Sunday, March 31, 2019

March 2019 ~ End of the Month Recap

I know I've sewn this month but it doesn't feel like it. So I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I have four completed garments. 

Monthly Fabric Update ~
Let's talk fabric accumulation first. Cause seriously in the first quarter of the year, I'm losing the fabric buying situation. It does feel like the fabric is multiplying in the Sewing Cave! Which is all on me...I mean 65 yards at Fabric Mart after the other 9 yards I purchased earlier this month means a total of 74 yards of fabric in.

(Shirting shelf that was reorganized)

I did rearrange things before going to Sew Camp...putting fabric in the shelves instead of just piling it up...making the piles smaller behind the cutting me some space for new fabric. Cause honestly I knew I was going to fabric shop last weekend, there had been something brewing inside me and I just released the valve.

MTD Totals ~                                           YTD Totals ~
Fabric In:  74 yards                                    Fabric In: 134.75 yds
Fabric Out:  14.5 yards                               Fabric Out: 54 yds

Garments sewn this month ~
I've made four garments this month - finishing off the Sew Camp garments this weekend. I'm really proud of the fact that every single garment I finished this month was made from deep stash fabric. Yeah for making space for all that new fabric coming in! LOL!

Since I spent the beginning of the month finishing the crocheted blankets, I thought my finished garment output this month would be lower than it actually was. These garments will make their way to the blog later this week. Need to schedule time with my daughter to get them photographed since the weather is getting warmer and we can head back outside. 

I'd like to note here that I'm grateful that I have my daughter to take my pictures because not everyone has someone. I also appreciate the time she takes to do this. I think the pictures she takes turn out much better than the ones I take of myself, she catches something that I can't alone.

I participated in two sew-along/challenges this month.  The Sew Your View monthly sew-along featured McCalls 7912. I liked the pattern. I'm really interested in adding more toppers/layers to my wardrobe and I thought this one would work for me. I'm still on the fence about the finished version, though.

The second challenge was the SewcialistsMiniChallenge. For this challenge I made a Pembroke Tunic using a knit from deepstash. That one will get some wear before the weather totally warms up.

I still have the pink linen shirt hanging around. I got caught up on how to make the tie work. I've figured that out now so will work on it a little this evening. Hopefully I will get it finished this month, its warming up so a linen shirt will be perfect for spring.

Going forward ~
April has some unselfish sewing in it. I will be making two outfits for my granddaughters to wear in my Mother's church fashion show. I'm not making an Easter outfit for me this year. I have something in the closet I can wear. While I have lists of things to sew for spring, nothing is grabbing me creatively yet. However, that can change when the weather does!

I do know that I'd really like not to add any fabric to the collection for the next two months. I'm headed back to Sew Camp in June with more fabric shopping so except for some special occasion fabric that I need to purchase, I'd really like not to add any more before then. We shall see especially since this seems to be the "Year of the Fabric." always more later! 


  1. Yeah for year of the fabric ! Isn’t it nice to have things on hand when the mood strikes ! I do love seeing your posts & your makes .

  2. When I opened up your page today, all I could think was a soft "Ooohhhhh". These garments are beautiful. Regarding M7912, I think that you need to use one of your shirt patterns to cut an armhole and get rid of the drop shoulders on that vest. Your shoulders will look squarer and broader and your arms longer. I would go without the belt for a slimmer look. Again, I love today's garments and color story.

  3. Obviously, I didn't get to see the pink lacy sweater you brought to make at Sew Camp. That's very pretty, and looks nice layered with the tan top. I've been ignoring the fabric email ads that have been coming in, because I, too, expect to buy more fabric at the June Sew Camp, and am working on my March haul now.

  4. I am looking forward to seeing the posts for your finished garments! The color combinations are so pretty, and I love the floral button up!

  5. You always make the most interesting garments. I love you how see an ad and make it your own. That gromet cardigan is a perfect example - and it's perfect! g


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