Monday, March 18, 2019


I opted to play the Minichallenge the Sewcialists were promoting this weekend. I love this account because ALL sewists matter, to the Sewcialists. They promote everyone who sews on both their blog and IG account. They fight for diversity of all types and assist anyone who needs a sewing group to identify with. They truly make anyone who sews feel welcome in the sewing community.

To participate in the challenge you had to first take a short quiz on the blog and it gave you a power word.  My word was spicy.  Y'all there ain't nuthin' spicy about me so I was stuck for a minute. SERIOUSLY STUCK!

Then I decided to think about the word literally. Spicy is a derivative of the word spice. So I went looking for some images of spice(s) on the internet. This picture inspired me...

It also reminded me that I had a knit on the shelves that looked like this picture.

Originally I was going to make a high/low cardigan but I didn't have enough fabric. I'd already cut out a Pembroke tunic to sew at Sew Camp which starts on Friday. Since that pattern was already out it was easy to cut another one.

Worn with a Cardigan made in 2012

2.5 yards of Cashmere knit fabric from Emmaonesock purchased in 2008

Besides the strips of Design Plus Bias Fusible Stay Tape that I put in the shoulders there are no other notions in this top.

- The sleeeves are shorter than the pattern and cut on the crosswise grain because of lack of fabric.

- The turtleneck is about 3" shorter than the pattern - again because I was short on fabric

- The sleeves and top's hemlines are sewn with a twin needle

Things I learned from this challenge:
1. I'm much better at the garments I plan out. 
Part of the planning allows me to think through all of the aspects of construction. To allow me to check the amount of fabric that I have and change my plans if I need to. It also gives me enough time to gather all of my materials.

2. Working on a deadline frustrates me.
When I'm frustrated I tend to drag my feet and many times miss the deadline. The only reason I didn't this time was because I chose a very simple garment to make.

3. Even my photo shoots are planned out
Working on such a short deadline, I'm in no mood to photograph a garment on myself. You know hair, make-up, shoe decisions...thank goodness for the dressform.

So I've completed the challenge. Made another Pembroke Tunic which goes with several things in my wardrobe and I will have a new outfit to wear to work this week!

I'm planning for Sew Camp now and my next post will be all about the trip to Fabric Mart (Disney World) and my adventures at Sew Camp! always more later!


  1. I love your literal translation of the word! Little hills of spices.

  2. Yay for Carolyn - another garment made from her collection! Seriously, the colors in this tunic are my favorite so I'm in love. Karen

  3. I prefer to plan too...and find that winging it results in wadders/things I don't love more often.

    The colors are perfect though!!

    1. Thanks K! I've done two of these now sew-alongs and they're not my thing at all. While I like this top better than the vest...I've only reinforced that I'm not this type of sewist.

  4. Love this, and perfect for the challenge!

  5. I hope you photograph this on you and post sometime in the future. The colors are beautiful and I bet it will look great! I learn a lot from challenges and contests that I participate in, when I can complete them. Which is only about half the time. I am with you on the planning, it brings as much pleasure as the making. That mojo gets messed up working against an artificial deadline.

  6. Love the fabric and a great choice of the top to show off the fabric. I went to FM the first time last fall and would love to live there.....Have fun on your sewing weekend. Can't wait to see what you made/purchased, or should I say purchased/made! Mary Jackson

  7. I really love this SPICY entry!!!

  8. That fabric is gorgeous and the colors are so yummy. Consider bringing it to Sew Camp so those who participate can see it on you. My hunch is that maybe you should look for more of these kinds of colors to sew up in the future.

    1. Are you coming to Sew Camp? Cause I was planning on wearing it on Friday to get a few "in action" shots. Seriously are you coming?

  9. That is a really good interpretation of your word. Mine is "bright" and not a word I'd use to describe myself. I sew so slowly that anytime I do a challenge or a deadline project I'm dissatisfied with it.

  10. Yay! Thanks for participating. I also never participate in sewalongs, though less from being planned and organized and more from being willful. :-p

  11. And you have a beautiful piece of fabric in the wardrobe and not the deep stash! Good job.

  12. I love the "spiciness" of your entry - gorgeous colours. Also lovely words about the Sewcialists - thank you 😍

  13. Perfect fabric for the word Spice. I need to visit their site more often, I miss out some challenges that I think I would enjoy participating it. The top looks great with the cardi made a few years ago!


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