Monday, June 17, 2019

Cashmerette's Holyoke Skirt

Y'all when Jenny sent the email out to test this garment I jumped on it!  For two reasons - one I want a great new sundress and two I've been longing for a longer length button front skirt.

Pattern Description:
View A - Maxi length dress, princess seamed bodice and skirt, elastic back waist, bra-friendly straps
View B - Maxi length, princess seam seamed skirt, elastic back waist

This is my test version but there are two more skirts laid out on the cutting table waiting to be made.

However, let me back up and talk about making this skirt...this skirt that will become a staple in my wardrobe...

Supplies ~
Midweight stripe denim from Chic Fabrics
10 1/2" gold buttons from button notion collection - deep stash
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

Construction ~
I briefly read the instructions and then went for it. BUT and let me stress this, I chose a midweight denim where every other picture I've seen of this skirt has been from a flowy rayon type of fabric. Can we say going my own way yet again! *LOL*

Oh wait, I just read the back of the pattern again and it does say that you can use firmer fabrics for a more structured result.  Okay I'm not cray-cray! *LOL* Also, I know how well loved pockets are in the sewing community but I'm still on the fence about inseam pockets so I left them out of this version.

The other thing to note is that I had some challenges with inserting the elastic in the back casing but I'm chalking that up to operator error. Cause it's one of the features of this skirt I love the most. I machine stitched my hem adding two rows of stitching to give it some firmness...and it was done!

This skirt is an easy sew and a wonderful spring/summer/fall addition to your wardrobe.

So some pictures ~

Conclusion ~
A good pattern to me is one where I see a bunch of possibilities for future sews. This one had my creative sewing brain working in overdrive. Expect to see more of these skirts and maybe a maxi dress or two. 

If you're a Cashmerette fan and haven't picked up this pattern yet (either paper or PDF version - I LOVE saying that!) please run don't walk and order a copy.  You won't be sorry! always more later!


  1. I am so glad that you made a denim version, because that was what I want to make! I love Cashmerette Patterns. Happy sewing!

  2. It looks great and is so versatile in denim.

    1. Thanks Nakeisha! Jenny posted an inspiration picture with piping on the front band this morning and now I NEED to make one like that!

  3. It looks great in the denim. I can understand why this is becoming a new favorite!

  4. I love this version!!!! I can see why you have two more cut out!

    1. Vanessa - with a third idea in mind...even know the fabric Imma use! ;)

  5. I too love this skirt! I love the pinstripe denim and I'm thinking - do I have any in my collection? We both know I have a red twill washed and ready to go for this skirt! Your makes are always so inspiring. Thank you! g


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