gaylen moved her fabric from the wall to a closet so there were some pieces she didn’t want. Then Melanie added some. Ala Fabric Table...

    2. Yes! Fabric give away table, but nothing you wanted off the shelves was on this table. I'll most likely do it again :) See you in June. g

  11. Thank you so much for being the social media manager for the weekend. I was sad you went home on Sunday, but I completely understand. g

  12. It looks like a great time had by all!!! Loved seeing all the fabrics purchased and the completed garments.


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